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  1. Strange title, but I thought it might grab some attention . I doubt many/any of you will remember my char name and after a quick search on MyUO it looks like the new owner must've stopped playing my account some time ago. Basically I played UO a little before the release of T2A, I then played actively up untill Publish 16 (I think.. the one before AoS). By that time the game had been changed/twisted and (IMO) destroyed. A former shell of what I felt was the best MMORPG (If not the best game) I have ever played. Along with all my free time being eaten up by work and family life, I decide
  2. How do you install floor tile teleporters? I've gone through all the floor tiles and have read on stratics the custom home stuff but still cant figure it out.
  3. As we do not have any Real Estate Agents in the game, I need to post that I would like to buy a Large Home in a Cool Location. Meaning, I want the home to be somewhat secluded, prefer Trammel, Luna, Malas, etc. -- I don't want it to be crowded with neighbors to all sides. Please let me know of any locations for sale. My intention is to make it a Public House with a Museum and a Rune Library. I have a Tower in Felucca that is not very friendly, as there are too many PK's living nearby. Also will discuss a trade if anyone is interested in a PK location. You can ICQ me at 366-981-745 if you wi
  4. Oyst

    I'm home!

    Hi all! I'm returning to UO as im sick of all the other games out there as they can't compete with good ol UO! Just wondering if there is any friendly guilds out there willing to take on a new(bie) member. Thanks all!
  5. Home sick?
  6. MICROSOFT MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd is cutting the prices for its Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium editions, effective immediately. While the software giant does not set a standard retail price for its products, users can expect to see reductions of 10% to 50%, depending on how they acquire the operating system. Microsoft Malaysia Client Business Group director K.T. Ng said the price reductions are to keep Vista prices in line with constantly falling PC hardware prices. Five years ago, Windows cost some 12% to 15% of the total price of a PC. “To keep that ratio now, we have to reduce our
  7. Hello everyone. Lately I have been getting the itch to come back to Ultima. I tried to find a good shard, but I have no idea where to play. I checked some of the top game sites, but they don't give any information like peek players online. I'm looking for a well populated shard, and I want to play on it with my wife, so no-pk please. Name any suggestions that come to mind so I can check them out.
  8. Seahenge The ancient timber circle found off the coast of Norfolk A timber circle dating back 4,000 years which was found in the sea off the Norfolk coast is to return to the county in a permanent display. Seahenge, with 55 oak posts and a central upturned stump dating from the Bronze Age, was found emerging from a beach at Holme-next-the-Sea in 1998. Timbers were studied at the Bronze Age Centre, Peterborough, then preserved at the Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth. Next month Seahenge will go on display at the Lynn Museum in King's Lynn. After Seahenge was excavated, 3D laser scanning
  9. I thought this was a little odd... wltx.com | Educator Sent Home for Dyeing Hair Green
  10. Guest

    I'm Home!!

