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  1. What benefits do you get from 120 healing as to 100 healing?, should I drop to 100 and also i have 115 anat should this be droped to 100?. I am just coming back basically from being out for a few years and have fired my fencer back up. His build right now is 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Healing 115 Anat 115 Tactics 65 Magery I have points to play with and can drop stuff as well like I was thinking of droping magery and maybe picking up Ninj. I know these temp questions are asked a million times but what im really wondering whats the benefit for 120 healing. Thxs any info would be great a
  2. Does anyone on Sonoma have or know where I can get a 120 Archery powerscroll? I have 118 archery soulstoned and can't put it on an archer I really would like to. You can PM me here or ICQ me 49676262 thanks
  3. does 100 vet heal the same as 110 vet or 120 vet. faster or more heal points per bandage? I think i have 94 vet now. Trying to see if over 100 vet is needed. i really do not care about the stable slot issue. 5 or 6 slots are plenty if i need more i can move taming to another char and use his stable. As of right now i am thinking about real skill 110 taming 105 lore 110 vet 100 magery 120 music 120 peace/dicso/provoke left over goes to med Been gone 4 years, lot of things changed and new to taming. Sorry for the dumb question. Trying to find something for peerless and champ spaw
  4. If anyone has a 120 fencing scroll they can part with for about 1 - 1.5M please let me know. I should be able to scrape that together. Or I can trade you 100k iron ingots for it.
  5. I found out something the other day testing it on TC! You dont EVER need healing over 80. Heres the catch, If you have 80 healing and 120 anatomy it is the same as having 120 healing. Plus, You get the extra bonus on strikes from 120 anatomy so its a double win 40 extra skill points and basicly legendary healing. (Btw, You will notice when you have 80 healing and 120 anatomy, your paperdoll says your a legendary healer!) Try this out! I havnt had a problem yet! =)
  6. I'm not very versed in the arts of barding - I have peacemaking on my tamer and am just training provo on my T-Hunter. But there's one thing that never really became clear for me: Why do I need 120 Music? With GM Music I never fail when trying to use a bard skill, so what benefits does 120 in music give me?
  7. looking for a price check on a 120 ps for magery
  8. This was orginally posted by myself and Kazua (also know as JC the builder) back in 2002. I am adding in UOML items, which will be the basis of a new gain guide maximized for ingot useage. UOSE items generally consume too many ingots to realistically be considered for gaining skill. Basically, for each 5 skill over 100, the cap on gains from an items goes up 2.5 skill points. Publish 21 added the 2.5 skill per 5 points cap increase, so you can gain further on an item. In the case of blacksmithy, the chance to gain is baseb on a cap of 65% chance of exceptional. 100 105 110 115 120 I
  9. ok i am at 111.5 taming and spents hrs yesterday doing second tames on ridge backs and taming unicorns. Didnt get a single gain. Anyone got any advice on how to keep pushing forward to 120.
  10. I currently have 115 archery and maxed out HCI. What will the extra 5 points in archery do for me? Wouldn't I rather want 120 tactics to inflict more damage. This character only PVM's.
  11. Selling a 120 Fencing Scroll graciously Donated by Jenna Jameson of {X} if interested Please contact me. **** SOLD TO MR. NICK OF RBG ****
  12. Ok, here's how i look at it. at 90 bushido you can ride a lesser hiryu then at gm the hiryu can be bonded And at 110 you can control it but what about 120? I've been asking around but nobody seams to know if there's anything special about 120 bushido and lesser hiryu's. If there is something please tell me, and if so i'm sorry to put this in the suggestions forum. My suggestion is that they should add a way for someone at 120 to rez or at least heal the hiryu. I mean, it's so irritating to pvp and not be able to keep the hiryu alive after you're dissmounted. And in pvm it's nice to h
  13. I calculated it up and I can make a pretty decent suit with them but I'm still not sure if I want to lower stealing/stealth. Here's what my skills are at 120 Stealing 120 Stealth 120 Ninjitsu 100 Snooping 100 Hiding 110 Magery After this I have 50 skill points left over and if you add the bandana and the shadow dancers...thats an extra 120 points. I was thinking of going with either tracking or detect hidden.... I think tracking would be better especially at gm but not sure...who knows maybe even wrestling or magic resist....
  14. Let me know price, where and when Thanks
  15. I am training a Sampy atm (bushido dexx with a necroform i believe). I am wondering if its rly worth it to get the extra +5skillpoints in parry and bushido. I know for some skills its definitely worth it to get the 120 (i.e. magery 100% succesrate on 8th spells, 120 taming is nice for extra stableslots and easier to tame those rare hued pets u come accros). But how about bushido and parry? They u get any extra bonusses for having 120? And if so are they worth for to buy? My template: 115 swords 115-120 bushido 115-120 parry 76 chival 50 necro (Midnight + jewels for vamp) 1xx tactics 1xx
  16. Seeing these go at varying prices... How much are they worth?
  17. Much to my surprise, there is not a single 120 music scroll available for purchase in the sprawling strip mall that is Luna. Anyone know where I can get one (relatively cheap)? I'm also looking for a nice 120 discord scroll. Those currently sell for 1.25M in Luna...I figure that's about a 30% markup. What do you think? ~M
  18. Is there a big difference between 100 and 120 stealthing?
  19. high end , low end pricing... what can i expect? economy has fluxuated so much, it's not even funny.
  20. Again, Kazua (JC the Builder) compiled this back in 2002. I have updated it with cloth ninja hood and elven shirt, both of which will take you to 115 skill, using only cloth the entire time!!! The elven shirt is the leanest method on cloth. It will save you about 6k cloth by the time you reach 115. Basically, for each 5 skill over 100, the cap on gains from an items goes up 2.5 skill points, for a total of +10 to skill gain cap for a 120 scroll. Publish 21 added the 2.5 skill per 5 points cap increase. This chart shows theoretical limit, so obviously you can't go beyond your skillcap. Top
  21. i am not sure on this for tailoring is new to me is the enchansing the same as weapons for tailors where you can just split the mods around or is it like fletching when a certain cloth would add mods ..just wanted to know if it is so i can keep a eye out for good enchansable armor
  22. I'm looking for something that will tell me the damage difference between these two, but every search I've done comes up dry. Help?
  23. On Nappa Valley, how much do 120 power scrolls go for about? Or, specifically, a 120 powerscroll of swordsmanship?
  24. amazing dont even know what to say here about having to stone so many of my 120 ninja chars..... 120 ninja deathstike for like 14 to 17 damn wow and it dont matter if fighter little more damn but worthless>
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