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  1. After going through my notes I have summarized the Council meeting as followed: Date: 29th of July 2009 Present council members: Irvyn, Isidore, Van Cocidius, Elvira, Dawn, Reann & Gwen Trade Proposal for Trinsic Trade is a massive part of all economic gear that make Towns and Cities work. At the moment all trade with other cities are non-existent. Van Cocidius, the Mayor of Trinsic proposes a two-step trade system. The first step would be the people of Trinsic, small businesses. We will of them a fair deal for their wares and goods and give them a sense of purpose in their area of w
  2. OOC [Theres is also a new live fiction on uoherald]
  3. For all councilmembers Iljian: Gendin ith there then Irvyn: *looks up and nods* Iljian: Ith fine, you can let him path Gendin the Good: My lord. Irvyn: *nods politely to Gendin* Irvyn: Good day, please have a seat. Gendin the Good: *Bows his head* Irvyn: *gestures to chairs*Gendin the Good: *Nods* Isidore: *nods politely* Gwen Irima: *nods politely* Irvyn: Gwen will join us. Irvyn: *beckons to her* Irvyn: She is Trinsic's diplomatic envoy.Gendin the Good: *Places a hand to his side while sitting* Gendin the Good: I gathered that from last night. Gendin the Good: *Nods to Gwen* Gendin the Go
  4. Hi all, I am slowly poking my head back into the community after some years of mostly absence. Given that Britain is quite deserted, and (as I gather) RP is a bit fragmented around the various establishments, have it been considered to for instance make Sunday Britain day? Where all RP interested players try to centre their activities around and in Britain to create a base for casual RP? The in-game excuse could be something mundane as market day. Or perhaps that given the resent attacks on Britain all citizens of the land must pay a weekly tax in person in Britain to restore the city (which c
  5. And so the Council gets together again on Wednesday the 29th of July at 8pm. Members Invited: Irvyn, Van, Dawn, Reann, Elvira & Isidore Place to be: The Duke's Meeting room in the grand Meeting Hall in the center of town. (Since i don't hear anything from Isidore i have picked this date and time. I hope it will be convenient for him) If you can all please add your name or signature below, then i know this message has reached all councilmembers. Council Secretary & Member Gwen Irima PS. Hope you dont mind i post this date twice. One for us with exact time and location on thi
  6. Duncan thinking carefully grabs a parchment sheet from his desk and with his finest hand carefully and painstakingly wrote as follows: Sir Cody Dorselt, We received a letter from a messenger of a knight who is in bad shape. He calls himself "old Ryan." I told him that I would meet him duties permitting at his suggestion of the Britain Tavern. I am going to see what news he brings so as not to bring danger to our brothers, and yet to aid our own is also a blessing. If you are about, perhaps you will join us or send me instructions at the tavern? Yours at the ready Duncan, esquire to Si
  7. PaxLair Statehood Meeting PaxLair City, Mage Tower July 14, 2009 In Attendance: Justine [DWxC], Jacko Lafray [DWxC], John Duke [Pax], Juliana Baker OkuC] Gareth [PaxO], Niva The Savage [T_T], Hudson [DWxC], Lord Mirt [TEB] Cara [DWxC], Lady Katherine [PaxO], Nanoc [DWxC], Zanku [DWxC], Phoenix [DWxC] Ilythryn [DWxC], Varas [DWxC], Winfield [Pax], Patience Mafrend [TEB] A Garden HO [TEB], Bozydar [TEB] Shadowlords: Winfield:Lots going on I hear. And the Time Lord Visited us earlier today I hear too. What was that about? Gareth: Shadowlords came to visit Phoeni
  8. 8pm Counsellors Hall - fro the website
  9. As of weekly basis we shall have a meeting at 8pm GMT. Topics will be discussed about matters pointed out on the previous meeting. And the current Situation. Make sure to be there if you wish to have your voice heard.
  10. Meeting with Nathan Hawke Wednesday, 01 July 2009, 20:00 Nathan Hawke has returned from Felucca. He will be at the Counselors Hall from 8pm. Location : Counselors Hall (by Emile Layne on EMsite)
  11. PaxLair Statehood Meeting Minutes Skara Community Center 6/23/09 In Attendance Niva The Savage James Von Kreig Lord Gareth Black Pearl Phoenix Gak'uct Ares (Names were missed and will be added once found out) PaxLair Report John Duke hello my name is John Duke I just moved into town so I don't know much. I suppose there's some things going on, no one tells me anything because I'm new I think. There's like this council thing I think I think the orcs are doing some things. If anyone was interested really, just ask them I guess but they don't talk to me either "
  12. We'll be holding a guild meeting that will start off in an IC manner and then move onwards to OOC matters. I want all available Members to try and attend, as guild meetings are where you as a member get to say your opinions and thoughts as a guild and how we may improve it. Lets make a good turnout!
