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  1. Buying Tram/Fel Castle!!! Looking for serious sellers only!!! If you are willing to sell please ICQ me ONLY SERIOUS SERIOUS OFFERS. 199-046-806!!!! THANK YOU!
  2. Buying a castle preferably in Felucca on Catskills. If you have on Trammel that you would like to sell, ICQ me!! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY! I don't want people only icq'ing me for an offer when there not serious about actually selling!!!! 199-046-806
  3. Is anyone selling or does anyone know someone who would sell either of the above?
  4. looking for Mark of Travesty with Disco. on it.. icq# 32606807.... Thanks
  5. Looking for castle on baja , tram or fel icq# 32606807
  6. Hello people, I'm interested in buying certain Trammel houses owned by the following people (house name and type follows): - De Meyer, "La Guarida", Customized plot in the shape of a villa - Nightdreamer, "Silverado Mansion", Big customized plot in the shape of a stone box - Dr.Shade, "Darkwizard's Lair", Large Tower - Leonardo, "Mascara Keep", Keep - Bardak, "Oli's House", Large Tower - Bohica, "Unnamed House", Blank House Plot (with grass) If any of you know any of these people, I'd really be grateful to be given some kind of contact info. Somehow I doubt that they are around in-game m
  7. title says it all. I know there are only a few. Please contact me.
  8. Trammel or Tokuno preferred. PM me, or reply here. Thank you.
  9. Flourish & Blotts located next to the wheat feild south west moonglow island is currently buying many differnt items For Example: Artis 11 Museum items Tokuno artis (minor & Major) Frost wood @ 100 per board Tokens Items from Tokens Runic Sewing kits Clothing Bless deeds Peerless Items Vet Rewards Other gift rares Iron ingots Vet Rewards We also have 1 vendor spot availible I am looking for a wood seller or alchemist Icq me if you have any questions about this post on 266197618 Thank you! Kingsley of Flourish & Blotts
  10. pm or icq @ 459-280-707. put keep in message plz or i will ignore.
  11. I'm looking for a customizable house to buy, or a person who can place one for me. It doesn't need to be big. ICQ 416063353
  12. Yep. I've got 3m from a friend, and want to spend some of it on enough reagants to GM my alchemy from 25.9 skill. Thanks in advance. ICQ is 416063353 I wish I could edit the title
  13. I'm buying bulk blank scrolls for spellbook making (86 spellbooks were made earlier and none of them were magic:( ). 416063353 is my ICQ.
  14. Please check the Ultima Online Trade Forum
  15. I am looking for UBER legging, sleeve, and glove which have at least 135+ Luck and at least LRC 16. Total resist at least 50+. If you have anything like this please icq me at 376222584 or PM me. TY. __________________
  16. I am a serious buyer looking for houses inside the walls of Luna!!! Lord Nabin High Council Sage Ancient Conclave of Wisdom icq 248-636-691 lordnabin@yahoo.com
  17. Must be in a nice area, open in the front. ICQ me at 232230 if you have one for sale, or know of one for sale. The Mafia, La Cosa Nostra La Cosa Nostra WaRpIG - L%N
  18. Send me a pm if you have one for sale. Thanks in advance, -ofatlantic07
  19. First off looking to buy a Crystalline Ring on LS... Selling a few Dread Horses 250K each ICQ = 381733943 Thanks Bluntman
  20. As we do not have any Real Estate Agents in the game, I need to post that I would like to buy a Large Home in a Cool Location. Meaning, I want the home to be somewhat secluded, prefer Trammel, Luna, Malas, etc. -- I don't want it to be crowded with neighbors to all sides. Please let me know of any locations for sale. My intention is to make it a Public House with a Museum and a Rune Library. I have a Tower in Felucca that is not very friendly, as there are too many PK's living nearby. Also will discuss a trade if anyone is interested in a PK location. You can ICQ me at 366-981-745 if you wi
  21. Herewith, I kindly ask you to sell the following Power-Scrolls to Asleif the mage: +5 OR +10 Magery +5 OR +10 Eval Int I honestly do not ask for +15 or +20 scrolls, because I cannot afford them :tard: I do not use ICQ, so please send me a private message with the price - and, of course, the lowest price will win.
  22. I would like to buy a fire beetle. If someone would tame one for me icq me @ 370-721-130 with a price and meeting place.
  23. I posted this on the trade forum but it doesn't look like there is a lot of traffic on siege there. If anyone would tame one for me contact me @ icq 370-721-130 with your price and where to meet.
  24. I am back on Chesapeake and I cannot find any mage shops that get to 999 regs anymore. Do I have to buy them up myself or is there something I am missing here? Thanks for any info!
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