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  1. So I was wondering... When buying something that you want/need do you A) Shout a the bank, in general chat or shop around for the cheapest you can find it? find the item and pay for it no matter what the price is... this is a simple poll please base it on what you think you would do on average or what you would be most likely to do... Please let me know and if you want give a little bit about why you would do which ever option
  2. Hello, I'm on trial account and today I have tried to by my house, but the game say that I cannot own a house on trial. I have idea to buy the game before trial expires but now I have even more serious reason. Now about the problem: When I try to buy "Ultima Online™ Stygian Abyss New Account Code" or "Ultima Online™: Age of Shadows™ Buddy Registration Code" I get the following message: "ERROR: You cannot make a store purchase because the account you logged in with is too new. Accounts must be older than 30 days in order to purchase anything other than an account creation code or Game Time."
  3. If you are wanting to buy the upgrade then be very careful you click on the right thing on the EA Website or you'll find yourself purchasing a new account that can not be used to upgrade. EA Store link Scroll down to find the upgrade link on that site. It should cost £19.99 so if you find it costing more than that you've pressed the wrong one.
  4. Anyone else have a hard time buying multiple upgrade codes, or am I just really having bad luck last night. EA store wouldn't give the option to buy more than one, so I just got one from there. It arrived in about 1 hour. People told me to try buying multiples at uogamecodes, so I went there. I got stuck trying to enter my uo name and password. I tried all 3. I gave up on it and went back to the EA store. Went through two different transactions to buy two more codes. That was about 9-9:30pm last night. When I left the house at 7am, they still haven't arrived. I was getting frustrated and
  5. So, tomorrow's day, the 8th of September. But when exactly does it start for EA Mythic? Being in Germany, the 8th starts in ca. 3 hours for me. Drachenfels goes down in 9h. So when will I be able to buy the code? My Midnight? US midnight? 9am US time? And when will I be able to log onto Drachenfels and play SA? In ten hours with serverup? that would be 1am EST?! Or as soon as I got my code - hopefully sometime tomorrow? Or will I have to wait until serverup on wednesday? Also, where to buy? They said something bout restriction when buying on http://www.uogamecodes and wanting multiple cod
  6. Buying Europa gold Skirt Execptional, and Doublet Execptional PM me or icq me ICQ-554902409
  7. Looking for anyone willing to part with their music box with any amount of tracks as long as it has 'The Wanderer' or just the gear would be awesome. PM me with information and if interested I'll send my ICQ number ^^b P.S. And no I won't pay 200 million. Don't tease >.<
  8. Icq 36169027 e-mail prime001@bresnan.net Anyplace Cash/Gold
  9. icq me 102388892
  10. Hello All! Buying Castle and Keep mini houses on Sonoma. Please contact me at: 406294658 Thanks ~M
  11. Hello All! Buying Castle and Keep mini houses on Sonoma. Please contact me at: 406294658 Thanks ~M
  12. Hello All! The title says it all: buying a deed for a potted plant. I'd like to keep it to 4M, if possible. Thanks- ~M
  13. Message me here or AIM me at Emericaman358
  14. Lemme know whether its blessed or not and a price you're looking for. AIM me at Emericaman358 or find me in game. -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  15. First of all, Hello All. I first joined the Atlantic community a few days before the discovery of the Lost Lands. I was mostly a PvM player, but I occasionally went to hunt reds that were harassing players. I quit about five years ago. I had a successful tamer/mage and a paladin, but I think I may have sold their pets and better armors, and deleted them, because I found much of their belongings and cash on my crafter. Anyway, having played WoW and SWG, I feel myself being pulled back to my roots. I have returned, and I am recreating my tamer/mage, but I may make him a bard this time a
  16. I might be able to buy a URL for the cost of just $150 dollars US. Is this a good deal or not? I have no idea. It's a one-time payment.
  17. Ok so I am going to buy ultima and I am wondering if the (Ultima Online™ Eleventh Year Collection) includes the original game and all expansions or none of the games and just these items Fallen Log Lamp Post Hitching Post Armor Engraving Tool Earring of Protection Ancestral Gravestone Bulk Order Cover Wooden Bookcase Snow Tree Maple Tree Willow Tree
  18. I am looking for these items, if anyone has available, please let me know!
  19. Looking to Buy a Repond & Demon Slayer Spellbooks and instruments, Provocation Sot's, a Conjurer's trinket & 1 Heritage Token. Also Looking for a fast Good Bow with Sc/Ssi/Di Hit Lightning or Hit Fireball.ty ICQ 481186629
  20. I am looking to buy a fel keep or castle please ICQ me at 409470835
  21. So my blog seems to be doing pretty well. I am thinking of buying a domain name, but I totally have no idea where to start. I searched on google, but I just got a little overwhelmed. Is there a better way to do this? It has to be cheap but good. Also, anyone with experience transferring from blogger? I'm scared that I will lose my posts, comments, photos, etc.
  22. i need a transfer token on wakoku but can pay on wakoku, chesapeake or atlantic, icq me 102388892 if you can help, ty
  23. ok im looking for the following items in bulk icq me with prices per or in bulk all colored ingots need lots all leather need lots ecru gems yew an heart wood fletchers kits an carpenter kits barbed kits bronze or higher smith hammers soulstone tokens name change token need 2 transendent scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 150k per .1 will pay 1.5 mill per 1.0 alacrity scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 350k per then im also buying trancendent scrolls in alaclemey inscription cooking bushido an tactics an discordance on these ones ill pay 20k to 50k per point depending on skill i
  24. I am looing to buy a blaze doggy on any shard. please icq me 376222584 ty.
  25. Guest

    Buying BODs

    I am buying cloth & iron bods on Siege @ 1K gold per. On the iron BODs, I am wanting the shield BODs. Thus if you only have .1 skill of blacksmith you can get one of these BODs from the NPCs every 60 minutes.
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