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  1. Guest

    Forums are acting up

    I know, I know I can't look into it until tomorrow afternoon though as I'm house sitting for a relative
  2. ok this really does hit the bottom for a regular player ... all of a sudden .. we are playing on Sonoma shard ... message pops up .. server going down get to safe ... .... its 5:pm CT ... WHY???? Did we miss a notice on UO Herald???? Did we miss a notice on stratics???? Did we miss a notice on UO Forums???? NOPER ... NO WHERE IS IT LISTED THAT WE ARE TO EXPECT A DOWN TIME .... is it just sonoma? WHO CARES .. i start sending out a message to all folks on my long uo contact list .. DON'T LOG OUT IF YOU'RE IN GAME ... SERVER LOGIN IS DOWN ... ok so ... WHAT GOOD IS UOHERALD? hummmmpfff
  3. The ONN staff has been in talks with Elders, Government and citizens of PaxOku City. The ONN staff will no longer report on going Events on the forums. Some current reports may be made as we see fit. The ONN will report any ingame storylines, Government News, Meeting News and Submitted news in Book form. This decision was made with the Blessing of Mayor Gareth to only report in game and then for historic purposes after two weeks of the news being in game it will be posted in a weekly report for that week along with all other news reports that week. Some questions you may have. How will
  4. So, assuming UO goes under at some point, what would you like to see happen to UOForums? My initial idea is this Rename UOForums from "Ultima Online Forums" to "Ultimate Online Forums" (Or something similiar) The main domain name, instead of pointing to this forum, instead, points to a portal, or link page, something similiar to this (http://www.gamingtreasures.com/), or perhaps an actuall portal page with news for each game we'd cover. OR, we keep this forum as the main page, but instead, change the main forum page to list games we cover, each game name would then go into subforums with
  5. Hi everyone! I came to UO a brand new player about 15 days ago. I have only ever played one other mmorpg before... and this is VERY different for me. I am doing pretty well learning what the different skills are and slowly raising them. With the help of MANY kind players, I got set up with a bunch of goodies and even the beginnings of a house. However... I am still confused about a few things. How do I make money? - I am close to GM in scribe (only becuase I don't know what else to do hehe). So, I see there is a market for spellbooks.. but how do I know what to charge? Same t
  6. Can we have someone clean up these forums please? By "these" i mean the "Guilds and player run towns of ultima online" "Europa" sub forums. There are many guild forums for guilds which never even took off, are not in use or simply dont exist! Scrolling down these forums takes ages now. Is it just me that this bothers? Perhaps admins could PM all the forum owners and those that reply dont have their forums erased?
  7. Oy why can't I find this setting?? I used to know where it was! Where in the profile config options is the setting where you can block various guild forums/etc from showing up in your own list of unread messages? Thanks!
  8. Can someone remind me how to filter which forums are listed in my unread posts link? I've looked all over and can't seem to find where to make those choices.
  9. How many people use this forum at work? How often are you on UO Forums while at work? How many have it set as you home page? I am just wondering if I am crazy or something. Because it is on all the time while I am working and it is set as my home page:P I probably do about 3 to 4 hours of work. The rest of the time I am reading this forum. Please tell me that there is more people out there like me and that I am not alone???????
  10. A round of applause to Army of The Dragon for establishing their community presence here on UO Forums in the "Guild and Player Run Towns of Ultima Online -- Chesapeake" area! See Chesapeake Guilds & Player Run Towns area: Army of The DragonValMeer is the Guild Leader for ATD. So "subscribe" these to your "profile" here and instantly see all the discussions! (I personally use forum subscriptions a lot and view them in My Profile; I can quickly see all my areas of interest at a glance -- fantastic feature!) Welcome!! Winfield, a moderator on UOForums Chesapeake forum
  11. http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=donations I love these forums..please donate what you can- a dollar or a hundred dollars..or whatever you can afford. Please lets keep this forum alive
  12. So usually I go to the forums just by typing uoforums.com... When I did it this morning, it kept taking to a wedding photography website in Colorado. I really thought they blocked me at work. Until I tried http://www.uoforums.com... Here I am Whew...
  13. [OOC of course on this forum] Hello everyone!! With recent suspicious activity via ICQ, and always perhaps with other Instant Messenger programs, I am personally using Private Messages on UO Forums a LOT -- along with being in-game as much as I can with access to Alliance Chat. I'm also of course using the PaxLair Statehood In-Char and OOC Forums here for public discussions. And, we have the Private PaxLair Forum for more private (but not secretive or character revealing) discussion with PaxLair Citizens. (join by My Profile / Miscellaneous - Group Memberships / Request Access to the P
  14. I just received word from our host that they're moving our server from Atlanta, to Dallas, Texas. So we're going to change hosts The new server will be based in New York.
  15. Guest

    The Forums!

    Doh! You beat me to it =) Nice site, stratics has been driving a spike through my skull for a while now.
  16. Welcome Macdaddy! Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we don't bite! We hope you enjoy your stay. You can find our Rules of Conduct here - Rules Of Conduct If you have a specific question about the forum itself, or how a feature works, please post in our Forum Support area here --> Forum Support
  17. I'm running some backup scripts, testing different options.
  18. Everyone welcome Zamph Ancalon:XXknight: to LA.:hello2: He found UO:F Crossroads by accident. And me. He recognized me, so I helped him out a little.
  19. Hi I'm Gwain living on Samona shard. I use to play way back when ( around 97 or 98 till 2k) just got back about a month ago. Trying to figure out all the new stuff so i'll prob be asking a lot of questions on here :grin:. So my first question is what is the thing with the "prompt for mark" on the crafting window for?? Do i need to use that or "mark item" to mark an item??? It must sound like a dumb question because i would think it would be "mark item" but that still leaves the question of what is the other for .
  20. All guild related discussions and information will be posted in the private forums. You will have to apply for the private forums to get access. Please go here and apply for Britannia Guards guild private access.
  21. Hey Adam - Normally I have my options set to exclude posts from guilds I don't belong to from showing up in my unread post list. There's a new forum (PaxLair I think) and when I went to exclude it from my view, I couldn't find it in the list? Nothing against them - just that I'm not in that guild so I wouldn't be posting there There have been a few others recently that didn't show up on the list (but I can't recall their names). Do new forums not get added to that list automatically?
  22. I am really genuinely sorry for being gone for so long. I did let people know I'd be gone last week, because I had mountains of appointments for the kids, particularly my daughter, who is being assessed for a cochlear implant. I expected to be back this week. However, yet again, RL has other plans. On Saturday night, my Father in Law passed away, and so my hubby is down at his brother's place (70 miles away) making funeral plans and sorting things out. This leaves me alone with both kids, who some of you might know both have special needs. That doesn't leave me with a lot of time or energy,
  23. As you may have noticed, the size of our boards has shrunk (particularly the public board) In line with what I'm trying to achieve with RM in general, I felt it was time to stamp the foot of authority and make the public board a largely IC one. We use it as a source of IC information, and somehow I don't think other guilds would be too happy with us if we wandered over and started making OOC replies to their IC posts. In light of this, I've sent 5 pages worth of old news threads and babbling rubbish to the recycling centre, and compressed this month's reports into one thread (I'll be doing
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