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  1. I am looking for a Castle in Tram. I am a serious buyer. Please send me the following info. Location Name of Home Name of Owner How much You are looking for in UO Gold.
  2. Im in need of Red leaves..the ones you seal books with..PM me or icq me with what you have and asking price!! thanks! icq is..219496837..put *leaves* in request so i can add ya thanks!
  3. Spending big gold for the right spot. ICQ 174759044
  4. Buying Ornate Axe With 50DI+ and 30 SSI Thank you, Stormtrooper.
  5. Buying your Scroll Of Transcendence for poisoning.
  6. -Full Set of old Necro Regs -Full Pheonix Set -Old Marble Table pieces -Any unique rare you own
  7. Buying two pets, because I'm too lazy and too wealthy to farm. They need not be trained - just tamed. Nightmare - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills). 300+ hp, max int, 520+ str, nice magery, 95% of max resists. Jet black is preferable, obviously. Rune Beetle - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills) 345+ hp, 160+ dex, 425+ int, 120+ poisoning. 60+ phys, 45+ fire, 40+ cold, 85+ poison, 55+ energy. Bake - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills). The usual. Find me any of these and I'
  8. Contact me with offers via message or, if necessary, ICQ: 449310493.
  9. I'm trying to get my hands on a nice rune beetle, but I really don't feel like spending the time to farm one. Fortunately, I have more money than I have time, if you catch my drift. Accordingly, if anyone comes across a keeper, let me know. I'll make it worth your while.
  10. Buying orny. Must not be cursed. Send offers via icq: 449310493 or aim: tvsmith282.
  11. Hi, I'm on atlantic, and I've been mining in fel for the last three days with a borrowed beetle. It was killed by a PK so now I'll be mining in Minoc, tram. I'm looking to buy a replacement. My ICQ is 411813946 I'm not sure how much they cost, so let me know when you message me. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Being fairly new and starting in Haven..where can I buy armor and weapons?.Bandages?..Also sell some of the stuff I've been collecting:reye
  13. I bought some repair deeds today from a vendor and this is what popped up in the lower left corner of my screen. You purchase a repair Service contract from ~1_Skill_Title~2_Skill_Name~ is this something new or is it a existing bug/glitch?
  14. I'm looking to buy a Commodity Deed Box, so let me know if you have one for sale!
  15. I am looking to purchase a suit of armor for a mage/tamer/bard. Should be at least 60s resists, 100% lrc, mana regen, lmc, with a little fc/fcr. Mana regen/lmc is important, because barding skills leave no room for meditation. Leave room for 1 skill jewel, either ring or bracelet. Please note that I've bought many, many suits of armor. I hate piecing them together, so I always contract out. Hence, I am very familiar w/ prices. If you offer me a suit for 90 mil or some outrageous price, I'll tell you exactly what to do with it, lol! ICQ: 449310493 AIM: tvsmith282
  16. Buying seeds for orange petal plant Please PM/Message me with your offer Thanks!
  17. I am interested in buying a cocoa plant in order to produce home made chocolate. Please PM or message me with a price and availability.
  18. I am interested in buying a cocoa plant in order to produce home made chocolate. Please PM or message me with a price and availability. Thanks!!!
  19. Buying: Heritage tokens 1-5 Comm deed box Selling: Orny of Magician 12m DP Kegs 10k each (have 12) G.Agility Kegs 5k each (have 4)
  20. Respond here or ICQ at 15333513 TIA!=)
  21. Buying Tragic Remains of the Travest. Lager size one not the small ones...paying 225,000 per. Useing them in the savage forts for water/swamp look.
  22. Prefer atleast a semi nice location not got castles and keeps everywhere around it. But show me what ya got ICQ 387-985-674
  23. buying crystalline ring. pm me or icq 459-280-707
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