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  1. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself I think this is totally awesome! It is like a mix of Zelda, Steampunk, and Final Fantasy 7 kind of style My sister is going nuts over this! -RMS Carpathia-
  2. The Court has long been the centre for those who wish to stand against the Greater Darkness and for sure we have had our successes, as well as some failures, over the years in doing so. However we have never applied ourselves to fully cataloguing and assessing those, whether they be human or non-human, who by their misuse and abuse of magicks do contribute to or even support the growth of the Darkness. Without such knowledge how can we formulate our strategies to combat the threat ? Therefore I charge the Order to instigate a Grand Assay to search out and report on such threats. These may
  3. Following the honour of my becoming Shadow King, I am truly glad to announce that Decardo Imier has graciously accepted my request that he becomes the Lord of Shadows, Head of the Shadow Order and as such Lord Cardinal of the Court. I am sure he will fullfill the duties of his new position to his normal very high standards. Congratulations Lord Decardo.
  4. Due to conflicting schedules to do with RL jobs of the staff and other plans made the auction scheduled for tonight will have to take place on tomorrow Sunday the 3rd of June at 8PM EST. We do apologize for any the inconvenience this may cause to anyone but the number one rule of T*T is "Real life comes first". Hope to see you all there tomorrow though
  5. Hear Ye! Since the people who love freedom is joining the republic more for every day and also since west Vesper choice to join the republic, the need for more leaders in the area have been clear to everyone. Therefor , in light of the need of the people , I announce that from this day forward there shall be one mayor for both Main Vesper and West Vesper. And those I choice to be mayors of these towns are. Erika Twothumb for Main Vesper Olk Samsca for West Vesper Let it be known that they act on my command in all internal matters in the republic of Vesper. Hail Vesper Long live ou
  6. To all, I have recently been offered a job where I will be pulled away from my family, my home, my country, and you guys. I have been offered a position in Qatar, for one year. I am not sure of the internet connectivity there, so I am making the announcement just incase. I will be leaving this Sunday night, and will return approximately 19 FEB 08. I have been doing alot of thinking and soul searching, and taking this job felt like the right decision. I do not like idea of leaving for such a long time, but the stability it will provide for my family for the future was a huge factor in this deci
  7. Well met my fellow sosarians. Tovladian Soltyr here from Timeless Treasures Auction house with a very awesome announcement. As of March 3rd, 2007 the auction will begin being held......... Wait for it...... Patience..... It's almost here...... WEEKLY!!!!! That right folks, due to the increased number of people wanting to submit from auction to auction and the recent "Lot Max of 69" we've implemented we figure it's only fair to give you weekly auctions so you don't have to keep being put on hold for your selling of goods . We at T*T are still in amazement at how popular we have b
  8. PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT ISSUED FROM THE OFFICE OF THE DUKE, 10th DECEMBER Warning! Trinsic is under attack from a large number of evil creatures which appear to be emerging from the crater on Paladin Isle. Those observed so far are: blackrock elementals, blood elementals, gazers, nether vortices, poison elementals, reapers, shadow wyrms, and toxic oozes. These creatures are extremely dangerous, particularly the blackrock elementals. The incursion is for the most part contained on Paladin Isle and in the area of the park, but some creatures, notably the shadow wyrms,
  9. *large notices placed prominently around Trinsic and at the gates* SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT In view of the so-called Lord Protector of Yew?s unprovoked aggression, and the consequent increased danger in the city and surrounding areas, the following are permitted to bear arms at all times with immediate effect: The Army of Kaldor The Marksmen Regiment The Elves of the Elven Quarter They are further permitted to make arrests of criminals and other wrongdoers in the absence of Duchy Guards. The normal laws still apply to other citizens, residents, and visitors
  10. Posted by Joy on Stratics: Lord Pentar and Lady Trish of Zen Knights of Valor[ZKV] would like to announce their upcoming wedding, and extend an invitation to attend to all that wish to witness the nuptials. The ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 25th, 2006 at 3:00pm PST in a customized location in Malas. Moongates will be provided at the banks of West Britain and Luna shortly before the event. Best wishes to Pentar and Trish as they join together in marriage.
  11. The Following has been agreed upon as a new ruleset for the signatory role playing guilds of Europa shard of Ultima Online. Rules of Engagement v1.0 [20th October 2006] Note: Any of these rules may be waived or altered for a specific encounter/scenario by mutual agreement of the GMs of the guilds involved. Code of Conduct - Stay in character whenever role-playing or in a role play area. Keep OOC talk to party/guildchat. - Do not recall or gate into or out of role play towns or areas. - Guild tags must be visible at all times. - No OOC profanity or insulting of other players.
  12. Here Ye! Here Ye! Timeless Treasures Auction House of Legends Re-opens our doors! Where: Southeast of Luna (Gates provided during whole auction between luna and auction house) What: Our First Bi-Weekly Auction since our vacation! When: Saturday, October 21st, 7pm EST!! Who: T*T Auction Staff Darri, Tovladian, Arsenik, Aurora and Terra. This auction is unlike all of the rest of ours. Due to we will not be auctioning anything from the normal public. Before you get mad hear me out. The guild FAL has been collecting items in our 3 month absense and requested a closed auction. This means
  13. Would you like to have an Auction List e-mailed to you as soon as it's done?, be up on all the new things happening with Timeless Treasures?, Know when there are up coming events hosted by T*T?. Well here's your chance. We are going to accept peoples e-mails and start keeping everyone completely up to date from your very own mail service. If you would like to be entered into the T*T Mailing List simply send me a PM here or reply to the post with your E-mail if you don't care if the public sees it. The e-mail you give to us will never be given out to anyone or used for any perpose other then
  14. Greetings People of Ultima Online From Timeless Treasures of the Legend Shard [smile]. T*T would like to announce that we have our largest item ever up for bids, and I mean largest litterally . We have a Castle up for bids being sold as is that is currently open to the public. The Castle is Located in Trammel, and about the same distance from Skara Brea as it is from Britain. Sextant Loc: 24o10'S by 30o14'W AutoMap Loc: X:893 Y:1899 Facet: Tram Shard: Legends Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2006 Time: 8PM EST {9PM for the Castle EST} A few pic are listed below: The auction itse
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