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  1. if you have a blue barstool and are willing to trade for another please email me at jenmason007@hotmail.com thanks again, dimples a.k.a Jennifer
  2. Buying shadow Dancer Leggings how Does 6m sound!?
  3. I am looking for a spell channeling bokuto w/ no mage penalties as well as hit mana leech, hit life leech, etc
  4. Specifically I am in search of the "angel" shape holiday busts, as well as the "surfer" shapes. I am paying up to 2 million gold depending on the name, color and shape. I do not need a Lathiari at this time. Thank you!
  5. In particular 2x banner deeds 2xDecorative shields cheers Esmeralda [LB] 216-806-475
  6. I am looking to buy an 18x18 house, or anything VERY close too. The pay will depend on the location....If you or some one you know is selling a house, pls icq me, 331-733-737. Thanks a bunch.
  7. So I didn't find trade section so I'm going to post this here, hopfully it won't disapear in the mass amount of posts that floats around in this section.. :grin: Anyway, I just lost 2 pre patched golems...... (not my fault *mumbles*) so yeah, I'm looking to buy a new one, and I'll pay (if its a fair price) what you ask for it. I hope any of you have one, I'm desperate Thanks :kiss:
  8. I wish to purchase a few tapestries of both kinds. prefferably facing south. However if you have any you wish to sell please contact me, I am sure we could work it out.
  9. Looking to buy an arcane circle made from Bloodwood, or however you get it that red colour. Please let me know who has any for sale and whay youd like for them. Many thanks.
  10. Guest


    I'm buying GM made weapons. One of each axe. And I'm willing to pay 1000 gold coins for them each. You can contact me on my ICQ 242-297-197. Thanks
  11. Will buy any orcish masks you have, normal ones, masks of orcish kin, pink orc masks, skull orcs masks. Any you can get. Will discuss prices over icq. 233-366-997.
  12. I would like to know, is it safe to buy gold for cash from Ebay? For example from LEO UO, you can purchase 10 mill. Besides wanting to know if one could lose their cash, could you have your UO account banned too?
  13. +20 Resist +15 Resist +10 Magery +10 Med +10 Eval Please leave your prices and ICQ. Thanks!
  14. Hello all. I played UO for a brief period when Rennaisance came out. I am thinking of starting anew with the newest version and was wondering if the servers are populated enough to start new. I am one that enjoys playing at my own speed and earning things without out of game purchases, power levelling etc. Will there be enough for me to do? Or would I be all alone in newbie areas like I have seen in EQ a year or so ago?
  15. Good morning all, Mods, forgive me if this isnt acceptable, I couldn't find another forum on these boards that seemed more appropriate. I am looking to buy a home near cove on Trammel. Larger the better, willing to trade/buy and pay well. Thanks!
  16. None of us want to support dupers, exploiters, goldfarming sweat shops, or scripters. So, my question is, if I want to buy something, how can I know if I am getting it from a reputable person? I know some sites/people come highly recommended by a lot of people. I also know that if someone is selling say, a 90 day game time code for $15, that's obviously wrong. But aside from the obvious, how would I be able to tell?
  17. Guest

    Buying a Home!

    Buying a 16x16 (or something close) in tram or malas
  18. Anyone got one? Reply the price. Im paying with UO gold on LS.
  19. I currently have the gorget and the arms. If you have any pieces I do not have, please ICQ me at 77945876 and we'll discuss a price. Thank you.
  20. On the UO Stratics Siege Perilous forums, a user posted that he was selling two Blessed hats, items with are not normally blessed. Player: Blessings were removed from all clothing items on Siege a couple of publishes ago, if the item had anything other than resists as its properties Player: I also believe they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Player: Bet that fix is like 6months from now Wilki: I wouldn't make that bet, nor would I suggest that anyone buy the items. They are not intended to be blessed, and you could be putting your account in jeapordy using them.
  21. I'm looking to buy a 18x18 (or something almost as big) in Tram or Malas. ICQ 71705110 Thanks! ~ SNuggs
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