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Found 15 results

  1. I'm looking for a decent Sampire suit. 70 resists (95 fire) with 45%DCI. I'm willing to spend 2 mil for this, but if you have additional equipment with good sampire-type affects like jewelry and weapons (I'm a swordsman) I would be happy to negotiate more, or if you have some choice sampire preffered artifacts. ICQ me at 9120006.
  2. Almost all the "good" artifacts have tons of cold & energy resist and relatively little poison & fire. On one of my toons, I can actually remove two pieces of armor and still have 70 Energy resist. Is this deliberate to force people to use some runic pieces, or is it just some weird oversight?
  3. Hello All! Since I’m avoiding some dreaded paperwork today, I figured I’d do a quick assessment of each of the replica items. This is a quick hack at how valuable they might become, not in terms of gold value but in terms of ‘every account must have at least one.’ Obviously, people like me who play to collect simply must have one of each, no matter how useless. But what of the rest of the player base? Which of these items are a ‘Must Have One’ or ‘Must Have One Per Character.’ [For the record, I’m not including mule crafters in the latter category.] Let’s begin: Djinni's Ring [Rep
  4. Just thought this would be fun... mainly I'm bored. It's easy to say which one's are the best but the real question is which one is the worst of the worst? Divine Countenance? Serpent's Fang? Dryad Bow? Tunic of Fire? Tough call, really. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  5. does luck and creature's fame affect getting these items?
  6. I am a huge believer that anything that bennefits game play should be obtainable through the game via normal game play. The same should be true of Tokuno Artifacts, but unfortunately it is not. Tokuno Artifacts should be a permanant system. That does not mean that they need to bring back the dyes, but the should at least bring back the items.
  7. Selling account with 5 high skilled characters, 50-100million gold worth of artifacts and rares and more! Follow the Ebay link below. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270238869683
  8. hello i've got a simple question and you can help for sure. just want to know what is the most useful head artifact for mages in pvp.Someone told me that is the hat of the magi,someone else told me that is the spirit of the totem because spell damage cap is very low,and they already reach that with different tomes. I hope you can help!Sorry for my english bye
  9. Hey peeps, Friend n I brought some goods to LS to sell, will sell out before returning to home shard, so here they are: Hat of the Magi(blessed,Dyed Black) - 25m OBO SOLD *Magery120 PS - 20m SOLD *Evalint120 PS - 12m OBO *Meditation120 PS - 3m SOLD (*Buy both: Eval+Med for just 13m!) Pure White Hair Dye - 5m OBO Golden Hair Dye - 5m OBO Blaze Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Ice Blue Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Budha Scupture (rarity 9) - 3m Each, 5m for a Pair! (south&East side) Saddle (rarity 9) - 4.5m Skinned Deer (rarity 8) - 1m Flowers (rarity 7) - 800k each, 1.5m for a Pair! Normal Scrapper's
  10. since i'm going to be farming minor artifacts, i need some help on deciding what to sell them for.
  11. Im looking for prices for the following Kasa of the Rajin - dyed shadow Aegis - dyed invul blue The Holy Sword Divine Countenance (blessed) - dyed invul blue all of which im trying to sell on Atlantic. Thanks.
  12. Posted on uo.com's FYI Warning: Issue with certain artifacts Nov 20 2006 8:10PM GMT (PST +08:00) The brazier from doom, the tanned hide from doom and the broken chair from Ilshenar will display the auto-lockdown message when you attempt to lock them down but do NOT actually lock down. Until further notice, if you have one of those that's not already locked down, please place it in a secure container or your bank box.
  13. So.....anyone know what the going price for Tokuno martys are???
  14. Idea that came to mind, that I think would be a neat addition (since more & more artifacts continue to be added anyway) and give recognition to the many personality phenomena (read: cult followings of loons) throughout UO's history: Create artifacts based on the "infamous" player followings of different shards. Examples: Aegis of Dismount Gimp (based on a feathered hat) Barton's Sword of Poon Hokotu's Bascinet Ichiro's Bat (wooden club) Something for all the Bob fans out there, with a bogus property of "Fred Slayer" Something for all the Fred fans, with a bogus property of "Bob Slayer"
  15. So, when did it become illegal to have a Burglar's Bandana blessed by a CBD? As soon as I logged in, I was told by a half dozen people that it's not legal to have them blessed anymore :/ Not sure how mine is still blessed though, probably because my account was disabled for over a year. Bah, I say!
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