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  1. As it stands now I can only have one account showing on MY..UO So I post my stats from UOAssist here so all will know and will keep it updated.
  2. Hello dear UO players! I've been playing UO for the past 1-2 weeks. I really enjoy the game and ive pretty much learned how to get around the world with moongates and runebooks and stuffs like that. i was wondering if it sounds like a good idea to max the template of my choosing before i get into something else in the game. I know that UO is nothing like other games like World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 or similar games. However i do want my character to be strong enough to go out and enjoy everything the game has to offer me. My current primary goal except fixing my template is to get a h
  3. Mesanna took some time out to answer questions sent in by our users, so here's our interview with Mesanna. Interviewing Mesanna 1) What are some of the ways UO is trying to innovate to stand out from other games? In my opinion UO is so unique we can only improve on that foundation. We want to make sure there is something for everyone’s play style. 2) The Warriors of Destiny story arc has been long(over 2 years!) and enjoyed immensely by the player community. With it's conclusion fast approaching, is there another grand story arc waiting in the wings? If so, can you give so
  4. EA Japan UO team posts FoF-like Q&As at the end of every month on their official web site. They posted those of this month today. I'd like to translate some of them which are supposed to be significant not only for players in Japan but also for players all over the world into English, so that all can share these informations. - What has become of the issue that we can't mark crafted food stackable with a name of a cook? About two weeks ago, the code was built up, that allows cooks to mark stackable items with their names when they craft these items, in case that the items are eatable.
  5. Hi guys, haven't been on for a good while. Just wanted to know if KR is playable now considering it was full of bugs last time I 'tried' to play it. Apart from that have there been any major updates I should know about or not?
  6. After several years the UO Chronicles are back online with a face lift. They where originally written between October of 1997 through January of 1999 and contain 52 chapters and 100s of pictures. They where started on the Chesapeake Shard because the Europa Shard had not been born yet for Europeans. Since Axl was a northman when the Europa Shard was born he left Chessy and started over on Europa as did many Europeans and even some Americans. We are also working on getting Axl & Nyte's Third Dawn Beta Diary back online as well. The Chronicles will also continue after Jan of 1998 on through
  7. I've recently bought a new laptop that runs Windows Vista. I've also recently began looking at UO once more, as I previously played the game a few years ago. I've missed it, so I wanted to repurchase it. So, I was wondering whether it was possible to run UO on Vista.
  8. When we shipped the original Kingdom Reborn client it featured a completely redone map. There was a new waypoint system, icons for locations, and an overhauled look and feel. In fact, you could say the "new look" was more of a "ye olde looke" straight out of the Age of Discovery. A yellowed parchment with faded colors, crinkled edges – far more realistic as a "map" than the old UO way of doing things. Unlike the 15th century Europeans, however, our own explorers quickly discovered that this absolutely gorgeous remake of our old map was mostly useless. In fact, the parchment version essential
  9. I haven't hired people for a specific task in such a long time, I'm really not sure to what to write! hehe. Over the last few months I've noticed this place is becoming somewhat "stale", in terms of updated information and guides for UO players. So what I'm after is one or more people who can co-ordinate the creation, or updating of existing guides on here, so there's a fresh influx of new content/information for people to read. It'll be your job to maintain the article area and any guides that exist outside of that area (Like FAQ's and stuff in the skills area) A few requirements. 1)
  10. ... which I won't include in my own game I'm making. 1.) Taming. I hate the fact that you need to spend hours and hours taming bulls or whatever just to get to tame a dragon or nightmare. Then with all the expansions it seems some tameable beasts have a minimum of GM lore/taming to tame the darn things! 2.) Animal Lore & other companion "knowledge" skills. You can't swing a damn sword right if don't have tactics. You can't heal right if you don't have anatomy. You can't cast spells without Evaluating Intelligence. 3.) Using dragons or something to gain "Glorious Lord" or "Glorious
  11. I have just started playing UO and so far its quite nice, I know its not all in glorious 3d but that really doesnt matter, I just want a game that I can get my teeth into and do what I want to do instead of starting at point A and killing stuff towards point B. I just have some questions, I know im probably just comparing the UO UI to WoW but its kinda what I am used to and know what works for me. 1) is there a region channel rather than just a /say channel, which will never get answered when I have a question as there are no players near me. 2) how can I find the properties of an i
  12. For anyone who doesn't know yet,UO Herald has a new 'look' which makes it much easier to find all news and contact details. Ultimate Online Forums will of course keep you updated on the usual forums of any news and developers posts.
