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  1. Just a reminder that tomorrow(Oct 16, 2009) is the Last Day for Return to Britannia 2009. You still have a day left to log in with that old, deactivated account.
  2. http://www.uoforums.com/general-discussion-gri/64941-catskills-economical-sanctions-2009-a.html#post449319
  3. Quote from: Bornakk (Source) Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted. *9/30/09* - A new enchanting recipe, Abyssal Shatter, is now available on enchanting trainers. - Diminishing returns have once again been applied to taunt abilities as intended.
  4. EM Dudley arrived and seem quite excited to tell us of all the upcoming events for the month of October. First, the T-hunt competition is this Friday, October 2nd. Registration is at 7pm eastern, EM hall in W. Britain. The hunt will start at 8pm eastern. Teams can have no more than 5 members. Dudley is still accepting ideas for the Festival of the Harvest Moon. Anyone wishing to hold an event let Dudley know at DudleyLightfinger@gmail.com. This will be held the weekend of October 24th with events starting early evening and continuing on into the night. The search for the artifact
  5. Tonight there will be a combat training for all brethren! Gather at Fort Belvoir at 8pm BST! Signed Dame Abigail Rynn
  6. This whole weekend, you can obtain pirate hats and eyepatches by doing a short fedex quest and collecting items along the banks of the Brandywine river in both Evendim and The Shire. Lorebook: The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners - LOTRO Lorebook This quest is obtained just north of the Brandywine Bridge, on the Bree-land side. The First Mate asks you to find the captain of the ship, and to help retrieve the lost cargo along the river. The cargo is intended for the Rangers of Annuminas, who are fighting to reclaim their old capital from the forces of Angmar, as well as from greedy tomb ro
  7. I know this is very short notice, but i hope to see as many there as possible Members Invited: Irvyn, Van, Dawn, Reann, Elvira & Isidore Place to be: The Duke's Meeting room in the grand Meeting Hall in the center of town. If you can all please add your name or signature below, then i know this message has reached all councilmembers. Council Secretary & Member Gwen Irima
  8. Last night Bam Bam and I started talking and wondered why we never celebrated an anniversary. Well the statehood has an anniversary and at times we thought it would upset some people if we threw a party like that. But, now the old tradition is being done away with. PaxOku will celebrate its 5 year anniversary on Nov. 4th. I know it is a ways away but, no one said we couldn't think about it before it happens. If anyone has any ideas or sees anything over in the coming weeks that they think we should do then post it here. Again tis no rush. Just making sure everyone is aware of it.
  9. If you are a citizen or Resident of PaxOku City it would very much appreciated if you would post your name, title, and guild so we can see whos active and such! ICQ numbers would be great so we can be able to contact you if we need. Example: Bam Bam, Mayor of PaxOku. PaxO: PaxOku Citizens. It would be much appreciated for those who see this thread to pass the word on to other PaxOku Citizens and Residents to post here and sign up on the forums if they havent already! Thank you!
