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  1. MARCH 24th! http://town.uo.com/luncheon.html I'm thinking about going, need to check my schedule/calander!! Anyone else?
  2. To all who travelled on the 'Box' Expedition in November. I have attempted to send out messages, these should hopefully reach you soon. This meeting will take place on Tuesday night at 7:30pm GMT. I would ask that you attend a meeting with me, to be held at the building to the right of the West Bank of Trinsic. Regards, Muldran Skully
  3. taken from Thread January UO Town Hall Meeting found in UO.UHall Comment Will there be some sort of confirmation email sent out for the UO Town Hall Meeting anytime soon? To my knowledge, none of the people who've registered have received anything. ############################ Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator Sanya says, "in theory". We're checking now.
  4. A report taken from a Grandmaster's Journal We all met as requested at the moongate. I was slightly away from the group, quelling a few serpents that came slithering by to see whether a free meal was for the taking. As I rejoined the others a missing person was being discussed. Asking who it was, I was informed Devante from the Royal Marksmen had not been seen since the previous evening. I remembered greeting him then and pondered what could have happened, as he had seemed fine. Somehow the discussion became heated and I sighed to myself ,hoping this was not an indication of how the
  5. Citizens of Sosaria, it is with great honor I come here and announce the first meeting of the Conclave of Barons. The meeting will be held on September 25th at 10:00 Eastern time. The Desert Palace will be the location for the meeting. This is the palace that Lord British entrusted to me and the architect Elaine has just recently finished renovations of. I will be dropping runes for the palace all over our known world. I will also be happy to give one to anyone that asks. I will also set up a vendor at my castle that will stock the runes. I can be reached via icq at 18946447. At this fir
  6. Respected Lord Mhor and Lady Flame . I recieved word of your request from Baroness Twothumb regarding the commencement of diplomatic talks with the Ophidian warriors . I immediately set out on this task after hearing of a high ranking Ophidian overseeing the battles progress close to Vesper town bank. However the news I bring is not good . I came upon a large number of brave folk who having heard of Vespers plight had travelled to aide the town. To my surprise the Ophidian diplomat I was hoping to discuss a ceasefire was deep in an attack against these warriors. My attempts at
  7. Posted by Kaylor McKlairin on June 25, 2006 in <a href=”http://uo.stratics.com/news/LakeSuperior.shtml#newsitem1153834349,30339,”>UO Stratics</a> 7/24/6 RP MEETING RE-CAP The following is a ReCap of last night's RP discussion at the Drunken Crow: 1. One city shall be the CENTERPOINT of all Community Role Play - HAVEN 2. HAVEN will have a governing body separate from Britannia's High Council 3. The High Council will still exist, as will all other presently functioning governing bodies such as those of Umbra, Nujhel'm, etc. 4. As time progresses, activity will eventually
  8. All are invited as we gather to lock down details of the Delucia Summer Festival. Please meet at the Skara Brae Community Center at 2pm CST Sunday July 30th.
  9. The High Council met on Monday evening at 9:00 in Maginica's Parliamentary Rooms. I was there to observe the discussion and hopefully meet a few more citizens of Lake Superior. Before the official meeting began I overheard some rather loud discussion between Graz'zt Liadon and Lord Singlarad about the Guard. Graz'zt Liadon raised the question saying, "now that the Council has se the guard free, will bsr be protecting the Council?" Lord Singlarad laughed and replied "Most certianly if its n necessary". Graz'zt agreed that they would be in good hands. An agreeable conclusion to a subject t
  10. As I arrived at Trinsic West Gates I was pleased to see an already large gathering of Knightly men.I observed the group, greeting personally those I knew. Sir Kealith was there showing his nerves,though most would be unaware.Ever since the business with Khan I had felt closer to him some how and more aware of what he felt.Even if we werent brother and sister I would always think of him as such. I noticed a group of Knights unfamiliar to meat the time,until I noticed the Lady Quaintly with them.I recalled she had assisted myself and Laurana once along with her husband Lord Dragonfist. I
  11. Posted on UO.com: Another day, another successful Ultima Online Town Hall Meeting! UO Players, UO Programmers, Designers, Artists, QA Team Members, Game Masters and the UO Community Team all came together last night at the EA Redwood Shores campus in Redwood City, California. What an awesome evening of UO fun! After Binky got the ball rolling and welcomed the large crowd of enthusiastic UO players, Darkscribe introduced himself in his new role as UO Producer. He talked about how he became involved with UO on the marketing side of things, and how he started playing to familiarize himself wi
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