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  1. Bob from UOTreasures.com took some time out to answer some of our broker related questions. Thanks Bob for a great interview! Question: 1) How did you get started in brokering? We started back in 1998. We purchased 1 million gold for $400 from a person in California, after struggling for months to accumulate 10k in the game on our own. We then started selling off gold in lots of 10k on ebay ourselves, and it turned out to be something that people really wanted. We then bought accounts from other players and started selling off the items.Question: 2) Do you still play the game, or
  2. Just to let you all know any news specific to our shard gets announced here on the main page in the 'News & Developers' forum . If you dont want to read 'fluff', any official Official Developers stuff is always marked 'News'. The forum is updated each morning regards Tabbitha
  3. Just wanted to say "hello"... New to this forum and have already found lots of good info! Hope to be posting lots soon!!!
  4. Source - http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=uouhall&Number=6832398&page=0&view=&sb=5 Not a bad interview, although i'll admit, I was abit tipsy from beer when answering the questions
  5. Ok, i been gone for a few weeks, sorry about that. Just want to see if folk want to turn up to these things if i continue running them.
  6. We've all been looking forward to this and here it is Cathat took some time out and answered a whole bunch of questions our posters sent him! Thankyou Cathat for answering them all. <hr> Questions from Minotaur2K 1) We have heard from you that the "elves only tag" is one of your pet peeves, are there any plans on getting rid of it? Cathat: <br>Not that I know of. Even though it is one of my pet peeves along with that “helmet swap” and I would love to get into the code and normalize it – this sort of work falls into the Eng and Designer task list. I hope when they tin
  7. Many thanks to Garaba for answering our questions. 1) The balance between freedom of speech and off topic blathering is a fine one to maintain. What skills do you use in your work to maintain the balance? The real skill is knowing what the intent of the posters. Some are really there to discuss the game or important industry influences. Others simply like to stir up trouble for their own fun. Then use freedom of speech when they are in trouble. People like that are like people who cry 'fire' in a crowded movie theater. Such an activity is not covered by freedom of speech in
  8. Ok, im not going to be about that week (or maybe the week after). Ive got wenchy with me for a while starting that weekend and sorry guys, but RL is always more important to me than online life, and we havent seen each other for about 3 months this time. Im in two minds as to wether i should not even try to organise on for this week or if we should get someone else to organize it. So, if the times stay the same as always, is there anyone who'd like to 'lead' the convsersation as it were? To be honest, once the conversation starts people here ramble madly so it doesnt take much effort, just s
  9. Trying to think of an opening for this post is harder than trying to figure out how to say what I need to say. With that being said, I think Ill just jump right into it. I would like to apologize to Adam, UOForums and its posters and staff and to the whole UO community for the post that I made a few weeks ago personally attacking Adam of UOForums. The post was made in anger and as a "retaliation strike" for a personal issue that was between Adam and I. There were some unrelated things going on off the forums and I brought it to the forums by posting that attack against Adam, something whic
  10. Yays for fun weekly things Ok so this time ive changed the GMT and UK time back an hour cause it was all messed up before hehe Sorry all! 7pm UK Time 6pm GMT 2pm Eastern 1pm Central 12pm Mountain 11am Pacific 10 am Alaska 8am Hawaii This week we will have a small discussion about wether not, the lack of UO's graphical updates (I.E. Why doesnt it look like WoW? ) is going to cause people to eventually leave UO. Im sure there are many things to say on this subject so lets keep it untill the chat meet rather than posting in this thread Hope to see you all there! Chat link - http://www
  11. We had 12 people in there at one point on week 2, so lets see if we can get more this week! :) The times will remain the same as normal. Theres people in there from an hour or so before the listed times that babble and up to 2-3 hours after the time listed that babble 8pm UK Time 7pm GMT 2pm Eastern 1pm Central 12pm Mountain 11am Pacific 10 am Alaska 8am Hawaii Suggestions for a main topic from last week (which we chat about for 30-60 minutes) : What does bringing 'Ultima' back into Ultima mean to us? Is roleplaying a viable need in UO? The pros and cons of Quests. How does other EA g
  12. Hope this works for everyone. I live in US Central Time and see it as 13:00 (1pm). It should adjust itself to individuals computer setting but if not - the days, hours, etc are the same for all time zones (TY Yuallica ) <iframe src="http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2006&month=7&date=16&hrs=13&min=0&sec=0&tz=local&title=Countdown%20To%20Chat&lang=en&bgcolor=%23CCFFFF" width="250" height="365" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:15.6em;height:22.8em;"><a href="http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2006&month=7&d
  13. El of LA took her time out to answer some questions our posters/staff sent her. Many thanks to El, we greatly appreciate the time you've spent answering them! <hr> 1. How did you first get involved in working with Stratics? I was a "lurker" on the Stratics forums for the first 3 1/2 years that I played UO. I went to Stratics to read news and a few comments, but I only posted 3 times in all that time. LA had been without a reporter for a long time on the forums and when I found myself wanting to do something new I decided LA's forum would be an adventure to try reporting for! Cr
  14. Ok, this last sunday went great, everyone in there enjoyed it. Sorry to those that couldnt make it. So, i want to try this again, maybe make it a weekly thing. We will do same time as last sunday, though to be honest we seemed to babble for up to 2 hours before the time suggested and about an hour after the main discussion too heh. So the times are: 8pm UK Time 7pm GMT 2pm Eastern 1pm Central 12pm Mountain 11am Pacific 10 am Alaska 8am Hawaii Now, like said we babbled from 2 hours before hand, had the main topic and continued to babble afterwards. Id like to keep the same sorta thing, so,
  15. Guest

