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  1. asked Wallenstein on 7th November " If you could add just one thing to Ultima Online, what would it be? A new mount, new weapon, new skill, new hue, new spell? I'd personally love to add a 'house boat'. House boats would be purchasable and placeable in the same locations as normal ships in the game. However, house boats would contain up to two levels, two rooms on each level, and a storage hull for storing items that would hold items even when the house boat is drydocked. This, of course, would take up storage space in your pack, but could act similarly to BOD Books in that a certain am
  2. MMORPG.com Ultima Online Correspondent Shannon Young writes this editorial overview of the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online discussing the game from launch to today. In September of 1997 the evolution of role playing games found its catalyst. Role playing games had already been enjoying a long history of success. The video game boom of the late 80 and early 90 saw companies such as Square become household names in the United States with the series Final Fantasy and in Japan, games like Dragon Quest (made by future Square partner Enix) found themselves in similar graces. RPGs were
  3. As posted on U.Hall Here: Hi, my name is John “Wilki” Wilkinson, and I’ll be your Stygian Abyss Designer this evening. Would you like to start off with a platter of our finest quests, or perhaps a glass of sparkling new content? For those of you who don’t remember, previously I was a Designer for UO, and before that I was the UO Community Coordinator. After a year in the wilderness, I’ve wandered back into the fold, taking the opportunity to come back aboard and join the UO Team working on our new expansion, Stygian Abyss! I was a part of the original Stygian Abyss design team, so it’s ve
  4. Draconi took some time out to answer questions sent in by our users, so here's our interview with Draconi. Are there already plans being made for UO after Stygian Abyss is released, aside from continued bug fixes and general gameplay improvements, that can be vaguely hinted at? Absolutely! Calvin pokes and prods us regularly, and we already have at least two publishes worth of plans just for Live. As for the hints, I can give some vague, and one specific. We’re definitely interested in providing something new. Also, we’d like to look back at the past, and say “Hey, we miss tha
  5. I have been a player of UO for the last 7 years but have not been active since 2005 I have always kept my account though. I have recently started playing again and have even placed a nice tower. My question is this, I play on LS and since playing again I have noticed the population is nothing that it used to be, the bank at Britain is almost void of people, I remember when you would lag out because their would be so many people at the bank. So where does everybody hang out on LS?? Or Is UO on its Last Leg?? Thanks For Any Feed Back
  6. Hey guys. A friend of mine that quit UO about 2 years ago is willing to give me his account so I can return back to UO on a veteran account. They have since moved from their original home location and the UO account had their original email and address. The email on the account no longer exist because they changed ISPs when they moved. They don't remember the username, password or the security question. Is there any way for them to recover the login info.?
  7. Guest

    Is UO to easy?

    Been thinking about the state of UO and all the stuff that's been added to it over the years, stuff that's been added to make the game easier Things like.. Insurance Powder of Fortifying Bags of sending Monster hit points halved when AOS came out Targetted peacemaking I often wonder if UO is to easy and that's why people are getting bored and quitting. What do you think?
  8. Recently I've gotten the desire to play UO again and have decided to return to the game. I played from launch until 2001, then again for a brief spell in 2005. Though I highly doubt there is anyone left around who would remember me (Veldrane, Ishan, Adum Oakenshield). So could someone give me the run down on active guilds that still accept new members? I'm looking for a friendly group of people to hunt, socialize with, etc. Also, if anyone could give me a run down on the general state of Sonoma I'd be appreciative. The population of the server seems to be one of the lower ones, so any info
  9. Ok so...for those that have played other games besides UO such as WoW you will understand just by the title what I am talking about. Basically...I know of UOAM and UOAssist. However, is there any other programs that will allow you to change your UI to a degree? Meaning... I have UOKR on my computer...but I mainly stick with UOML because I do not care for KR all that much. Basically I use it for when I am crafting (mainly heartwood quest grinds). However, I like some of the aspects of the KR UI such as a much cleaner chat log. Is there any programs/mods that will help clean up my UO i
  10. Really wasn't expecting anything so it was a very nice surprise! Now have to figure out what this is all about ... when I double click the throbbing heart .... write a poem ... preview cupid ... and then who to give my lovely throbbing heart to ... (oh yeah - My Valetine - Pops gets that ) ... love the pink basket too and of course the chocolate ....
  11. Many if not most UO players have multiple accounts and maintain a house on each. How many accounts do you have? (This is an anonymous poll!)
