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  1. Noxin was kind enough to answer our questions our users submitted Here's our interview with Noxin. 1) I was curious how much Flash experience you have behind your belt, and what proggy you use to open up the monster animation from the UO file. I've actually been doing the whole flash thing for about 4-5 years now; my initial reason for wanting to learn was simply seeing the excellent UO related flash movies that were floating around at the time, after a few months fiddling I was more than capable of putting together basic animation and throwing on some sound effects. But I wasn't satis
  2. A while back we had gathered some questions from staff and users, and put together an interview to send to Wilki. Take a look! 1) Did you ever think when you were little you’d be doing this? While I can’t really pinpoint an exact time when I first thought, “When I grow up, I want to make games,” I do remember “designing” my first game when I was 6 or 7 years old and my Dad had an interview with Atari. I used crayons to draw up some level that had something to do with tigers stalking you and you having to figure out a maze in the jungle to get away from them, and he took it to the interv
  3. The mighty Escaflowne/Drew of Vesper [-V-] was kind enough to let us interview him Our users submitted their questions and he sent the interview back earlier today Here's the interview.. 1.) Can I PLEASE buy your (Blessed) Longpants? My double blessed long pants aren’t for sale I’m afraid 2.) How long ago was the Vesper [-V-] guild established? -V- has been around for approximately 7 years 3.) Approximately how many chars/players does the guild average? Well the guild roster now consists of only 38 players, some of them being alternate characters of others, its a big drop
  4. Over on Stratic Forums Omnicron asked Just wondering what other informitive forums are out there that I dont know about. Thanks. ~~~~ TheScoundrelRico UO Forums. I read more than I post there though. Good source...Three thumbs up, errrm...la ~~~~ Littleblue The Lost Lands and UO Forums. ~~~~ Larisa UO General/Community News Reporter The Lost Lands Shameless plug for Flutter and TheLostLands. EXCELLENT forums. UOForums is another one, Thank you Adam. And we can't forget UOGuide thanks to JC, an excellent source of information. Not a forum but packed with info. ~~~
  5. Cathat was kind enough to give us an insight into what he's doing since he left EA and the UO team. Here's questions our users and staff submitted. Tabbitha: I would like to know what Cathat has been doing since he moved on. (Has he created any more grounding breaking drawings that he can share with us?) Doing good – always land on my feet. It was a little hard at first going cold turkey from UO and not working on it or engaging with its community every day. After 3 years on the team, UO became a real engrained work habit, so I took a little time off in December to do art that wa
  6. Ho ho ho http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1706651153 P.S. Those aren't my breasts :x
  7. Sean from The Syndicate was kind enough to agree to our interview and answer our users questions. Below you'll find our interview with Sean, Guildmaster of The Syndicate. ------------------------ 1. What has made The Syndicate® so successful that they have been around for so long? The short answer to that question is: read the book (Legend of The Syndicate from AvariPress.com or Amazon.com). The answer to that question is actually extremely lengthy hence why we have a book published. We have been around since 1996 but if we were to found our guild today and make the mistakes we
  8. I just posted this in the Fur Foots of Shire board, but wanted to post it here too... in other LOTRO players don't read the Fur Foots of Shire board. There is a link to UOForums in the LOTROXbar too.
  9. The forum rules state, "If a user decides to post slander, lies or rude remarks about UOForums,..." Technically, posted slander would be libel =) Flame on! (hey, at least I read the rules!) ~M
  10. Post your entries in this thread. Rules/information can be found here - http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=37625 NO discussion in this thread please, use the discussion thread instead. For any comments on the competition itself, or queries in general, please use the information/rules thread or PM me.
