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  1. Selling unblocked fell grass plains keep near ice dungeon {about 30 sec run on horse}. Near sea and hills for mining. Want irl cash £20, i'll accept cheque, cash or paypal. Loads of magical stuff inside which i cant be bothered to sort through but there is some medium end stuff. Gimme a shout on ICQ 441-827-310.
  2. Hey all, sorry to have a post like this as my first! But I wanna get rid of this darned thing. Only 4mil to whoever wants it, after looking around that seemed pretty cheap compared to other prices. So hey, if anyone wants to grab it, post away! Lady Arella ~
  3. ICQ: 357-441-467 * I have two, I'm willing to sell both for 40m each
  4. 2 for sale .5 mill each, or may take a trade for an average to good untrained GD [is this a reasonable price?]I'm open to suggestions. Im sure I could hold out for triple or more, but I just want to get them off my hands. If any interest Ill post their stats. And I'm always willing to tame one for you.
  5. I have 400 million avail, if interested please contact me on icq at 18946447
  6. ICQ 248964600 with offers(laughable offers will be laughed at) Items reside on pacific. Verite SBODS: 15 Metal shield Normal 10 bascinet normal 20 helmet exceptional 20 plate helm exceptional 10 plate helm exceptional 15 ringmail gloves normal 15 platemail gloves exceptional 15 ringmail gloves normal 15 ringmail leggings normal 20 chainmail leggings exceptional 10 chainmail leggings exceptional 10 Plate helm normal 15 chainmail tunic normal 15 platemail tunic normal 10 bascinet exceptional 15 tear kite shield exceptional 15 heater shield exceptional 15 metal kite shield exceptional 10 helm
  7. 1-Billion gold. Hurry, it won't last long at this price.
  8. After using 14,000 blank scrolls, I've finally accomplished the task of making a slayer spellbook. Name the price on ICQ. 416063353 is my ICQ.
  9. Each part costs 10k. Buy them all or buy them individually. My ICQ is 416063353
  10. Here are the sentinel's guard shield stats... Physical: 16% Fire: 10% Cold: 10% Poison: 5% Energy: 10% Pricecheck please If you want to buy it, ICQ me. 416063353
  11. Selling my Castle on Sonoma it is on the left side of the brit swaps in fel icq me - 341-892-237
  12. I'm selling a full suit of the moonglow donation armor on pacific. The price for each piece if you were to buy it from the zoo is 12 mil each piece I believe. Donating animals for this stuff takes forever. I'm asking 30 mil, but partial trades will be considered. ICQ me at 20727042 with offers
  13. Please check the Ultima Online Trade Forum
  14. I quit UO a few days ago. I just want to get rid of this account. 35 dollars for all this, yes its very cheap. I am not a rares collector, but for a solo PvMer i got lots of stuff i think. I am not gonna post all the stuff i got, just notable items/charskills. 10million gold and 1-2 mill spread out accross all the chars Sampire: 120 swords 120 parry 120 bushido 120 tactics 120 anatomy equipment: - crimson cincture - mace glasses - jackals collar - stormgrip - RBC - shield FC1 12/14 with 9 damage relfect (you can switch parry for healing and use this shield) - leggings of bane - nice
  15. Selling two accounts, q me for more detail, 29190956. Both accounts have GM+ chars, items and such. One has a keep that is fully furnished and decorated. Other has Malas home that has been recognized for great design it is also fully decorated. Just going to be first decent offer gets it,
  16. That is right inside the walls on the north road inside track. 18x14 Currently a dirt lot Please contact me with your offer. Lord Nabin icq 248-636-691 lordnabin@yahoo.com High Council Sage Ancient Conclave of Wisdom
  17. In state of having searching for vendors and keep clicking on he items to buy large amount of them, i am now selling some of the common resources in bulk. They are ALL IN BULK OF 60K. Iron ingots 1.68mil gp Normal Leather 1.68mil gp Bones 6.6mil gp Normal Boards 630k gp Feathers 600k gp Bolts 1.68mil gp Arrows 1.26mil gp Enhanced Bandages 2.55mil gp I also have some other resources for sales like gems, color ingots, color boards, POF, Trans Powder and Bag, and etc. Please send me your offer for the items not listed via icq at 376222584 or PM Me TY.
  18. I believe it comes with a month of free gameplay. I ordered an upgrade code and it came with a new account code to "give to a friend." My friends are lame and won't play so it's collecting dust. I'd like to sell it for ingame gold on Atlantic. PM if you are interested and we can make arrangements for the sale. We'll have to meet in game, pay half the selling price. I'll give the code over email or aim, whichever you prefer, and stay with you until we verify that the new account is activated and works fine. Then exchange the rest of the payment. Thanks! ~Gaspar LeMarc
  19. gold at $.75/mil via paypal -- icq 177099112 if interested account is 119 months of age, pvp based on pac shard i lost my keep and over half of my items and skills on soulstones, but here's a notable list of what the account still has. mule char 100.9 blacksmithy 115 cap 64.4 alchemy 65.5 carpentry 93.6 mining 115.3 tailoring 120 cap 93.2 tinkering 71 snooping 62 magery blue bushido archer 120 anat 113.9 archery 115 cap 114.2 bushido 115 cap 54 chivalry 100 healing 102.8 parry 115 tactics 115 cap scrolled to 120 for swords blue scribe mage 120 eval 110.9 mage 115 cap 73.2 med 110 cap 1
  20. XebozZ.com All information on link! Europa ! ICQ: 266841136
  21. XebozZ.com All information on link! Europa ! ICQ: 266841136
  22. 100% Poison Weapons - Kryss Lance Pickaxe Swords - Righteous Anger Raed's Glory Soul Seeker Daggers - Night's Kiss Misc - Pixie Swatter (110 Tailoring Scroll) (A number of Rings and Bracelets - PM for more info) PM or reply with offers, thanks.
  23. Selling 593 hp, 612 str, all gm, pure cu sidhe. My character is Yible. Atm im asking 10 mil for the cu but i am open to offers. PM me if intrested.
  24. Over 400.000 gamers have entered game; First 20 reviews with an average review score above 90% Durham, USA. May 26th, 2008. Funcom is proud to announce that Age of Conan is one of the fastest selling PC games of all time. More than 400.000 gamers have entered Hyboria over the last few days, with almost half coming from the North American market. This amazing figure for a PC game shows that the positive pre-order trend has transferred into actual sales, and people from all over the world are now flocking to the most savage, sexy and brutal MMO ever created. Over the weekend an astounding am
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