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  1. *hands each one a rose* Hope each of you have a wonderful day today. That all those around you realize how special you are and treat you as such everyday. Like that rose, you bring beauty and a sweet fragrance every where you go. Happy Valentines Day! Vepl
  2. *sets out eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, biscuits, toast, fresh fruits and juices* Well guys today is a special day to remind the Ladies how much they mean to us. I made breakfast for you. Wanted you to be able to get an early start on making them feel loved. We have a busy day ahead of us. btw lets remember how much they mean to us everyday, not just one day a year. *goes to prepare gift bags for each daughter and one for Beloved* Vepl
  3. I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could find the Static Field hack and tree hack downloads at? If someone could please help me, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance
  4. This was a feature we used to have, not sure why it stopped working, but anyways. For those who don't like seeing posts in forums they never visit (Like the personal forums for example), you now have the option of blocking those forums from view and also any new posts that show up in said forums, won't show in the "New posts" link. To block any forum from view, or several, click "My profile" at the top of the page Then click "Edit options" You'll see an option at the bottom (pictured below) where you can either block an entire category, or select forums from view (Hold down CTRL to block
  5. Thanks to the kind work of Moturdn the Admin, there are now new links that can be used to reach the DOT forums. These are http://www.f4g.net/dot and http://www.f4g.net/duchyoftrinsic. I'll amend all the recruitment leaflets in the armoury; please could anyone who has one (or more) in their packs update those too. The original link still works, but the above two are more user friendly
  6. I found these forums through a google search of ultima online. I have often thought of returning to Britannia (is it still called that?), but know that many things have changed. I did attempt to fall in love with the game again several months ago, however it was sooo frustrating trying to compete with gear that now runs in the multi-millions of gold for a pair of chain leggings! There have been so many changes since I played, where do you start, how do you begin, what the game needs is a new server for players like me.
  7. A scroll arrived early this morn' from Mayor Winfield of PaxLair inscribed with great news that he is available and would enjoy partcipating in an interview with UOForums. Mayor Winfield leads the PaxLair Community on the Chesapeake Shard. PaxLair started as one player town on January 19, 1998 and has grown to now include 5 player towns throughout the Shard. He is dedicated to working with player communities and recently visited Darkmoor Township on Sonoma (a sister-city relationship may be forming there) enhancing PaxLair's cross-shard involvement. PaxLair has a marvelous website located
  8. Hello all! Some of you know my chars, sure some of you don't, but look forward to getting to know everyone on here! ;P Glad found this place, already found some info that is great!
  9. Welcome to the forums Maja I'll even give you a karma point for being my little sister. Feel Special.
  10. Hi Everyone!! Wow I feel so silly not introducing myself back a few weeks ago when I joined this forum. To be honest the thought never crossed my mind and I'm sorry guys. The reason I choose to participate in this forum is I had a question and Adam went out of his way to answer it for me and I wasn't even a part of this site. He actually took the time to email me at home. I was extremely impressed that someone cared enough to help me. From that day on I've been relying on this site to help me with questions and concerns. Thank you everyone for all your help when I do post a question.
  11. Just a quick poll For those who have private forums, would you object if they HAD to be password protected? If so, let us know why
  12. New Trade Forums for UO Stratics! The Ultima Online Stratics Team is proud to present... New Shard Trade Forums! We have listened to your requests and have been working months behind the scenes to get these new forums ready for the public. What a great way to kick off October with the launch our new set of shard trade forums. No more sticky threads on the top of your shard forums that don't get your items the advertising you want. No more fustration at having to search through numerous pages in a single thread hoping to find the item you are looking for. No more using the "All-S
  13. Why aren't the hosted guild forums shown with their latest post visible, as they used to be - and as the four non-guild hosted UO forums are? It takes up hardly any extra space, and would be a huge improvement.
  14. Well do we? I dont think so but i could be wrong
  15. With all the talk about the old forums after their horrible death, I was wondering something about the old layout. On the CoRE website, when you click forums, you get five links. In the middle are Councilors Hall, Fireside Table, and Town Crier, all of which are pretty straightforward. Then at the top and bottom you have CoRE Entrance, which leads to a bunch of guild subforums, and Europa Roleplaying Entrance. Which also leads to a bunch of guild subforums. So like... what's the difference? All the guilds formerly listed under both headings are warred to all the usual suspects and conf
  16. Goodmorning all! Still looking around and learning, seeing a lot of beautiful siggys, still can't make em...ugghhhh... Would someone be so kind as to make one for me? I would be forever grateful!
  17. Found time to explore these forums over the last few days and found that the website remarkably resembles the stratics forums. It uses the same forum names, and even has a lot of the same posts. So my question is, do these forums just copy/repaste threads from stratics for players to debate/discuss here or is it that people from stratics are copy/pasting the exact same discussions on stratics on these forums:huh:
  18. At the top of personal forums, and some guild forums, I am getting this message: Huh?
  19. source taken from UO.UHall It's sad, but I think we'd be a lot further in the progress of various things the devs are working on if their development wasn't interrupted by this stupid duping bug. If players were willing to play by the rules, the devs wouldn't have to constantly be making it so players can't cheat as easily. So anyway... I think dupers are weenies because they screw up the game for all of us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is sad, but it is also true, that there will always be an element of any community who puts their own personal gains ahead that of the commu
  20. Many thanks to Garaba for answering our questions. 1) The balance between freedom of speech and off topic blathering is a fine one to maintain. What skills do you use in your work to maintain the balance? The real skill is knowing what the intent of the posters. Some are really there to discuss the game or important industry influences. Others simply like to stir up trouble for their own fun. Then use freedom of speech when they are in trouble. People like that are like people who cry 'fire' in a crowded movie theater. Such an activity is not covered by freedom of speech in
  21. We were promised by ea that this ongoing problem would be answered around june 16th from memory but the problem is still there and is hurting most shards really badly. The longer the problems continue the richer the cheats are getting. EA deleted trillions but the market is now perhaps even more swimming with cash than before that. I have even seen many times people advertising stuff and duped stuff openly. Can we have a quote please about the future of these things because as principled as i am, if this is going to continue why should i not join in with the trade of these items as i am falli
  22. I don't get to read these forums all the time but I want to say WELCOME to all new comers. You will love this flow of great information. I learn something everytime I come to read these forums and everyone is so nice and helpful with any questions you may have.:cheesy:
  23. Welcome Samson! Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we don't bite! We hope you enjoy your stay. You can find our Rules of Conduct here - Rules Of Conduct If you have a specific question about the forum itself, or how a feature works, please post in our Forum Support area here --> Forum Support
  24. Welcome Derek! Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we don't bite! We hope you enjoy your stay. You can find our Rules of Conduct here - Rules Of Conduct If you have a specific question about the forum itself, or how a feature works, please post in our Forum Support area here --> Forum Support
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