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  1. Tired of pvp all day long... Im ready to get into some peerless monsters. I will also bring my Crafter to the guild 120smith 120Talior 100Tinker 100Fletching 100Carp Im just a laid back oldschool UO player who is just getting back into the game. Pm me or icq 195359952
  2. draken

    Pvp Guild

    Im thinking of making a pvp guild i have been in several good pvp guilds and would like to know if anyone is interested in helping me start my own or maybe have one and would like a new member charater is 140 dex 90 str 60 int 120 fencing 115 parry 115 healing 115 anatomy 100 meditation 100 poisoning 55 chivalry
  3. Hello, Does anyone know of a role-playing Samurai guild on Europa and possibly apart of CoRE?
  4. Guest

    Samurai Guild.

    Hello there. I'v decided to form a samurai guild and to do so iv had to do quite a bit of research. Im just wandering if anyone cuold help me out in any of the following ways. 1) Anyone have Fugiwara's ICQ 2) Anyone have any usefull links other to the Wiki and other 2 i have. 3) Anyone a experienced Roleplayer or willing to learn that cna help me get the guild going 4) Any knowladge at all of the RP Of samurai, I have learnt quite a bit of the samurai culture, including the tea ceremonys ect. Even Read Shogun . (awesome ending ) The guild is called "Takeda Clan" and although a lot of the
  5. Pretty self explanatory .. however at this time, some of the functions are not working or accessible ... like Diplomacy tab doesn't work and Invite New Player under the Roster area is not working.
  6. Hi Everyone, Well finally I had a chance to start my new char on the shard and set her up last night. I didn't have much time since it was getting late. Snuggles was sweet enough to log on and add me to the guild and gave me some gold to start me off. Quickly Paul and Fireman Fred jumped in to assist me. I want to thank you all for being so wonderful to me and taking the time to help me with getting set up. You welcomed me with open arms and I was so touched. It was a bit hectic at one point & I apologize that I've totally forgotten the other people that were logged on speaking to
  7. From the shadows, a mercenary group comes out. Made up of Elves and Humans alike, these people are ones with skills who have nowhere else to go, but wish to exploit thier knowledge of fighting to the max. The Obsidion Mercenary's are here, and available for hire, and will war any who stand in thier way. {OOC Info} Name: Obsidion Mercenarys Shard: Lake Superior Contact: PM me here, or email me at drayvock@gmail.com Other Info: We are a RP PvP group looking for other RP PvP Guilds to war, and ally with. Contact info above, please give me a shout, also looking for new members!
  8. Hail everyone, I'm Winfield on Chesapeake. I'm very interested in trying to set up, or assist in, New Player in-game support (as a player). I'd like to leverage off existing ideas/methods and pros/cons of how this is done, rather than create ideas/trial-and-error from scratch. Does any shard have a player-based "companion" system/guild to help new players on their shared? If so, where can I learn more about how it's done? Thanks, Winfield
  9. hello all! i've recently joined UO and so far i like the game and am looking for a guild. my character ingame is Amboka.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there any big social guilds out there it gets lonely out in the middle of nowhere, and no one to speak to! For my main character Mic. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm looking for a relatively active PVM guild for my tamer. One that hunts Peerless, the new dungeons and Doom, and joins in the EM events and scenerios. I've found all too often that trying these alone doesn't work too well for me. If anyone knows a friendly guild that takes care of it's members then please let me know. Oh and as in the title, I'm on Europa shard.
  12. Posted on UOHerald.com The MyUO Guild Pages Are Back Up! Jeremy Dalberg 21 Mar 2007 10:53:12 EST The Guild Pages are up and running again - apologies for the downtime. If you notice any further issues, with this or any other web page, please kick me a Feedback Form with the details. Thanks for all your patience!
  13. So how come nothings been going on recently? its like V was suddenly shot down in flames! I shout hanse because he does all the events and I know we can do them ourselves but it just doesnt have the enthusiasm. What about another attack on Trinsic? we have not done that for a while now, or Cove. Or actually anywhere! There was a guild hunt last night? I think except its PVM not roleplay PVP. So without items on your character its very hard to be able to do it, if your main character is not your roleplay character.
  14. Ok, I've been in and taken a look at the entire guild roster, and removed two people I'm certain won't be returning. This leaves us with the following people that I'm unsure of what to do with. Daimyo: last login 20.11.06 (13 weeks ago) Lockers: last login 3.12.06 (11 weeks ago) Arathorn: last login 19.12.06 (9 weeks ago) Rhand: last login 27.12.06 (8 weeks ago) Svovl: last login 1.1.07 (7 weeks ago) Heissa:last login 3.1.07 (7 weeks ago) Other than that, there's only Ben, who last logged in on the 20th January, 5 weeks ago. The rest of the guild have all logged in within the past week to
  15. Hi all, I'm interested in starting a guild of my own. I have a 2 names to choose from. "FOE - Fists Of the Elite" or "FRA - Fists of Righteous Anger." The second is actually a rip off of from my favorite book, The Diamond Age. But I like the contrast of "FRA." Anyway the point is that, I belong to a guild, Black Lotus Society, and I work with my Guildmaster... I can't help but feel that this would, in someway, be a betrayal. Anyone have any experience with this and some possible input? :-/
  16. Morgawr

