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  1. The League Of Extraordinary Zeroes[Zero] Beyond help.. Beyond the whole jist of things.. Lies a supergroup, Sworn on protecting the cities from crime.. Who are they.. Nobody knows.. Does anyone want to know.. Probably not.. Introducing a revoloutionary new guild idea! Perhaps drop the revoloution and you've got yourself a plan! Based around the great and wonderful world of Heroes, I've had a cunning plan! The Extraordinary League Of Zeroes We are a bunch of Non-Super-Super-Heroes urged on the edge of insanity beliving that we have super-powers. When all we really have, Is no fear
  2. Does anyone know if Champs from the Chessy shard is visiting their shard? They went from 150 members to 28 in one day. Just odd that that many are gone right after the bust in UO or maybe good luck for us in Chessy...lol...
  3. Guest

    Mercenary Guild ?

    Are there any active mercenary guilds on europa? I mean like real mercenary guilds that side on whoever pays the most and not someone who just sides with whoever they like more "cuss boc sux and srf doesnt" (that was an example, ) I was thinking about joining my old samurai to one
  4. I don't know how many of you are fans of the legendary film "The Dark Crystal", but as more & more information regarding the coming sequel is released, I am once again revisiting a story I have loved for so many years. I had a thought to incorporate the Skeksis into UO in a manner that would allow for some occasional fun with alternate characters. It would be RP in manner, but not in absolution as the Skeksis obviously have nothing to do with the Ultima universe (but then again neither do dwarves). Guild Name: Skeksis Abbreviation: SKEK The following would be character spots availabl
  5. Just a request for all guild masters and anyone who has a problem with the forum etc Can you please post your issues in this forum, or PM myself I no longer use my old ICQ number, so you won't find me on there anymore.
  6. I'm have decided to create a new guild based in Cove as BoC are mostly an army guild. (Although they're developing more interesting and new way's to RP) This guild shall be a HaveFun/Family Guild! This is the concept... Orks from the orkish for have heard one of thier brothers (Averion (BoC) ) Has joined the ranks of the covian army! As a leader of one of the tribes of the world-famous (Family-run) "Orkz Da Best" Group, it is considered highly dis-respectful (Poopy) to mingle with humans! This group called the "Orkish Tribes Of Cove" -Were- lead by Averion but Mutinied against him.
  7. pretty self explantory, I couldnt see anything on the guild section and I want my reborn guild to have a nice forum well i say nice but I mean one full of daemonic Melnibonean cunning :grin:
  8. Howdy, I was just wondering if you are in a guild? or maybe you own one and what they were called? and if there was anythng special about it, like a cool phrase or something like that? I was in this really fun guild before called AvsP not very original I know, but it was fun because there were about 20 people 10 alien side and 10 pred side and they had a constant war inside the guild between the 2 races, you had 2 H.Q's about 8 screens away from one another and had missions and all sorts.... I'm just curious to see what some of the names are and how many people are in there, what rank n
  9. Where do i go to join theives guild and can I be part of a regular guild when i join them?
  10. Guest