    Well after a long day of flying, we're talkin 33 hours... I am finally home, and logged into UO as we speak!! god soo much has changed... hehe.. but some of my characters are still usable, while others are laughable.... grrr!!!! I go to see my son at 7am tomorrow. I am stoked and cant wait to see him. i'll get pictures and put em up here for you guys. well, off to try to get a little bit of sleep....
  11. How does one get a herald in your home? Prolly a simple thing, but I can't remember how to do this. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey everyone, I've really been thinking of giving UO a try again after a long line of disappointments in other online games I've played in the past. Ultima online always really amazed me with the amount of depth that it offered as well as the very friendly community that lives within it. Most of you are probably thinking, "Well, if you liked it so much, why'd you leave in the first place?". When I last played UO, I made the mistake of trying to do everything solo. I used to be a really independent player in games like this, until I finally realized that a game's only as fun as the community
  13. Tour in Dungeon COVETOUS, home of the Magic and Undead!! The sun was setting as we gazed into the black hole before us, "Let's Get Ready to Roll" someone in the group yelled out. Making sure we were equipped with supplies, we proceeded through the entrance and down the long path .... where we were met by harpies who were in a disgustingly foul mood for being disturbed by mortal beings. Screeching in our ears the harpies began their battle. Our brave fighters of all classes fought back, while skilled healers and rezzers flicked their spells in perfect time for the defense. So
  14. [OOC: The following is largely a copy and paste from the old forums (I had a saved transcript of the thread), spanning from Jan 2005 - Aug 2005. Re-posted here to continue it on, with recent Kaldor developments.] [23-Jan-2005] She took a second look at the item on the table. It had to be addressed to her, Visko was clearly written on the sealed parchment, yet... The second name... Could there be another Visko? But... it was placed here... Picking up the parchment, she pushed the thoughts aside and quickly opened it, the seal breaking and small pieces of wax falling to the floor. She began
  15. Sonoma Community Holiday Home Decorating Contest After viewing the 15 entries for the Sonoma Holiday Homes Deco Contest, the Whispering Rose Radio judges went to work on their choices. After more than four hours of discussions, 2 cartons of eggnog, and a plateful of christmas cookies they wiped their brows and delivered the following message with a twinkle in their eyes. 'Although all the Holiday Homes deserve a round of applause and are certainly filled with the spirit of the Holidays we could only choose one BEST for these categories: * Spirit of the Season Award* goes to Sant
  16. Sonoma Community Holiday Home Decorating Contest Rules for the Holiday Home Deco contest: 1. Entries accepted until Friday, December 21, 2007 at 5pm Pacific (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern). To submit your entry contact Queen Mum by PM or ICQ @ 168-812-018. You will be asked to meet in game and provide: A marked rune for the home being entered. (If possible, mark the rune inside the home so name and facet is on rune.) A journal (book) with the following information: Your character name. The name of your holiday home and owners name on house sign. Whether or not to i
  17. I hate archers in UO. I've never really liked them, I'm of the crowd who think Legolas is about as gay as it gets. Archery is just lame in principle, shoot from a distance and if anything gets close, run like the little wuss you are. With the recent changes to Doom I absolutely loathe the gangs of archers that seem to have moved from Magincia to Doom now, hot in pursuit of the next big ticket items they can get by sitting around auto-firing. Ever tried playing something OTHER than an archer? Ever heard of teamwork? Archers are absolutely useless in Doom, if anything, they're more of a ha
  18. Did anyone else quit a while back thinking they would never play this again and then realize they made a mistake and when they returned years later they lost their house and all of its content? awww...
  19. can i set up vendors in fel without letting anyone into my home or is there any safe way to do this without geting hijacked in my own house
  20. Just turned off my account and I have an 18x18 on Napa valley just outside of Vesper for free to a good person. It's built in a Lotto House style (I was the original inventor of this game) but decided I don't want to bother with giving away all the possessions in it along with the house. If you or somebody you know could use a good house just icq me at 67279049. Oh, the house has no neighbors on screen. Nearest neighbor is a small tower like two screens away. Hardly any spawn (occasional mongbat and lizardman) and plenty of regs if you have the time and patience to go out and pick them u
  21. The guild needs a home! We need a place to gather, role-play, defend. A place to help define our identity. All the officers were polled for suggestions and the following places were suggested by more than one person. So now it's time for the membership to choose. Where is headquarters for the Guardians of Elune? Each selection has it's good and bad points: Darnassas is big; it's got everything. Downside: Darnassas is big. Feathermoon is nicely laid out, has everything, is secluded. Downside: It's remote. Astranaar is convenient, also nicely laid out. Downside: It gets raided ALOT. S
  22. WoWtards Episode 2 - Finding a Home 2nd Wowtards episode. After losing their home, Steve and Danny go on to find a new place to live. Somewhat Hilarious... Please do not draw any similarities between Dip and I to Steve and Danny.
  23. Greetings all. New to UO Forums but not to UO. I'm away on travel and currently trying to play UO at a military Inn. I'm sure I should have posted in another place but I'm in a hurry and didn't look for a more appropriate place. They have plugs for the internet but even though it says I'm connected at 100 Mbps...it still stinks. Packet loss shows 85-95 percent. I guess my question is whether there are hints or tricks for a better connection when tens and tens of others in this place are using the internet. The last place I stayed at had an excellent wireless connection and I didn't have any is
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