  12. Hey guys. Last time I posted here I said I would return to UO maybe one day but I was just going to stick with WoW for the time being. I started thinking about my original account I had before I sold it to UO Treasures when I started playing Wow. This was around 3 and a half to 4 years ago. I figured if I could somehow get my original account back I would definately start playing again. The account I created a couple months ago is just too far behind in the UO world to have the fun I used to have on my original account. My original account had everything and I just don't want to go through all
  13. Site. So far no Seventh Char slot/ Housing upgrade or Legacy Token. Anything else it's missing? I'll check the uogamecodes website to see if they take paypal....
  14. I remember when I started playing UO way back when that if you gave NPC's gold they would sometime whisper a rumor to you about a magic item hidden somewhere, something along the lines of "tis bandied a powerful sword lies in the woods to the West!" Does anyone know if this curious, little system *ever* held water or did "something"
  15. Greetings I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention on these forums before so I do apologise if it has. I came upon this link in another forum about a new MMO called Link Realms. It isometric view like UO, has a Skill system like Uo and basically takes UO's house customization and takes it 10 steps further and allows you to build a realm that's yours then link it to others. Other players will have to pass through your relam on their adventures. The open beta filled up fast so more spots opening up next week so it seems. It's for Adults only too. Check it out http://www.l
  16. Hello all, after moving some furniture, my computer screen wound up falling and landing on a PS2 conroller, which managed to permanatly damage my nice plasma screen, which leaves me at an internet cafe to tell you all i'll be out of UO for a week or two untill i find a new screen. Attorok, don't worry about my house, I had a hideous feeling i'd not be there to collect th wreckag, so i did it befor hand, its unfortunate i did't get a refund on the house, but its no matter. as soon as i'm back we'll finish the library building and begin filling it up. Dave. aka Tabbs William Kam
  17. NOTE: This thread is founded on the -premise- that UO subs are falling, and will be worsening with a failing real-world economy. Either positions may or may not be wrong. That isn't the point - I am throwing this out for general discussion purposes only. In the event that SA fails to revive the UO franchise, what could Mythic do to recruit and retain more players as 'luxury cash' becomes more and more prized by subscribers? Why not take a page out of some other (unnamed) online games? Or better yet, drug dealers! :razz1: "What?!?" I hear you say! Well, why not have tiered accounts?
  18. Hi there i have played uo for many years on pacific shard but now its sadly time to stop and therefor sell all my possetions i do prefer real $$ as opposed to gold but i wont say no to gold ether but again i will prefer $$ heres a list of items im selling plus along with them are dragons and mounts ive tamed if anyone is interested e-mail me at Gengi_son@yahoo.com also for cash payments i accept paypal thank you dread horns tainted muchroom dragon statuette eternally corrupt tree egg case one character transfer tocken aegis of grace black dye tub skull with candle stack of books artie lv
  19. What was your first ever UO Template? Back in 97 I made a character with a very very mixed template indeed- I had:- Tailoring Tactics Fencing Magery Tracking Hiding Parrying
  20. To stop the attacks, we have to have a faction hold all the towns? Is this correct? Does it matter which faction holds all the towns? Council of Mages and True Britianians are "good" and Shadowlords and Minax are "bad"? Is there a difference if the "goodguys" win or the "badguys" win? Is Faction PvP only limited to Felucca? Shouldn't we all join the same faction/side, capture the towns, and bring fame and glory to Chesapeake? Everyone is needed to win in faction wars. Crafters to set traps, warriors to fight the other factions, warriors to gather silver from faction monsters, thieves,
  21. Well put UO on my external hard drive. Now my uoassist program wont run because it cant find uo. So I put Uoassist on external hard drive. Still wont run. How can I fix this?
  22. I did not know where to post this message, as I know people around all of Ultima Online - some for 10 years, some only for a coupple of months. So I place it here, knowing it will be moved if it isn't in the right place As so many others, I lack the time for roleplay - and roleplay is always what UO has been to me. I even tried to start a guild, but the people who showed interest at first, stopped showing interest, as soon as I was ready to begin it all. Anyway, so I am leaving. I am giving my account away, so if you see some of the chars you know ig, it is not me. No need really to reply
  23. I don't think I would have learned the things as quickly without these three superb members of the UO community! So here's a little thread to show my grattitude. I also wish to thank the stranger who generously gave me a cheque worth of 10k of gold! I am sorry, but the encounter was so quick, that I cannot remember your name, but still: Thank you very much! Today has really won my heart for UO and the mentality of the community, which I'd like to call 'a big village where people know eachother and where together we build something nice'! Best regards from the weird Necromancer called: Lu
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