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  1. All these little technical questions that info sites manage to leave out are driving me insane, and as much as I hate to have to ask here or somewhere else, I've got another one Anyways, I was wondering if you use a talisman with a crafting bonus on it (exceptional and/or normal), does it slow down skill gain while crafting item x with the talisman versus without it? At first I thought no since the bonus doesn't actually raise your skill, but now I just have no idea and really need to know. Thank you.
  2. source taken from UO U.Hall My charactor has been stuck at 65 Str. for the past 3 weeks. I have not gained ONE point. I'm in the middle of paging a GM for the umpteen millionth time...I paged last week and finally gave up. Paging again but been at the magic number 6 for the past hour. I am at 65 Str. 17 dex 71 intel with a 250 point stat cap. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of....any pointers or suggestions??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ raise another stat and set it to minus then seesaw. and use a wepon and hit things ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the only thing i could s
  3. Okay is something wrong with stat gain? I played for a few hours today, and I gained 71 stat points without doing anything special. This is on a brand new mage. Stats started at the standard. The final template will be: 100 mage 100 med 100 eval 100 focus 100 resist 100 inscript 100 necro and on that note, I even bought skills mostly to start. *is severly confused*
  4. The most common skill used for this method is Lockpicking, but it can be applied to many skills. The method is this: Go to the Twisted Weald in Ilshenar. You wil need to first accept the Dreadhorn quest from Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition in Heartwood. He is by the Bowyers, to the right from the entry gate. Once inside, find a Satyr and attack it. The Satyr has the use of all the barding skills and can be a formiddable opponent so be prepared to dance for a fe seconds until he does what we are here for; uses Discordance on you. Discordance will lower any and all skills o
  5. Has anyone else heard about these? There's rumours that if you cleanse a shrine, you can possibly get a skill gain scroll which increases the chance you get to gain a skill point for a set amount of time
  6. I just want to ask if anybody knows if wearing a 100% LRC suit affects magery gains compared to training magery and using up regents? Thank you.
  7. What would be a good guess on time to GM the following skills? Melee/Archery Casting Skills (Magery, Spell Weaving, Necro, Chivalry) Tactics Parry Resist Meditation/Focus Bushido Lumberjacking (this one is big for me since there were never colored wood or cool craftable bows when I played) Still trying to decide if it pays for me to xfer other characters to Lake Austin. If I'm looking at being able to get any of those skills to GM in a week or less (2-3 hours a night and 7-8 hours on Sat/Sun) then transferring wouldn't even be considered. I plan to invest in a meddable LRC suit and a
  8. I can go either way on the temporary addition of the blackrock skill gain effect. Granted I believe in gradual skill gain over gameplay, but the skill gain system itself has been a disgrace ever since GGS or GSG or whatever the proper term is for it was introduced. It was the holidays, people were home, it was temporary anyways...I decided to use it. I saw no harm in it. However the way it was turned off really irks me. No, I'm not saying it should have gone on longer. This was a good amount of time I think for it to remain. Those of us who decided to use it already had. But no word, no warn
  9. New publish on Origin today...And the biggest item of note is that accelerated skill gain in the blackrock area is being turned off. Official list of changes: The update will contain the following changes: Fixed an issue that was causing Gingerbread houses to sometimes get destroyed after being axed or from customizing the in which house they were placed. NOTE: this does NOT fix currently placed Gingerbread houses. Characters 30 days or older will receive an extra holiday stocking with a deed for a Gingerbread house until Feb. 1st. The motherlode skill gain feature has been turned off. Y
  10. So the other day I was helping snuggle out with an Excel query, but didn't have any spreadsheets to test on my machine (was testing open office's ability to open/save excel sheets) So, I did a search on google for XLS files and came across a website which had open access to private/confidential documents for customers! ack! I opened up an excel sheet which was called samplep.xls from the listing and erm, was rather surprised to find a list of passwords for credit checking agencies in there (Experian, Carfax etc) So I emailed the company who's name was on the top of the sheet with the inf
  11. OMG...... Tonight I resumed armslore training at 88.6. I watched two movies and at the end I rose to only 95.0. I will admit that I wedged the key but I was watching the screen (mostly.) That is a very low skill rate gain. Can you imagine trying to raise it by "playing" the game? Aaarg..... I am raising Armslore and Item ID in case one day they become useful. Soulstone frags for the win!
  12. Is there a cap on how much you can raise skills & stat points in a day?
  13. Can I use a UBWS weapon to gain in a skill that is not the skill associated with the weapon itself? Example: Use a swords weapon that is UBWS to gain maces when I have no swords skill but do have macing skill. TIA
  14. I am at 98.0 and am only gaining .01 per day via ggs. Is that the only way to gain at this level? After I get this done it is on to poisoning. grrrr I have heard that this is even harder to gain. :-/
  15. source taken from UO.UHall Lately there have been several posts where people are looking for shortcuts to gain skills, and this includes blocking monsters/pets/etc. I have removed posts and sent nastygrams to several people requesting that they stop, because blocking is nothing more than an exploit - and it will put your game account(s) at risk. Yes, I know people have called GMs and the GMs have said that it wasn't an exploit. Those GMs were incorrect. I asked Wilki from EA about this, and he confirmed that blocking is illegal, linking me to EA's Customer Support site for games. The inform
  16. Today I did a little experiment and wanted to share my results here. I'm hoping that other people will post their own personal results with skill gain since the publish here as well. I'm currently working magery, meditation and eval on one of my characters. She has not eaten any powerscrolls so her skill cap is 100 for each of these skills. I used the magery guide posted here as my guide for what to cast. I parked my character on a boat near the server line on the west side of Ice Isle. I sat still on the boat casting over and over for 1 hour. After that hour was up, I started sailing north
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