  13. I'm currently working on an article covering MMOs that have lasted 10 years or longer. If you don't mind being used in this editorial/interview, answer the following questions: How long have you played Ultima Online? How many accounts do you have? What is it that kept you with Ultima Online? Or keeps drawing you back? What is your favorite thing about UO? What is your least favorite? If you could change one thing about the game what would it be and why? What, if anything, would make you quit Ultima Online for another game?
  14. Wed 20:14 Falling Trees If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Ultima Online is a big world, containing a myriad of virtual objects of every type and description. Animals, monsters, people, plants, and yes, trees too, all abound over nearly seventy million square meters of territory that exists merely as a figment of data in some server's RAM, dutifully backed up on a daily basis. If UO is a persistent world, does everything keep going, even when players aren't there? The short answer is: no, unfortunately not. A somewhat commonly kno
  15. Nothing brightens up my day like a purple llama killing my enemies
  16. It is. [video=youtube;S99-XjhPgJI]
  17. Hello all, well I have decided to give UO a shot to see how I like it ( I played it when it first came out and played the single player games many many moons ago!) Just thought I would say hello to every one and hope to see some of you in game =)
  18. Chrissay the UO Community Coordinator took some time out to answer our users questions. Below is our interview with Chrissay. <hr> How often and what kind of characters do you play UO with? I play several times a week of about 3+ hours a session. I play a Pally What's the hardest part of being the UO Community Coordinator? The Five on Friday questions. Sometimes I don’t receive enough questions or finding the good balance of questions. What's your favorite part of being the UO Community Coordinator? I love communicating with the player base. This goes all the way back when I
  19. seems to me that UO's main attraction is housing, so I wonder, if they suddenly got rid of all housing options, but you were compensated for the house, got unlimited bank storage for your stuff, etc, etc, etc, etc, would you continue to play UO?
  20. After reading the announcement that Battle.net accounts can now be protected with an additional layer of security via an iPhone, and not to mention the fact you can get a SecurID key fob for your WoW account, does UO need something similar, even if it were offered as an *option* for another dollar or few a month?
  21. Hi all, I've returned to UO after having a few years off. Basically, I can only remember what it was like playing in the early days of AoS. I also played the trial of SE but didn't really learn too much. I had some members of PoC help me out last time I was in game in terms of giving me a starter suit of armour and basic weapons. I also have about 500K gold built up from doing the simple 'old world' pve stuff (like brit gy, running from one town to another killing everything in sight, the first levels of despise and deceit, etc). Pretty simple stuff. BTW, I'm a Paladin atm and use the foll
  22. Hi all, After about an 8 year or so break I have downloaded the client, tried it for a few days and now bought the Mondains expansion. Since UO I have played EQ, WoW, Vanguard and most recently Warhammer Online and UO has way more content than those and the grind is nowhere near as bad. So much has changed so I have some real noob questions if you all dont mind. 1. How do i get off my horse ? 2. I was told chivalry is better than magery. When I used to play everyone had 40 magery for the recall ! Is this the case and if so please explain ... I think I wanted to know more but can't
  23. I am looking to buy a decent uo account with gm mage ect..u can ICQ me at 550869537
  24. Decided to give UO another shot after a few years absence, and I was wondering what to do with my (fresh) char. Currently I have this: 80str 25dex 125 int 100 magery 100 eval int 100 med And I was wondering where to go next. I'm looking to do PvM mostly, solo and eventually champ spawns/doom if the opportunity presents itself. My prime idea was trying bard skills along with this, if it's worth it. Only skill I'm not too keen on to pick next is animal taming, everything else is open for suggestion. Also, is there a consensus on a 'best build' for what I want to do, or will I be good re
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