  11. Holiday Home Contest! UO Forums Home Decoration Contest. We're running a home decorations contest for the holiday season. Grab your holiday décor chests and summon your creative spirit and join us in decking the halls! Entries open today and end January 15th, 2008 at midnight. UOForums staff will judge the houses and the winners will be announced on January 20th. Prizes for the contest are as follows! 1st Place - 90 day gametime code + 5 million gold + 1 7th char slot + extra storage code 2nd Place - 30 day gametime code + 4 million gold + 1 7th char slot + extra storage code 3r
  12. Ok, EA/Mythic is going to give us some pretty codes for Christmas, so we're going to do a deco contest for the christmas period. Any thoughts on the rules for this contest? I'm thinking of restricting it to those who've been here for a while and have posted more than XX times. I was thinking of running a best deco'd house contest, as it's generic and anyone can take part (on Test centre if they dont have the gold to splash out on production shards for designing their house)
  13. The great admiral from The Turbulent Waters was kind enough to answer our users questions. 1) What do you think could be added to the fishing experience to make it more interesting? Quite frankly, a lot. Fishing has been developed by various members of the team over the years as both a resource-gathering and a treasure hunting skill. I think both aspects could be greatly expanded on. As Gem of the FCB has been requesting for years, it's time to change up the pre-chest shipwreck loot. It's been nine years since that stuff was introduced and it has become depressingly common. Other suggest
  14. Crystal Rose took some time out to answer questions submitted by our staff and posters alike. Many thanks Crystal for a great interview 1) Are you the same Crystal Rose that was part of the Chesapeake community for so many years early in the game? Answer: No, I have never played Chesapeake, although I do travel around a lot from shard to shard with Deal or No Deal UO Style as Vana Mana Rose *winks*. 2) What has been UO's staying power for you? Answer: The people most of all. I have experienced many happy times within the walls of UO over the last 7 years. Some unhappy times
  15. Today UOToolbar.org has conducted its first ever interview... with the often rumoured, elusive Adam of UOForums.com. Adam is a long time player of Ultima Online, but also the administrator & publisher of UOForums.com. UOForums.com is a popular forum for the UO community at large. The forum features not only a large, diverse membership of UO player from nearly every shard, but also UO Team members from EA Mythic, and other leaders & publishers from around the multiverse that is Ultima Online. On the forum you will find many boards about UO, game clients, how-to’s, guilds, player towns
  16. Just curious what you guys think of the future of UOForums What would you like to see happen to UOForums if UO finally goes under? It's inevitable at some point, could be tomorrow or in 10 years time. So I'm just curious what you'd want us to do?
  17. UOForums will be going through a server upgrade and migration to an improved server starting as early as Monday, Oct 22 and ending by Nov 5. Information is on the UO Forums Support Forum thread here. UOForums will NOT really be down. At some time, the UOForums.com URL may not resolve for you, meaning the UOForums content has moved to a new live server (new IP address) and the URL to IP mapping (DNS) is being pushed across the Internet to your ISP. So... it's my understanding we can post as normal and information will not be lost. When the UOForums.com URL does not resolve, perhaps wa
  18. Nok was kind enough to take some time out to answers questions submitted by our users. Many thanks Nok! If you don't use it already, I highly recommend the UO Toolbar that he's created! 1) My question is what is it that keeps you playing UO all these years later and not some other 'brand spanking new game? “It” is a lot of things. Most importantly, friends... there are friends in TAA|tDw|MT (The Adeptus Astaries, The Dark Wardens, and the Mage Tower, I am the current guild master of The Dark Wardens) and other great guilds & players on Baja that I have known since I started pla
  19. Might be getting old. But just noticed all the new UO (and other game) avatars to choose from. Nice addition Adam!
  20. In YOUR My Profile: Settings & Options / Edit Options: At the bottom, Miscellaneous Options - Set Forum Skin to PaxLair (or PaxLair Test) and Save Changes. This will give you the PaxLair type background etc. for UO Forums.If you have any comments, questions, and recommendations on the PaxLair Skin, reply here. The great UOForums gods will tweak our Skin as they can!! We THANK UOForums for helping out our PaxLair Community in such dramatic and integrated ways! -- Player behind Winfield
  21. Kinda http://www.uoforums.com/petz.php?do=view&id=21 I asked Noxin if he could convert UO animations/art into a Pets format to use here He did a rough conversion of one and that's how it looks. Although I don't know whether it's worth paying him $100 to do a full conversion of UO stuff I do know he'd do a great job, just not sure if it's worth the cash.
  22. I'm working on trying to have a better place to post calendar events for our Statehood. There's so many places. PaxLair Calendar, UOForums Calendar, Stratics Calendar, DAGR Calendar, UO Radio Calendar. How do we keep our events listed in one place? One nice thing about UOForums calendar is it has a messageboard and from the News / News Feeds top menu item on www.paxlair.com, we can see any new event posted on the calendar. The RSS feed does not show the events ordered by date of event, but at least we can see when new events get posted, then we take a look at the calendar. What does ev
  23. UOForums is proud to announce this months "Poster of the Month" award! Congratulations to Merth! We have pinned him with the UOForums P.O.M. ribbon which can be seen on his profile page (as well as under his avatar when posting). Congratulations Merth, and Thank You for your consitent contribution in the UO Forums community by providing us with helpful, informative, uplifting, and thought provoking posts about UO in general. If you want to nominate someone for Poster of the Month, please visit this URL - http://www.uoforums.com/awards.php and fill out the easy form.
  24. Many thanks to Cathat for taking the time out to answer our users questions and many thanks to Jeremy for co ordinating the interview. Here's our interview with Cathat. <hr> 1) Any chance you could put together some ready made house designs? I'm not talking about "classic" houses. I'm talking about perhaps a house design a person could use and then modify to suit your own needs. Editable Customized Housing would be a big feature that would probably be planned out with full design documents and go through a full design process like any new feature. If you were to do something like
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