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  1. Hey everyone I was wondering.. For those of you that use social Media.. Did you all know UOForums has a Facebook page and a Twitter account? You didn't? Well now that I have told you, You really should head over and follow and like them to keep up to date with all the highlights of the day's posts and anything exciting going on with UOForums and the Ultima Community! We will also announce little social media contests to see if you are all paying attention! So hit links to like and follow UOForums! Follow @UOForums Like UOForums on Facebook Thanks everyone!!
  2. Well with all the chaos of the 15th anniversary for UO, crazy storms, and not to mention our own 10th year anniversary events, we can now post the interview with the dark lady her self - Mesanna! Thank you, Mesanna, for answering our questions despite the hectic couple of months and for showing up to our 10 year shard tour closing event on Sunday! I hope you all enjoy the interview! 1. Tell us about how your UO career started and has changed through the various positions you have held through your career. Did you ever expect to be the Producer of Ultima Online? What was the transition fr
  3. I recently "upgraded" to Internet Explorer 8. Ever since then, UOForums has been very slow to load pages, sometimes just timing out or, rarely, giving me a database error. Sometimes, the chatbox will be blank as well. Believe me, I'm no fan of IE8, but eventually a majority of UOF users will be using it within the next year or two. To isolate this problem, I first tried to uninstall IE8 to test back with IE7 on the same machine. Surprise! You can't uninstall IE8 by conventional means. I ended up using another computer which still, thankfully, had IE7. This computer was on the same subnet
  4. Mesanna took some time out to answer questions sent in by our users, so here's our interview with Mesanna. Interviewing Mesanna 1) What are some of the ways UO is trying to innovate to stand out from other games? In my opinion UO is so unique we can only improve on that foundation. We want to make sure there is something for everyone’s play style. 2) The Warriors of Destiny story arc has been long(over 2 years!) and enjoyed immensely by the player community. With it's conclusion fast approaching, is there another grand story arc waiting in the wings? If so, can you give so
  5. Chrissay the UO Community Coordinator took some time out to answer our users questions. Below is our interview with Chrissay. <hr> How often and what kind of characters do you play UO with? I play several times a week of about 3+ hours a session. I play a Pally What's the hardest part of being the UO Community Coordinator? The Five on Friday questions. Sometimes I don’t receive enough questions or finding the good balance of questions. What's your favorite part of being the UO Community Coordinator? I love communicating with the player base. This goes all the way back when I
  6. For more information on what Phorm is, visit - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7999635.stm But I just wanted to let our UK users here know that I've already submitted the optOUT request to Phorm. Also going to block Phorm's IP to.
  7. Draconi took some time out to answer questions sent in by our users, so here's our interview with Draconi. Are there already plans being made for UO after Stygian Abyss is released, aside from continued bug fixes and general gameplay improvements, that can be vaguely hinted at? Absolutely! Calvin pokes and prods us regularly, and we already have at least two publishes worth of plans just for Live. As for the hints, I can give some vague, and one specific. We’re definitely interested in providing something new. Also, we’d like to look back at the past, and say “Hey, we miss tha
  8. Paidric from Haven Helpers and Ingame Auctions has agreed to do an interview with UOForums! Haven helpers has some fantastic new player guides and helpful resources for the new player to UO. Here's our interview with Paidric 1) In your experience, what kind of experiences or game aspects are new UO players looking forward to that convinced them to try UO? Is is the idea of owning and customizing a house or pvp, for example? One of the most unique features of Ultima Online is surely house customization. Many players are eager to own a house (and make it a borg cube *sighs*) right out of
  9. Speedman/Josh was kind enough to agree to do an interview with us Here's the questions we asked him and the answers he gave. [Generic questions] What has been your most memorable accomplishment in your career? Making Technical Director before 30? J Getting hired by Origin is probably the most memorable accomplishment as it was my first gig in the game industry. It was an amazing experience: I got to meet and work with the people behind the names on the forum that I idolized. The whole experience was surreal. What was your favorite part of UO? The memories. I starte
  10. I spent the last year and a half not feeling it for UO. My old guild was gone and good people left the game and I was wondering if I would stick with UO as I have for nine years. I read this forum for a long time without jumping in. But the passion of this board's members has really inspired me and I find myself having more fun. No need to respond. Thanks to each and every member.