    Guild Atlantic

    Who wants to take me under their wing Im New to atlantic and I Need a guild that have active players playing gmt 9 am till 11 pm :cheesy: . At the moment I only have my Nox Ninja pali There But I think when I have some spare cash I will move Most of my chars here as I love It. Hope Im not asking to much :embarasse
  17. Instead of people having to fill out a PM with their details, i've setup a form they can fill out instead See what you guys think http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=guildapp
  18. Been back in UO for about two weeks now. After a little power leveling I'm ready to join a guild. Any good guilds looking for a new member? I'm a tamer/peacemaker at the moment. Still working on getting my peacemaking high enough to tame on my own, so if any other experienced tamers would be willing to help out a newbie it'd be much appreciated. Got some work to do on my taming still as well. But with jewelry I am up to 96 taming and 95 lore.
  19. This is from my return to UO to now, the first ones are not good, I was a little rusty, as they go they get better so dont give up on me heh.These are about my chars and my guild, I hope you enjoy and I will add more as I write them. A soft breeze blew through the trees causing more leaves to fall from their limbs, dried leaves on the ground scattered here and there as the draining sunlight caught their many colors and showed off autumns splendor and remind the world that winter would soon come. The Yew cemetary lay quit and unnoticed to all who passed and in the dwindling dayligh
  20. I have seen lots of NPC Guilds examples include Theif, Ranger, Archer, etc.................... How do you join these Guilds and is there any benefit to joining such a guild? Thanks
  21. Flyer posted on all buildings of Royal Marksman Regiment store will be open from 8:30 pm gmt time to 9pm gmt time, on Tuesday evenings. Quartermaster K'tara will be there for you to restock your supplies and armour. Come during these times or go into battle unsupplied
  22. As you can see next to my post here <---------- There is a thingy sayign which guild I am in - its in your USER CP Be great if everyone added in their guild title!
  23. Well I don't play UO anymore because I quit for WoW, But I'm still a roleplayer at heart! *Tear comes to eye* And recently on the forum it's been mercenary this, mercenary that and this morning I had an odd dream of a mercenary guild name. Something along the lines of The Devil's Advocates. Now personally I think this is a good guild name, But as I don't play anymore and don't have any intention right now to come back I'm just seeing if anyone wants to maybe use it. Now if you don't know the term Devil's Advocate it really has nothing to do with the devil as such, It's argueing for somethin
  24. just returned to UO after many years of absense looking for a guild with patience to help me understand wtf is going on )
  25. Well I have been playing a lot more Guild Wars lately. I've been in a UO slump since right after Halloween, 2005. NCSoft really knows how to celebrate holidays. Guild Wars and City of Heroes have great fun for Halloween and Yule. I wish EA/Mythic would learn a thing or two from NCSoft! Anyway I've been running around all day doing some quests for the Midwinter Day festivities. I took some pics and threw them on my web site for fun. Here is a link if you care to see the pretty decorations and silly NPC's. I particularly like the Humming Hymnsmen and the snowball throwing town guards.
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