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  1. I want those of you who're members to sign up for the private forums of KT. Turcopole and Esquires needs to apply to "Auxiliary Quarters" Knight to Grail Knight needs to apply to "Sergeants Quarters" And all Knight Templars should apply to "Officer Quarters" How to join a private forum: Go to "User CP"(left side of the page)>Go to "Group Memberships" Look up the names on the forum you wish to join, and apply for it.
  2. Do I have to have an active AoC account to even just post questions on the forums?
  3. Thanks to our nice forum admins *hands bunch of flowers* we now have RSS feeds for the DOT public forum and the Records Office. Public forum: Forums4Games - Duchy of Trinsic Public Records office: Forums4Games - Records Office You’re probably all more computer literate than I am, but for anyone who doesn’t know about RSS feeds, you can save them the same as ordinary favourites/bookmarks. Then they show the most recent posts on the particular forum, and update regularly with any new posts
  4. For a couple of hours, I'd imagine. EST for maintenance period beings at 10:00pm.
  5. Previously in the series, all the enemies were obviously walking-dead zombies with sub-human intelligence. But with the promise of better Artificial Intelligence, Capcom has decided to make the enemies in the game well-preserved humanoids still capable of handling weapons or driving cars. Unarmed, a zombie will try to strangle your character. Resident Evil 4 took place in a village in Europe where you fought Spanish peasants. In RE5, the enemies are mostly dark skinned Africans with a few lighter skinned folks as well. Capcom makes a concession to the culture of Africa by including a neckla
  6. In an effort to promote Siege and a UO Forums, I'll be running an event this Saturday, March 21. The event will tip off at 7 p.m. central time. The event will be a combination utilizing in game activity and the chat feature unique to UO Forums. What will happen is that within chat, I will post a location. Then, the race is on to that location. The first person to reach the location, gets three points, the second person gets two points and the third person gets one point. Once three players have arrived, I will announce the next location using the chat feature on this forum. There w
  7. hi i was wondering how or if i could have a new forum for my guild and also if this forums was for osi shards only i currently have the reap forum but im nolonger playing that shard and was hoping to make a new forums for the guild im runing now its been that long since i signed up for the forums ive forgotten how i did it lol any info will be grateful thxs a lot raze
  8. I click Display Unread Posts and there is nothing UO related at all! What is happening here? We need to get back on our feet, advertise and get active again! PS. I'm back and here to stay now. =)
  9. Guest

    Darkfall forums open.

    http://www.uoforums.com/darkfall-online-f1636/ For those wanting to discuss news or general stuff about Darkfall.
  10. Here is a list of important forums: :tick: Vesper [-V-] :tick: Vesper Trading Company [VTC] :tick: The Baronship of Cove [boC] :tick: Britannia Guards [LB] :tick: The Guardsmen Militia [GRD] We are not welcome in Trinsic anymore, but just for the sake of good old times: :tick: Duchy of Trinsic [DOT] My thanks to Reed for providing most of the links.
  11. Can anybody direct me to Vesper forums please? A sticky list of important (for us) forums would be even better.
  12. It's probably just me, but I can't find the guild forums on the home page to save my life. Are they on the home page somewhere? Under what category? Thanks! (ie. the guild forums that are hosted on UOForums)
  13. Released Tuesday October 14th by Saga the owner of the Deus Ex Machina Forums. Saga- "I've been toying with the idea of shutting down the site. ALREADY Issac has been removed as an admin of this site due to his inability to be loyal to his own guild mates. I would like to personally apologize to Arwen, Strength, Choc, Drake, Bentley, and everyone else that was around when {X} was worth a damn, sadly enough it's now nothing more than a 19 year old sore that just never seems to heal. It's a shame that such a great guild has been drug so thoroughly through the sewers by Issac. BUT... I
  14. ok...Now i have spent all my forums gold on the lottery. i have 229 gold left. i started out with 20k. So i guess i will just start rambling to build more gold up so I can buy more lottery. rofl.
  15. Well if your from Oceania you know me. But im new to these forums cos the stratics forums are sexist freaks! Hi everyone!
  16. Posted at - UO Stratics - News - Main We have set up a set of Temporary Forums while we continuously work towards reviving the original forums. I have a quick update regarding our downtime. As we've essentially been forced to pursue data recovery - which is a long process - we've set up temporary forums for our users. These can be at: UO Stratics Forums - Temporary Stratics Forums. Users will unfortunately need to create new accounts. We will do our best to migrate posts made here to the old boards when they come back, but can't make any guarantees (i.e. what you post here may be lost f
  17. Like I said in chat... it's like the buttons from the light version are bleeding into the dark version which I use...
  18. Just good to see UO Forums included in areas for people to get info from. It's not a all stratics world after all!!!! Here is the current FOF with UO Forums reference
  19. Oops! Only seems to be when I'm not registered. In guest mode I'm seeing only empty forums without any posts.
  20. SO much for timing the event with other people on Origin. Their forums are down during the spring cleaning stuff and the shadowlord event. You cant even get technicial help for uo as well , as for some reason EA chose stratics as their tech support forum. So far I havent seen anything going on. I went over to the bad moonglow and killed dark wisps , thats about it.
  21. The ability to hide forums from view and the new post count, has been put back You can find it here - http://www.uoforums.com/profile.php?do=editoptions
  22. Guest

    Forums are acting up

    I know, I know I can't look into it until tomorrow afternoon though as I'm house sitting for a relative
  23. ok this really does hit the bottom for a regular player ... all of a sudden .. we are playing on Sonoma shard ... message pops up .. server going down get to safe ... .... its 5:pm CT ... WHY???? Did we miss a notice on UO Herald???? Did we miss a notice on stratics???? Did we miss a notice on UO Forums???? NOPER ... NO WHERE IS IT LISTED THAT WE ARE TO EXPECT A DOWN TIME .... is it just sonoma? WHO CARES .. i start sending out a message to all folks on my long uo contact list .. DON'T LOG OUT IF YOU'RE IN GAME ... SERVER LOGIN IS DOWN ... ok so ... WHAT GOOD IS UOHERALD? hummmmpfff
  24. The ONN staff has been in talks with Elders, Government and citizens of PaxOku City. The ONN staff will no longer report on going Events on the forums. Some current reports may be made as we see fit. The ONN will report any ingame storylines, Government News, Meeting News and Submitted news in Book form. This decision was made with the Blessing of Mayor Gareth to only report in game and then for historic purposes after two weeks of the news being in game it will be posted in a weekly report for that week along with all other news reports that week. Some questions you may have. How will
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