  10. After lots of consideration the EM's guest judges awarded their top three garden design choices with an extra special recognition ... 2009 First Place Garden of Distinction awarded to... *Other 2009 Gardens of Distinction* went to ... ...and... ... It was difficult to decide one garden over the other as all the designs are wonderful and they represent the diversity and true spirit of the Sonoma community. The player made gardens will remain 'as is' for public viewing until the area becomes needed again by the powers that be ... the UO 'gods'. Thank you to everyone who he
  11. On February 21st, 2009, <a href="http://www.llts.org">The Syndicate</a> introduced the Atlantic Community to the shard's newest museum, the Hall of Statues-LLTS. The museum is free and open to everyone and it is located just north of Luna's North Gate. The museum is filled with over 200 different statues from Ultima Online's past and present. In less than 6 months since it's opening, the Hall of Statues is proud to announce that we've hit a milestone on August 4th. On that date, the Museum welcomed it's 1000th visitor. We are extremely pleased with the response the Atlan
  12. After going through my notes i have summarized the Council meeting as followed: Date: 29th of July 2009 Present councilmembers: Irvyn, Isidore, Van Cocidius, Elvira, Dawn, Reann & Gwen Trade Proposal for Trinsic Trade is a massive part of all economic gear that make Towns and Cities work. At the moment all trade with other cities are non-existent. Van Cocidius, the Mayor of Trinsic proposes a two-step trade system. The first step would be the people of Trinsic, small businesses. We will of them a fair deal for their wares and goods and give them a sense of purpose in their area of wo
  13. I am on a bit of a fishing trip, still reachable by the Mayors at any time. However, I am in deep waters on a voyage. Therefore, NANOC (Mayor of Dragons Watch) is the acting Governor through August 10, 2009. I will return on Tuesday August 11th and see everyone at the weekly PaxLair meeting. Dragonspeed everyone! Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood
  14. All meet at the L'Cress from 8 pm (UK time) onwards for another of Faeryl's quests.
  15. Next Wednesday after the auction at about 8pm BST, Europa Auction & Events will be hosting our monthly Bovine Madness Event! The event consists of 3 games: Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Race and Barnyard Rumble. So if you'd like a chance to win a prize, please come and join us next Wednesday.
  16. Will all Drow meet at L'Cress from 8.30pm UK onwards for some activities.
  17. And so the Council gets together again on Wednesday the 29th of July at 8pm. Members Invited: Irvyn, Van, Dawn, Reann, Elvira & Isidore Place to be: The Duke's Meeting room in the grand Meeting Hall in the center of town. (Since i don't hear anything from Isidore i have picked this date and time. I hope it will be convenient for him) If you can all please add your name or signature below, then i know this message has reached all councilmembers. Council Secretary & Member Gwen Irima PS. Hope you dont mind i post this date twice. One for us with exact time and location on thi
  18. BlizzCon 2009 Fan Art Contest Published by Genius at 12:41 pm under wow The official BlizzCon 2009 Fan Art Contest is back. Talented artists can work on creating Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universe-inspired pieces of art. The artwork of the three winners will be displayed on the Blizzard.com fan art webpage, accessible through Worldofwarcraft.com and the Blizzard.com homepage. Winning entries will also be displayed at BlizzCon 2009. BlizzCon has expanded the international eligibility for BlizzCon Original Song and Fan Art contests to
  19. June 29th 2009 After North America, Europe, Russia and South Korea, CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation announced today that it expects to launch The Lord of the Rings Online in China during the second half of 2009. CDC Games holds the exclusive distribution rights in China for The Lord of the Rings Online. The China-based version is expected to have significant changes from the version launched in North America and Europe. More details on earthtimes.org
  20. Posted June 30th 2009 The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Wednesday, July 1 from 12:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for a hotfix to address performance related issues. This is a server-side change. No client update is required.
  21. <a href="http://www.LLTS.org">The Syndicate</a> is holding another of its famous FREE, open to the public, lotteries this weekend. It will take place Sunday 5/31 at 5:30pm EST at one of their castles. The lottery contains many high quality prizes and past lotteries have given away houses, bags of power scrolls as well as very rare items, among other things. This lottery will be no exception to the great prizes and it's completely free! There are two ways to get to the lottery: 1) Look for players with the 4 digit guild abbreviation LLTS over their heads, at your favorite local
  22. [Written report to Captain Bedford; a sealed letter on his desk] As I was wandering along the road to Stonekeep, I happened to come upon a collection of Yewish in uniform, all standing around and apparently waiting. Intrigued, I ventured nearer and made the following discovery: Yew plans to expand their territory. What I had walked into turned out to be a Militia briefing, so I dutifully hid myself around the corner of one of their buildings and snatched up what I could. Captain Bladius Dart informed the Militia of a few general things, some of which I think might be quite relieving to u
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