    Adverts on UOForums.

    Been discussing with my staff over the last few days about adverts. I pulled our banner adverts from the main page of UOForums due to accusations from a certain Stratics poster that we support and are linking to a site which "Cheats" and "supports hacks" in other games. He went out of his way to stir up trouble and post on several threads and even in IRC with Wilki present, that we support cheat sites. I've done my own investigating, as well as have others do some behind the scenes investigating to and we've concluded, quite logically, that there's ZERO proof of such things going on with
  16. UOForums Chatroom Meetup Week 2 times: 8pm UK Time 7pm GMT 2pm Eastern 1pm Central 12pm Mountain 11am Pacific 10 am Alaska 8am Hawaii We hope to see you all this sunday! The link below will take you to the chat room http://www.uoforums.com/chat/flashchat.php
  17. Joshua Rowan, UO Stratics Managing Editor took his personal time out at the weekend to answer some questions we sent him. 1) How long have you been playing UO? I started playing Ultima Online the same day that it became available for purchase at my local computer store, which I believe was September 30, 1997. Hard to believe that is has already been almost 9 years.2) What are your duties at UO Stratics? Do you have to muck with the non-UO side of Stratics? As the Managing Editor of UO Stratics, I provide the overall guidance for all aspects of the site – News, Forums, and Content -
  18. Just renewed the domain for the next 5 years, so it won't come up for expiry till at least 2011. Just fyi and all.
  19. Join us for a chatroom meetup on Sunday the 2nd of July, at.. 7pm GMT 2pm Eastern 1pm Central 12pm Mountain 11am Pacific 10 am Alaska 8am Hawaii 8pm BST (British Summer Time) To access the chat area, you need to click the little chat icon next to the "Members currently using Flashchat: 1" (On the main page of UOForums, under Who's online) Or you can access it via - http://www.uoforums.com/chat/flashchat.php As an added incentive, people who are on time and spend time in there to chat, will be awarded l33t points in the forum to spend in the Estore or Petz area! We
  20. I think it needs to be said You guys rock and this is the best run site ive ever been a member of! Thank you Adam for Running the best uo site ever!
  21. Will anyone hear???? Man wake up folks...I have never seen such a dead Forum! * Goes off looking for signs of life!* :shocked:
  22. Just so you all know, the email system isn't working for the staff here. I'm working on it.
  23. All forums and sites are only as good as their Staff. Without them, the forum couldn't run, or it would be ran by one poor stressed out person! In order to celebrate what a great staff we have here at UOF, we're going to be bringing you some interviews that will let you get to know our staff on a different level. You will learn who is behind the forums and who they are as a person. We will bring you one staff interview a month! So keep an eye out for April's, which will be coming soon! And take the time to get to know the people who help us moderate and keep you guys under con
  24. Guest

    New UOForums logo

    What y'all think? It's on the default style and the Full one Like?
  25. We are pleased to announce that Sonoma now has two reporters covering our shard activities ... Dragonreborn_KmR recently returned to Sonoma after visiting other lands in Sosaria has for many years spun fine tales through his long experience with UO. Go to his PROFILE to see the many ways you can reach him for news, events, and any interest stories that you want to share with the community. Zenith [uOF*C] has quietly traveled the lands of Sonoma for several years. She enjoys the atmosphere of our shard and listens intently to the heart of our community. You can reach her by pm or at zenith@
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