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  1. Some imagery released back in late 2007 New art added as of September 9th, 2008 Updated November 26th, 2008 - Concept art for three throwing weapons
  2. What is your favourite song from 2008? After much debating I have finally decided on my fav. Although Pink's "So what" and Katy Perry's "Hot n cold" are really good. I finally decided on September "Cry for you". The song just sticks in my head!! [video=youtube;XTITN7ndeME]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTITN7ndeME&feature=related
  3. Reflecting on the wonderment that I encountered this year ... Met even more friends then I could have imagined in UO and on UO Forums! Had the privledge of sharing with others the ups and downs of their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, adoptions, deaths, engagements, (oldest cookiekid announced intentions ... Go Gwen!) divorces, graduations, job losses, promotions, surgeries, first jobs, relocations, new homes, new pets, and even new teethies for youngsters and elders! Realizing that some folks will do anything to get attention (brown nosing as I am told it is known as) and al
  4. Some cool and interesting components... The 10 Coolest PC Components Of 2008
  5. We are collecting images for the PaxLair 2008 Slide Show. Neo of Lothlore has made slide shows the past years. Will he this year too? One would hope so, if there are images and paragraphs describing those images as source material. Deadline is probably December 21st, 2008. Please add to this thread images (or links to images) to images that you might like to see in the 2008 Slide Show. Include a description that editors will likely edit, so don't worry about grammar. Don't add 500 images, please be selective. IMPORTANT: Include the date of the image in the description, so we know wh
  6. All of the images submitted by midnight last night are now posted and the poll is available. Anyone can vote, you do not need to register to vote. Just go to the index page and cast your vote for your favorite. http://deco.girlgamer.net/index.php Prizes are as follows 1st place--5m gold on your shard 2nd place--3m gold on your shard 3rd place--2m gold on your shard I'm still working on prizes for honorable mentions on shards If a siege perilous person wins first place, it will be around 2m for ya, 2nd will be 1.5 and 3rd will be 1m. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 23. Prizes wi
  7. Posted to UO Herald by Joanne Laroche All shards will be published tomorrow morning during maintenance. This publish will address the following fixes: Fixed an issue with players with stealing from pack animals in Trammel Fixed an issue with the Gate spell .
  8. Posted by Joanne Laroche on UO Herald The Five on Friday has returned with answers to your questions. This week we've announced the names of our new Event Moderators and answered questions about Icy patches and much more! To read the full article, please click here.
  9. December Developer Letter Calvin Crowner 12 Dec 2008 18:09:16 EST For the record what I am about to write is “so not my gig”, but I’ll endeavor to push through it. I wanted to pass on that with the recent announcement of earning from Electronic Arts that the Ultima Online team is still intact and still pressing forward on both the Stygian Abyss Expansion, and supporting the Live Game. In addition, we are still moving forward with the Event Moderator Program. I know it’s been a long time coming, but as you may have r
  10. December 5, 2008 “The faction bandaids have proven themselves to be over powered. With dexers combining an apple every 10-15 seconds along with a 4-5 second bandage it makes it nearly impossible to kill one on a decent connection (For mages and dexers). Are there plans to balance them?” We will be adding a cooldown to the bandages. They will either have a 30-second cooldown OR will share the same 15-second timer as the apples so players cannot use both at the same time. This will be adjusted in Publish 58. -- “When are thieves ever going to get some love?” In Publish 57, stealing from
  11. We’ve been nominated for Favorite MMO Studio! We’re up against some stiff competition, but we know our community is second to none when it comes to getting out the vote. So fire up your friends, your kinship, and your neighbor’s pet iguana and get them over to MMORPG.com and start voting!