    Another Guild PK

    Some clown in a shroud of umbra attacked Stonekeep this evening. Naturally he has a disguise kit on and guildtag turned off. Amusingly he died within 2 minutes and I looted him clean. Thus far we know he's not in Grd, R-M, LB, BoC or -V-. Stay alert folk!
  11. I've ressurected my old Guild from my prior time in UO. so now we are looking for recruits; utter newbies and cynical Veterans equally welcome! and if you know anyone who use to be in the Eldritch Legion then please let them know as they might want to rejoin if not I'd love to catch up with my old comrades anyway. I can be contacted on EldritchLegion@hotmail.com (plus on MSN). The guild is a fun roleplaying guild whose background is based on the Elric Saga by Michael Morcock. The Eldritch Legion In the name of Arioch, Knight of the Swords, Lord of the Seven Darks, Duke of Hell and Prince
  12. I have a query with regards to setting guild titles, whatare the rules (there are none on the UO page that i could see) as I've seen people with extremely long titles but it won't except far smaller ones from me. Basically I want to have Cadet 1st Class and Cadet 2nd Class and it won't let me urgghghghg any ideas?
  13. I Think it would be awesome if a tokuno guild was made! Share yer thoughts on thsi one?
  14. Why aren't the hosted guild forums shown with their latest post visible, as they used to be - and as the four non-guild hosted UO forums are? It takes up hardly any extra space, and would be a huge improvement.
  15. I'm trying to reconstitute my old guild. The guild was dead; when I logged back on I was the first guild member to do so in over a year or so. I've resigned and now the guild no longer appears on search on UO. However I still can't use the name. Surely if members are no longer active in the game they don't count? or do they? if so thats bloody stupid grrrrr
  16. The Floh’len d’Lloth (F^L) is a roleplaying guild which follows CoRe (Community of Roleplayers, Europa) rules and CoRe RoE ( Rules of Engagement). These rules will be published here once the new guidelines have been ratified. In addition to the above, the following are additional Guild rules apply :- 1. Players should be treated with respect at all times. OOC (out of character) abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes Guildchat, Partychat, ICQ, PM, e-mail or any other form of game related communication. Failure to do so will mean instant dismissal from the guild. 2. You sho
  17. Many of you might know me... many may not lol. I noticed on stratics your setting up guild forums but the link on how to get them is incorrect since it comes back page does not exsist... How can i get some information on this for my guild.
  18. I have started a mage guild, and its for ALL TYPES OF MAGES. For example, you can be a necro mage/ a tamer mage/ a weaver mage, any kind of mage at all! So far its going good!!! So if you are interested in this guild, and you have magery for a skill, then contact me through icq @ 331-733-737, or reply and leave a way for me to get ahold of you. Also if you notify me through icq then make sure to say its about the guild so i know to accept your message. The guild will do doom and peerless most and all of the time!! Once we grow larger we will move into champ spawns, get ventrilo, and uoa
  19. Everyone I know seems to have quit or transferred shards. I have been debating a transfer myself, but before I do that, I thought I'd give it one more last ditch effort to find some people here. So, anyone wanna do stuff? My main char is a tamer.
  20. Well to inform every one, there wasnt enough ppl interested in just a spellweaving guild so i cancelled it. Now I have started a mage guild, and its for ALL TYPES OF MAGES. For example, you can be a necro mage/ a tamer mage/ a weaver mage, any kind of mage at all! So far its going good!!! So if you are interested in this guild, and you have magery for a skill, then contact me through icq @ 331-733-737, or reply and leave a way for me to get ahold of you. Also if you notify me through icq then make sure to say its about the guild so i know to accept your message. Thank you
  21. There is a new guild in Britannia. It is called Weavers of Britannia. *WB*. It is a spellweavers guild only, sorry to others!! I am a spellweaver, and its always so hard to find others to get a focus, and do things with. So Im starting a spellweavers guild. We will do Doom most of the time and when we arent doing doom, then we will be doing peerless!! After a while when the guild becomes larger, and more comfortable with each other, then we might move into champ spawns in felluca. It will be alot of fun, and there will always be something going on, either pvm, or just hanging out with each oth
  22. Hi Ok i'm old and want to join a mature guild on any shard. i'm a real newbie. the reason i say mature is becauae i see characters running around with names like Brad Pitt....a little more RPG playing would help.... I've tried WOW and all that but i want something immersive allthough right now i haven't a clue what i'm doing... Besides my fiance died a year ago to day and i'm wanting to lose my self in another world.... I got an advanced character with the 8th age but maybe starting from scratch might be better than my Paladin......anyway right now the game looks slightly overwelming but
  23. Anything a newbie should know? I'm about to install it and read over the manual, looks like the keyboard has a lot of hot keys to learn. I hope I can talk in this game haha!
  24. Guest

    Looking for RP guild

    Hey guys, I'm an on and off 8 year vet of UO, with a couple high-level characters I'd like to join with an active RP guild within the Catskills realm of UO. Please reply back to this thread or contact me via email at mattplanet@gmail.com and let me know where I can meet you in game. FYI, I've been inactive for a while so I might need a bit of tutoring in game mechanics now that I'm back. Thanks, Max
  25. I'm looking for a pvp guild that does the following: vent/ts required uoam required leaders are active and expirienced teamwork is required expirience is required guild must have compitition I don't care what shard the guild is on, pm me and we'll go from there. Thank you!
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