  13. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/16/09 (Skara Brae, Community Center) Governor Winfield was out fishing this week. Bam Bam was stuck on some island so the meeting leadership fell to Sinhi, the savage from T_T. In Attendence Ares- [OkuB] Jack Parker- [OkuB] Tarl- [OkuB] Kire- [OkuB] Lin Min May- [OkuC] Taurik- [OkuC] Hands Of Angels- [OkuC] Bander- [OkuC] Muldock- [OkuC] Niva The Savage- [T_T] Sinhi- [T_T] La'Guk- [K-C] Lord Merlock- [DWxC] Beastmaster- [DWxC] PaxOku City Report Niva The Savage Reporting "Lots events! Lots plans! Look skypages! Read
  14. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/9/09 (PaxOku City Hall, Tokuno Islands) Governors Words Nothing submitted yet by the Governor. Will update when something comes in. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes Nothing submitted yet by Dragons Watch. Will update when something comes in. PaxOku Meeting Minutes Ares has returned to us and will be resuming his duties this week as Leader of the PaxOku Blue Guard. He is eager to start recruitment and has taken over the building next to the Blue Light Tavern. Bander has also returned to us from a vacation and will be resuming his duties
  15. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/2/09 (PaxLair City Fel Mage Tower Roof) I attempted to get as much information as I could from Nanoc, Gareth and Bam Bam. It may not be a perfect record but I will try harder next time. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes -Se'an moved into DW on the west side of town, (across the tracks) -Commander Foxx quest We met with him and he guided use to a few different spot, Niva really helped in finding a bag with a book of clues. which led us to another spot. In the end that nite, Commander Foxx had to leave because of Royal Guard business and we tried in vain t
  16. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/2/09 (PaxLair City Fel Mage Tower Roof) I attempted to get as much information as I could from Nanoc, Gareth and Bam Bam. It may not be a perfect record but I will try harder next time. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes -Se'an moved into DW on the west side of town, (across the tracks) -Commander Foxx quest We met with him and he guided use to a few different spot, Niva really helped in finding a bag with a book of clues. which led us to another spot. In the end that nite, Commander Foxx had to leave because of Royal Guard business and we tried in vain t
  17. ALL Military personal are required to gather at Vesper Bank this Tuesday at 8:30pm BST/UK Time. This is an important meeting and i expect you all to be there, everyone needs to hear this. (OOC: Need everyone here so please make the effort to be there, it shouldn't last long, 30 mins at max hopefully). When? Tuesday 8:30pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather at Vesper Bank -Escaflowne
  18. *runner sent to all towns* I remember Nathan saying he was going to revist the Orc mine tonight, so I shell be at the EM HQ at 8pm orc mask in hand in case. Lady Flame [OOC I hope to see you all there. But be prepared for anything, its is the caped crusader after all.]
  19. Salutations. Brethren, it seems that the conflict in the north has drawn the attention of the Royalty in Britain. Nathan Hawke has invited our Order along with many other leaders taking part of the conflict for peace talks. I believe it's to high importance that we display our presence and activeness during the peace talks. All brethren available is to gather at Fort Belvoir at 7:45pm GMT to then depart towards Moonglow for the meeting. The meetings Location shall be unknown to anyone but the leaders of the different factions. A short breifing will be held in Belvoir at 7:45 pm. Please
  20. i am looking for someone to help set up a meeting with a member of the KoL Guild so I can see if it would be a good guild for me. Thanks in advance. Never mind
  21. Last night, EM Vladimere arrived at the House of Commons meeting promptly at 9pm. Few were in the audience to hear what he had to say to the citizens. First, Marcy the event advertiser, is now responding to keywords "event" or "Jessica". The shields that were once on the floor in Luna bank will no longer magically appear. All citizens should go to the EM Counselor hall in W. Britain and speak with Marcy. Jessica is once again asking for all citizens to help locate her diary. The Thief has been identified and seen in several dungeons. This Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:30pm eastern we w
  22. Chesapeake's House of Commons weekly meeting has a new time! The EM-led, weekly meeting is an opportunity for all players of Chesapeake to meet and hear about upcoming events, make suggestions, organize player-led events and meet and greet one another. The House of Commons is a large sandstone structure just south of the West Britain Farms but still north of the Britain moongate in Trammel. If you need to hit a rune, I've locked one down on the sidewalk at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld. Hope to see you there Sunday!
  23. For those of you who could not make it to tonight's EM Community Meeting, I've taken a few notes to share! Firstly, EM Dudley began the meeting by informing everyone that, indeed, EM Tailspin has formally retired from EM duties due to overbearing obligations beyond the ethers. Those present shared some reflections on the great and exciting work Tailspin had done for Chesapeake in the four months he'd been at the helm. EM Dudley will now be the Lead EM for Chesapeake. Next, an announcement was made regarding a royal address. Lord Casca, the current monarch of Britannia, will be addressing t
  24. hey everyone I wanted to share some of the notes and discussion topics from last night's meeting for those who couldn't make it. Let me begin with a disclaimer that I didnt take hand-written notes and that I certainly didn't remember every last thing, but certainly many things stuck out in my mind. If you feel I forgot something important, please feel free to add it on here! The meeting was well attended and EM Dudley was this weeks' host. Discussion kicked off with a review of the Great Treasure Hunting Race this past Saturday. Overwhelmingly, the responses were very positive and people
  25. For those of you who couldn't make tonight's EM-lead Community Meeting, here's a quick round-up of info! The meeting was held at 8 PM EST at the Counselor's Guild Hall in Britain. However, upon arriving there, a moongate twinkled unwaveringly in the center of the hall. The moongate led to the newly built House of Commons located just south of Britain in Trammel(sextant coords 23'S 0'E). The towering structure was beautifuly constructed and held ample seating for throngs of people. Getting the meeting started off, EM Tailspin made a few announcements. Firstly, EM Dudley is no longer a flo
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