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  1. I'm looking to be a big ore vendor, iron primarily. I am going to be mining constantly and I'm trying to start a customer base. If you want to put an order in for some iron ore let me know, and give me any other conact info you have.
  2. A Horse (True Black, Special Name) Name: X Lag X owns yóu / Hits: 77 / Stamina: 125 / Mana: 115 / Str: 99 / Resists: 20-0-0-0-0 / Wrestling: 95.3 / Tactics: 95.3 / Resist: 24.2 / Anatomy: 88.9 A Golem (100% ENERGY Resist!) Name: an energy golem / Hits: 215 / Stamina: 95 / Mana: 138 / Str: 359 / Resists: 0-54-58-27-100 / Wrestling: 94.8 / Tactics: 95.7 / Resist: 173.8 / Anatomy: 68.9 A Rune Beetle (8xGM!) Name: I OWN W / Hits: 336 / Stamina: 170 / Mana: 380 / Str: 418 / Resists: 56-40-47-89-60 / Wrestling: 100.0 / Tactics: 100.0 / Resist: 100.0 / Anatomy: 100.0 / Poisoning: 116.9 / Magery
  3. *SOLD* 18x18 S of Luna close to road 78.19' N 22.17'W 7 mil OBO *SOLD* Large Tower On Road S of Luna Bridge 60.39' N 27.42' W 5 mil OBO
  4. ICQ: 232230 I'm asking 38 Mil, or best offer. Ornament is Dyed Luna White.
  5. Selling a 16x14 plot (aprox.) alongside the road West of Umbra. Formerly a very active mall (Umbra's Roadside Mall) and can easily be turned into a mall again! Maximum storage is 1891 with a max vendor count of 34. This is a great location going to the highest offer! Coordinates are: 28o 45'N, 15o 40'E ICQ# 139-372-248
  6. Selling account with 5 high skilled characters, 50-100million gold worth of artifacts and rares and more! Follow the Ebay link below. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270238869683
  7. First off looking to buy a Crystalline Ring on LS... Selling a few Dread Horses 250K each ICQ = 381733943 Thanks Bluntman
  8. Hi Guys/Gals Just come back to Uo after about a 5 year break Needing to but Charger of the Fallen... anyone selling? (seen 1 for 7million, missed out on the 1 for 200k ( ) Lemo
  9. If interested in either, please notify 287 651 994 and we can negotiate a deal. One of these homes is being brokered, so the buyer is also well flexible with their price. Let me know if you have any questions. The first one is located east of Luna by the mountains(great for miners). Picture below: The second one is located west of Umbra, a few screens away(and from the road) in the desert area. Water nearby, also vendors around. Picture below:
  10. I have 0 clothing bless deeds. 700k each. icq 368-427-947. Trying to figure out where the darn button is to delete this now.
  11. Are there any NPCs that buy jewellery (bracelets and rings)?
  12. Please check the Bodauctions over at Ingameauctions
  13. I'm looking to buy a Castle! How much do they sell for now and is there any for sale on Legends?
  14. I have GMed my mining and am well on the way with my smithing. The problem is I have no idea how or where to sell things. I assume that with GM smithing (or better) and some runic hammers I should be able to make stuff that is worth something. But that's no use unless I can get it to market. I play on Oceania (quiet shard). Any advice on selling stuff would be appreciated.
  15. So What Does it mean when EA/Mythic Staff are selling the shirts off their back? Actually its a former EA/Mythic Employee is raising money is going towards finding a cure for MS. Money will be donated to Gamers for a Cure.
  16. This is something I find interesting...I don't sell things very often but when I do, I usually sell my items for below what the going price is. BLASPHEMY you say.. Well.. As a Player who plays to have fun and doesn't play to have the most money or the coolest toys I like to give everyone a chance. There are some young players who might not be able to afford a 40K piece of Armor. Let's have a few examples you say. I got a Crimson Ciniture last night. the most coveted piece of loot in the game I think. After looking around at prices, I sold it for a cool 10M. My husband had a FIT. I
  17. :? I need to know is there an NPC that buys blackrock? Or what do i do with blackrock?:5eek:
  18. First house to the East of the gate - Chessy shard fel Yew Gate. Great spot for vendors and you can snipe ppl in guards from your house heheheh. Also - the plot can be placed MUCH larger than it is. at least 3 tiles to the sides and 3 tiles to the top. Icq me at 133411447 or if I do not respond within an hour or so AIM me at smoochiebo0chie (0 is a zero). Sometimes my icq does not show me new user requests. The current high bid is at 60M. Will be sold this weekend.
  19. See here on uo auction for info.
  20. I'm looking if there is any interest in a customizable 3 story 9x13 plot northeast of Minoc in Trammel along the water occupying one of the peninsula's. Contact me here or through PM if possible.
  21. 1) repeater 30 ssi 46 fireball 50 hld 50 hla 10 di 5 hci 22 life leech ---starting bid=2 mil 2) magical shortbow Sc-1 40 fireball 40 ssi 50 di 48 stamina leech ---starting bid=2 mil ***All weapons have 100% physical damage. Rules of bidding *Bids below the starting bid will not be considered. *Please bid at least 100k more than the previous bid. Bids that are not 100k more than the previous bid will not be accepted. *Bids must be posted in this thread. *I will not sell to any koc, fyi to koc
  22. I'm quitting UO and selling my Large Tower which is located a short run east of Britain in Trammel. ------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Tower is SOLD! Thanks!
  23. viper592 found an interesting link.See here Hence the question So where is our fancy UO branded Gaming Laptop with KR pre-installed? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Claudia was highly amused by the discovery. ROFL ... PWNED PS they also got other online games packages such as Tabula Rasa ~~~~~ While Galen's player says I wonder who at EA-Mythic, what hapless marketing guy, is gonna get fired just for not thinking of that first? - ~~~~ Prince Caspian thinks he has UO's model all sussed out. Erm, given the level of EA's interest in this game, I think that would be one of th
  24. Necromancer Shroud 100million or 175 WU "A Necromancer Shroud" Greyish ROBE with +5 cold resist. Cloak of Minax 65million or 115$ WU Faction red cloak no mods, labelled "Cloak of Minax" and blessed. Not as rare as the others Djinni's Ring 85million or 150$ WU Silverish ring and BLESSED!! Intelligence Bonus 5, faster casting 2, spell damage increase 10% And last, vine cord sandals Probably the coolest of the cool.. I probably won't sell them unless I get a REALLY good offer of RL$$ Self Repair 1 Phys res 4 Fire res 4 cold 4 poison 4 energy 4 also blessed I am looking for around probabl
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