  12. If you notice anything broken, let me know.
  13. "Will the Blessed spellbooks that are dropping from the invasion on Siege be fixed?" We are aware of this issue and we're working on a fix for it. -- "Why are we seeing so much lag since the 4th of November?" We are trying to track down the cause of the recent lag problems and would like to request that if you are currently experiencing latency to send a traceroute to UOBugs.com, make sure to please include the shard you are playing on as well! -- "Will the entrance to Khaldun in Trammel on Oceania be fixed?" Good news! Yes, we have fixed this issue and players should now be able
  14. Bearing in mind this interview is a lot shorter than originally planned, due to Jeremy leaving Mythic. So this interview should be viewed as done by an independent and not an EA/Mythic employee. Thanks to Jeremy for sending this to us, it is appreciated 1)What has been the most challenging aspect of community rep through the EA/Mythic transition... a) For the community? – The biggest challenge with the community was the long downtime between Publish 49 at the end of November and Publish 51 in late January. It was unavoidable for logistical reasons, but it was very difficult to ke
  15. Let's see what you all have out there! I know there were many taken at the meeting and some are scattered throughout the forums. Would be nice to have them all in one place. Please make notes as to who is who in the pics if you can. Thanks, Crystal Rose
  16. TheGrimmOmen, the evilist of all UO team members has graced (or is that cursed? ) us with a fantastic interview. Here's our interview with TheGrimmOmen 1) I've never really liked the way torpedo dragons (swamp dragons) look in 2d, but I do like how they look in KR. Any chance 2d Swampies could get a makeover? I’ve never cared for the swampies look either, I mean, 6 legs? But in any case, there’s actually an old “rule of thumb” where changing artwork in UO is concerned and that is: “If it’s been in the game longer than 6 months, it’s (for the most part) too late to change it.” S
  17. So, posting this here too, hope to see you there! Original text by Vader [bdL] which can be found at http://www.bdl-uo.de: You think you know a lot about Ultima Online? Then prove it! Compete with other inhabitants of our shard in a match without weapons - all you need is a sharp mind, some time and fun meeting new people. The event will be held on Friday, 10/10/2008 at 8pm German time (GMT +2) in the Alliance's rune library, which is located north of Minoc (Trammel). You can find directions here: How to get to the rune library You don't really need anything to be able to participat
  18. Source - http://uo.stratics.com/php-bin/show_content.php?content=29147 Thank you to the Ultima Online team and the UO community for another great UO House of Commons! Below you can read the transcript of tonights chat, and Jeremy has sent us some exclusive pics of tonight's chat as viewed from 'the room'. Thank you Jeremy! zigzag - Good evening and welcome to another great Stratics Ultima Online House of Commons chat! Tonight marks the 116th UO House of Commons. The topic is open, so any questions are welcome. zigzag - Please send said questions to me - to do so type /msg zigz
  19. Posted on UOHerald.com In Remembrance: Gary Gygax (1938 – 2008) The UO Team 26 Mar 2008 17:11:07 As many of our loyal fans may know, Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D and inspiration to generations of gamers, has recently passed away. Tracing the line from pen and paper roleplaying to Ultima Online reminds us of own legends and creators. Yet their inspiration had a source: where would we be without the enthusiasm and love that a small group of adventurers showed with but a handful of dice and some pads of paper, so long ago? And while we cannot easily express our feelings (although
  20. Americans have been remembering the dead on the seventh anniversary of the 11 September attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people died. A ceremony in downtown Manhattan marked the times when the planes hit the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, and when each structure fell - pausing for silence at 0846, 0903, 0959 and 1029. The names of all those who died were read out loud by family members at New York's Ground Zero, now a construction site.
  21. Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!! 11th UO Anniversary?? NOTE: This thread post is always under development! Post your interest, ideas, and enthusiasm and we will consolidate them into the top of this thread! The Austin Town Hall for Ultima Online ( <-- Register at this link) is on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at: Dave & Busters 9333 Research Blvd. Suite A600 Austin, TX 78759 September 13, 2008 3:00PM - 6:00pm EST LIVE BROADCAST by Whispering Rose Radio!! (Web Site) See ON AIR NOW section for Tune In. One Hotel: Extended Stay Austin Arboretum 10100 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin T
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