  11. Bearing in mind this interview is a lot shorter than originally planned, due to Jeremy leaving Mythic. So this interview should be viewed as done by an independent and not an EA/Mythic employee. Thanks to Jeremy for sending this to us, it is appreciated 1)What has been the most challenging aspect of community rep through the EA/Mythic transition... a) For the community? – The biggest challenge with the community was the long downtime between Publish 49 at the end of November and Publish 51 in late January. It was unavoidable for logistical reasons, but it was very difficult to ke
  12. Big thanks to Chad for doing the interview and sending it back so fast, if only Mythic were that fast 1) What is a typical UO day for you? A: I roll out of bed, put my finger to the wind, and go! I usually begin the day checking private messages, icq’s, and the message boards for clues as to where potential fun could be had that day. I make my rounds beginning with the places I’ve spotted people the day before. I check the banks, vendor houses, and any of the popular hang outs. Keep in mind, I could come across a new toy, scrap the rest of the day’s plans, and entertain myself in new an
  13. It's technically still the 26th in the USA and considering the server is in the USA, I didn't miss the anniversary! hehe. Thanks everyone for keeping this site alive for the past 6 years Here's to 6 more.=)
  14. UOForums had to move to a different server outside of the Houston area due to Hurricane Ike damage last weekend. This is why the UOForums were down. About one day of information/posts prior to the power outage was lost. Coincidentally, a (daily) backup was running when the power went out in Houston, but could not be used apparently. http://www.uoforums.com/f317/forum-downtime-information-53536/ At 09:32 AM ET on September 15th, UOForums also needed to revert (load from a new backup) information/posts. So a few hours of information/posts were lost. All seems good now! I have to hand
  15. TheGrimmOmen, the evilist of all UO team members has graced (or is that cursed? ) us with a fantastic interview. Here's our interview with TheGrimmOmen 1) I've never really liked the way torpedo dragons (swamp dragons) look in 2d, but I do like how they look in KR. Any chance 2d Swampies could get a makeover? I’ve never cared for the swampies look either, I mean, 6 legs? But in any case, there’s actually an old “rule of thumb” where changing artwork in UO is concerned and that is: “If it’s been in the game longer than 6 months, it’s (for the most part) too late to change it.” S
  16. as reported by teeshy here UoForums url ARE allowed in game. Thankyou Jeremy for sticking with this and thrashing it out with the higher ups. Also thanks to the Stratics Mods for allowing the thread over there to reach a positive conclusion,despite all the obvious trouble making that went on. Thanks to all the great ideas and suggestions that were put forward also. Thanks also to any of you that sent in emails.Hopefully it kept 'Bob' busy It was a really good topic to debate,added to which a LOT of the community got behind in a positive way,:protest: and made themselve
  17. Sent a email to Jeremy. Told her what i thought abotu stratics and she emailed me back within an hour....she still at work? or just a UO addict? Anywho here you go. She wrote me back quickly on the email. So she made an oppsy.
  18. Has anyone else noticed if UOForums is running okay today? I checked other sites on the net and everything seems to be normal, with the exception of UOF. For the past several hours, UOF has been slow... sometimes a little slow, and other times very slow to respond. Anyone else having this problem?
  19. I have 95 gold in my account. 1) How did it get there? 2) How do I get more? 3) How can I collect it? 4) What's it good for? What did Adam do now? ~M
  20. Guest

    UOForums Tips page.

    So I'm thinking of creating a UOForums Tips page, for questions that are frequently asked about the forum and for features people aren't aware that we have, namely the arcade, the blocking of forums etc Anyone have anything they want to add to such a page?
  21. Calvin's interview also came back today! So here it is. Questions: 1) Will EA/Mythic ever think about ressurecting Ultima X: Odessey or some other form of Ultima Online that is truly 3D? This is a reaaaalllyyy bad question. By bad I mean letting anyone know anything about anything that has to do with something is not necessarily for everyone. So having said completely nothing about that, I’ll say this. I don’t know. I really can’t speak for what plans Mythic has in terms of a “Truly 3D” environment for Ultima Online, I know many have tried and failed … or the circumstances and tim
  22. Again, thanks to Mesanna for taking the time out to answer our questions Here's Mesanna's interview! 1) Thanks Mesanna.. I'd really like to know the future direction of UO. There’s been lots of EA staff/ company changes that have affected the direction of UO and it would be good to know what is happening in the future. Can you enlighten us? Even with all the changes to the team I personally love the direction I see UO going in. UO is going back to the basic story line of the original games which we all loved.2) Please describe your average day there at EA Mythic. Oh god! I never have
  23. Is it active? If so, how do you go about joining?
  24. Over on Stratic Forums Omnicron asked Just wondering what other informitive forums are out there that I dont know about. Thanks. ~~~~ TheScoundrelRico UO Forums. I read more than I post there though. Good source...Three thumbs up, errrm...la ~~~~ Littleblue The Lost Lands and UO Forums. ~~~~ Larisa UO General/Community News Reporter The Lost Lands Shameless plug for Flutter and TheLostLands. EXCELLENT forums. UOForums is another one, Thank you Adam. And we can't forget UOGuide thanks to JC, an excellent source of information. Not a forum but packed with info. ~~~
  25. The mighty Escaflowne/Drew of Vesper [-V-] was kind enough to let us interview him Our users submitted their questions and he sent the interview back earlier today Here's the interview.. 1.) Can I PLEASE buy your (Blessed) Longpants? My double blessed long pants aren’t for sale I’m afraid 2.) How long ago was the Vesper [-V-] guild established? -V- has been around for approximately 7 years 3.) Approximately how many chars/players does the guild average? Well the guild roster now consists of only 38 players, some of them being alternate characters of others, its a big drop
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