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Found 22 results

  1. For Pax Statehood citizens. We know the Statehood meeting is on Tuesday and most cannot make the auction. It has been decided that it is only fair if we Throw 7,500,000 gold between 8:00 and 8:50 PMEST Then throw the other 7,500,000 between 9:30 and 11:30 I know the second half is halfway into the meeting but, if the auction doesnt last until 10:00 we have to throw it. If the auction lasts longer past 10:00 then we have some time to play with before the big throw. We have also planned Trivia to be around the statehood times. So we are trying our hardest to be able to let Statehood citize
  2. For those of you who could not make it to tonight's EM Community Meeting, I've taken a few notes to share! Firstly, EM Dudley began the meeting by informing everyone that, indeed, EM Tailspin has formally retired from EM duties due to overbearing obligations beyond the ethers. Those present shared some reflections on the great and exciting work Tailspin had done for Chesapeake in the four months he'd been at the helm. EM Dudley will now be the Lead EM for Chesapeake. Next, an announcement was made regarding a royal address. Lord Casca, the current monarch of Britannia, will be addressing t
  3. 10.00am24-Nov-2008On Tuesday morning, (25th November) we will be bringing Belegaer game server down for approximately 15 minutes. This extra maintenance time is to allow us to increase the hardware, adding additional capacity to this game world. The server will come down at 10.00 hours (GMT). We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Codemasters Online Systems Maintenance Thursday 27th November24-Nov-2008This week, maintenance will be extended to include additional work and testing on all major Codemasters Online systems, from 07:00hr (GMT) to 14:00hr (GMT) on Thursday 27th November. Th
  4. My inner geek just broke into a heavy sweat! This is a long article, but if you're into future tech... the possibilities are mind-boggling. =) 15 Hot New Technologies That Will Change Everything
  5. If anyone comes across a ring or bracelet with +15 stealing jewelry you'd be willing to part with, do let us know. We have a kit for joining the thieves guild and these two items would complete the kit and allow characters to join without having to spend any points in stealing. Thank you.
  6. Need to get 15 mill to a char on Lake Superior to purchase a transfer token. If anyone out there wants to trade gold on Chessie please pm me or ICQ 459-280-707.
  7. PaxLair Weekly Statehood Meeting takes place as follows. As a bonus, there will be a continuation of the Trial of John Duke. 8:30 PM ET - Casual Gathering before meeting 9:00 PM ET - PaxLair Meeting 10:00 PM ET (or earlier) - John Duke Trial LOCATION: Yew Court of Truth, Trammel, Chesapeake Come and enjoy up-to-date news and information about the PaxLair community and around the Chesapeake Shard. Come see John Duke Hang or go Free!!
  8. Hey everyone!! So, Austria is playing today, and for the first time since 1964 they "made" it past the qualifying rounds. And here is the deal: If Austria, wins the game today I will give away free gold worth 15 Million. Everyone who is registered at my website (xebozz.com) and has marked at least one item with "Get it 4 free" since today 10 am, will take part. First price: 10 Million GP Second price: 4 Million GP Third price: 1 Million GP Winners + Screenshots will be posted here.
  9. Posted on uo.com June 15, 2007 "KR is too dark! and/or KR is too light!" (While we've only seen the first complaint so far, after the latest patch we do expect to see instances of the second.) While working on addressing the darkness complaints this week, we came to realize that the brightness of the game just varied too widely on different monitor setups - it might look FABULOUS on one screen, but be way too dark on another. So the current change should raise the average brightness, and next week we're going to be doing some work to try to stabilize it, so it looks right on a vider var
  10. [video=youtube;ervaMPt4Ha0]
  11. I can't get it to work... :S what payment medthod should I use my code to? I got a Account on EA. And used the code I got from Gamespot, for Production Code. Then later when I shall select payment method, I see nee "Trial Code" So I though, maybe gamecard should do it... but noo... it tells me I'm wrong. How do I get to play the 15 Days Trial?
  12. As posted on UO.com "So, Ricardo's guilty, blackrock's creepy, and Inu's still crazy. Where is this all going?" Well, the Ricardo plotline is wrapping up - there are a few loose ends to tie up, but we're mostly going to be moving forward with the larger plotline. Coming up, you'll start to see events that foreshadow great changes to our world, and offer the opportunity to do great deeds. (as well as the occasional silly event, just to keep you guessing ) "There are a lot of bugs in the Known Issues section of the patcher... when are those going to be fixed?" There are
  13. with a visit from ol' St. Nick! Unwrap the Magic ... of the holiday season with Santa's Night Out! (December 15, Friday) Keep your wits sharp and your eyes peeled for Santa! He'll be out and about the towns visiting all the good, and maybe even the naughty, boys and girls of Sonoma starting around 5pm Pacific, (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern) handing out lots of presents and plenty of goodies! You're likely to see him around the various banks of the land so don't be shy, go right up to him and say Happy Holidays!!! There's no telling what kind of fun stuff he'll hand out,
  14. Well I am almost maxxed out on the 110s that I got earlier and am wasting all those .1s I could be getting . If anyone has any of these on their vendor or sitting around their house let me know.
  15. On Friday, September 14, 2006, during each shard's maintenance time, we deployed an update that contained the following changes:</b> <ul> <li>Character Statues will no longer lose their Sculpted By name (existing statues will need to be resculpted) <li>Fixed an entitlement issue with the weapon engraving tool <li>Using the Weapon Engraver’s context menu no longer displays a system message twice <li>Red Soulstone no longer does an entitlement check for UO:SE <li>Fixed an entitlement issue with the cannon <li>Fixed an issue that allowed players t
  16. AND HERE you have it folks. source taken from UO.com As outlined in our Rules of Conduct, we do not allow players to enrich themselves through the abuse of bugs or exploitation of game mechanics. We reserve the right to confiscate any items created through such means. Recently, we discovered a large number of checks for amounts over one million gold pieces. Checks were never intended to exist in denominations of more than a million. Unfortunately, these inflated checks have been used by exploiters to store extremely large amounts of gold. These checks have now been removed from the game.
  17. Now to get rid of these exploiters as well. Its great news to hear and see that things are being done to balance the game and bring UO back to UO.
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