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  1. I just moved out of my fel 18x18 and it is available to anyone who wants it. It's just a run from Paxlair and sits right in front of water. Let me know if you want it, otherwise it will fall. ICQ me at 455-604-368.
  2. South-East area. Against the wall of the city of Zento. It also comes with a rune Library.
  3. In Malas on the road, easy enough to find. Packed full of goodies. Some one said one went OSI owned (my main house) still can't figure that one out but at any rate there is nothing illegal in any of the houses. We were pack rats and before we left hit some good idocs (took nothing in mass quantity that could be considered duped). I believe someone said Bruno's house is due to fall Tuesday. Have fun and enjoy on behalf of Mags and Bruno. Good luck and keep an eye out for the rares
  4. Anyone have a building for sale, size 18x18? Smaller if in a good position? Please send me a message on ICQ with what you can offer and we will talk shop. ICQ 384-851-446.
  5. Ok i am trying to design my house a little I just want it so people cant cast on me or cast stuff inside it. But i want stairs going up to the 2nd level how many spots will it take up, how many spots will my the stairs take to get to the next level?
  6. I have decided to sell my malas orc fort house. It's one of the very front houses and is extremely hard to find one for sale. I'm looking to sell it for 35 mil obo. Icq: 360-504-199
  7. redirecting to the trade forum : http://www.uoforums.com/f1130/selling-tram-keep-18x18-next-to-it-all-in-54961/
  8. I have an 18x18 on the water in Gyldenfeld I'm getting rid of. Rather than mess about trying to squeeze a few million meager gold pieces out of it, I'd rather find a good home for it, err, find a player in need of a good home. I know there are often new or returning players(fresh blood! muahaha) looking for decent-sized housing, so I'd like to offer this home to them. By getting some active players in the neighborhood(already so many homes that just sit there without any activity and we never see the owners) we're hoping to get some of that friendly neighbor spirit going again in our neck of t
  9. I'm selling one of my very special houses! No, it's not the Red Wolf Cafe, and no, I'm not quitting UO and no, you can't have my stuff(had to throw that in for good measure). This house is special because it was GM-placed on an island by itself in Malas some years back where no other houses are as part of a contest. Currently, there are two small towers on the island, both are unclaimed prizes from a later contest but the GM's have forgotten to delete them(GM Halona placed one of them, not sure about the other). I have used this house for community events in the past such as a Halloween maze
  10. Trammel or Tokuno preferred. PM me, or reply here. Thank you.
  11. Bottom right corner Goza mats for High End Vendors. Curtains on the back left wall with Lord Brit Throne infront fo it. Torches on the pillars
  12. Does anyone have an 18x18 customizable home/plot on trammel for sale on atlantic? I'm not looking for Malas or Tokuno. Please PM if you have anything for sale! ~Gaspar LeMarc
  13. I saw this come up on the mouse hold thread and figured id see what people thought. Some people I know think we should be able to customize larger then an 18x18. They say they can build the best house or castle or whatever. They are some really good designers.... but what about most of those PKS that couldnt design a house if their life depended on it. Or those people that just like to make ONE BIG BOX!!! This is what I think would happen and this is even smaller then a 32 across. I think i made it to long though. And if UO did this I would first take ALL MY houses and upgrade them to
  14. Must be in a nice area, open in the front. ICQ me at 232230 if you have one for sale, or know of one for sale. The Mafia, La Cosa Nostra La Cosa Nostra WaRpIG - L%N
  15. *SOLD* 18x18 S of Luna close to road 78.19' N 22.17'W 7 mil OBO *SOLD* Large Tower On Road S of Luna Bridge 60.39' N 27.42' W 5 mil OBO
  16. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but Im a returning player that needs a house. Prefer Malas or Tram, amount depends on location. 18x 18's only please. On Pacific, sorry forgot to mention. 95830227 Thanks, Dink
  17. I am selling my 18x18 located 1 screen out of umbra... HUGE front yard... No Vampire Bat Spawn... Great Place. AIM: Tetricyde or reply here... Serious Offers only... Thanks:dance:
  18. On the off chance that there's still somebody out there who hasn't got their dream house yet, or a guild wanting a couple of neighbouring properties, I have two very nice properties/plots looking for a good home. The properties are in Malas, but don't be put off - this is no "housing estate"; the plots are both in a very quiet part of Malas right on the edge of a non-housing zone, directly between mountains and the abyss, and not overlooked by neighbours' nasty monstrosities. There are two plots right next to each other, one's a 13x18, the other 18x18. They will come with all contents, wh
  19. Just curious, it's in about a perfect local, but just a plot.
  20. I am looking for a 16x16 to a 18x18 plot/home on Lake Superior PM me or ICQ me at 449082160
  21. Hey ya'll, I'm looking to buy an 18x18 or other large house (minimum 16x16), on atlantic, PM or icq me: 492-133-732, with your price.
  22. ICQ 387985673 for details, its along jungle line south of Trinsic called House of Dawn
  23. I was considering moving somewhere else. Ideally I would have the spot closest to a town or community. Everything is of interest in Trammel. I would build a simple chapel, I could arrange a tour or screenshots.
  24. Hello all, I have jsut returned to UO as of the 26th of December and am looking to place a house (18x18, I hope) for Mr Shaggy, my tamer. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. TY all in advance! Az'Rek M'Nar Knight of Virtue - KmR
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