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  1. umm which one of these are right? Or are they both right? Which one looks better if they are both right? Kijustsu Anei Village Inhabitants Or Inhabitants Of Kijustsu Anei Village
  2. Hello fellow europa citizens, Our guild is willing to improve it's efforts toward new adventurers so we decided to start buying Lower Reagent Cost armor parts. We will pay 2500gp for any armor part that has 12 LRC or more and has less than 30 strength requirement (resists or look don't matter), also, we prefer human armor rather than elven armor as there aren't many new elves nowadays. Note that we won't buy the parts if the durability is too low (under 20 for armor and 15 for hats). We will pay 1500gp for any jewelry that has 14 LRC or more. I know it's not much, but I hope it'll entice
  3. The guild bank is now open to the entire guild. Well, the first slot that is. I'll be clearing out most of the junk that I have let build up in there, but I will be leaving Herbs, Potions, Elixirs and other goodies for you guys to grab. I'd also like to thank Kalhera for kicking my butt into motion to get it done. Thanks Kal!
  4. hi , ive got an account whch is 80 months + ive played on and off for many years now im looking for a new guild to hunt with im not particualy into role play i like pvp pvm , hunts , skill training dont really wannabe a part of uch since the way they distribute there power scrolls can anyone point a finger at a good guild , which has mature vet players , thanks very much for readig this any feed back is greatly appreciated ty enfo cheif banksitter
  5. Ok so I quit the game around 6 months ago (after only about 4 months of playing the game) mostly because I found it difficult to get good at the game and really get into it by myself. I thought I'd give it another try, but would like to try it with a guild this time. Are there any good Chesapeake guilds that cater to semi-newbies? Thanks!
  6. Kalhera is new to our guild, so anyone who's on, don't forget to say hello. Also new guild member Traviss, if he bugs you, blame Snuggs! Hehe, just kiddin:laugh:
  7. January 22, 2008 (Tuesday) 8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting activity 9:00 PM ET - Meeting 10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting event (adventure, etc.) Location - United Tamers of Britannia Guild Hall- Trammel, near Guardians Gate. UTB Guild Hall Rune is placed on the steps of the Tea House at the end of Monks Crossing in PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno PaxLair is a Statehood of 4 cities on Chesapeake.
  8. Hey Everyone, I just Transfered to this server hehe I am LOVING it. I only Ping 145 and ya lol. Ok now back to the point! Konvict- (-K-) is a Newly Formed Guild that I and my friend Illusion created. We do Spawns, Lady Mels and we do some Yew Gate PvP ( We Prefer Field Fights ) , If you arn't a great PvP'r Who cares ?? We Don't Trash Talk - If Someone Talks trash to us- WHO CARES lol. This is the way the scrolls work. Say we do a Baracoon , if we get a 120 mage and the rest 110s except like a 115 eval. Then all the Scrolls go to the battle leader (Unknown or Illusion if they are on) If no
  9. How do you allow other guild members the ability to invite new members? I can't find the function anywhere in the KR Client or 2D Client to adjust the titles for specific rankings within the guild, and the 2nd highest ranking still cannot invite new members... nor can I adjust what rights each ranking has.
  10. Hello, I have just returned to UO after a few years of not playing and am looking for a build that does a lot of group PVM (like champ spawns and thing). I like pvp here and there but am not a fan of the guilds waring on each other. Any suggestion of guilds would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. I've been thinking about creating my own guild and i am trying to find a good design for a guild house, something that is both impressive to the eyes and also useful for every day guild usage. Anyone have any thoughts or would like to share their Guildhouse designs/screenies? I'd most appreciate some feed back and suggestions Thanks
  12. Any way to name different chars on the same account to same guild? Any help appreciated as always.
  13. With the pouring in of new members to city guilds and new citizen to the city. The government has decided to create a Counsellors Guild. much like the old Counsellors of the world they will be there to help people in the city. With things such as. Building Locations- Event Days and Times- Roleplay Lessons- General Questions- Contact Information- City Government Questions- PaxOku City Questions- Examples: Government, community, Rp style, what is PaxOku? They are not hard to find. From what you will see they differ not much from the counsellors of old days. Also if you are a seasoned membe
  14. Started playing this last week and have to say I am having a great time. I wrote a acticle about my experiences as a new player and posted some pics on our wow site. I know evil of me huh. hehe Article
  15. Guards, Gather at our garrison (the old Kaldorian embassy) in Trinsic 12 November at 8:00 pm GMT / 21:00 CET. There will be a promotions ceremony followed by a the monthly Guild Tournament. Signed, Edmund Fairholm
  16. Hello all, i am planning to start a savage/tribal RP guild it is based in yew very close to Stonekeep (Grd Hq). I am looking for some people to be directly involved in the creation of the guild i.e the name, naming and deciding on divisions and thier skill sets and uniforms. Also raising funding for decoratiing te guild house properly and even the guild registration as all my fund have been used up buying and customising the guild house. it will require creating a new character once we've discussed what skill sets to use. let me know if you want to help out, and will obviously be rewarded with
  17. A round of applause to Army of The Dragon for establishing their community presence here on UO Forums in the "Guild and Player Run Towns of Ultima Online -- Chesapeake" area! See Chesapeake Guilds & Player Run Towns area: Army of The DragonValMeer is the Guild Leader for ATD. So "subscribe" these to your "profile" here and instantly see all the discussions! (I personally use forum subscriptions a lot and view them in My Profile; I can quickly see all my areas of interest at a glance -- fantastic feature!) Welcome!! Winfield, a moderator on UOForums Chesapeake forum
  18. The link will not work for me, is it broken? the personal forum link and the whsipering radio link will not work either, is there another way to fill out an app?
  19. This is up to you! The city while be gone for abit but i know the people is still alive and did escape. I know we can make a new and even better guild, with old sprit and a new name "Light of Magincia" [LoM]. Old members are more then welcome, new also of course. If we could meet up together and sort this out, i cant do this by my self. And you other cant just sit and hope someones else going to make it for you. the new forum can be found here: http://www.uoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1377 /Bless you all ! Your Salvius...
  20. Hail! Wednesday 24 October there will be a guild gathering at 8:00 pm GMT / 21:00 CET. We will meet in the courtyard of Castle Britannia. If the time is inconvenient for you, please state so in this thread and I might considering moving it. For this event, we need everyone there. This will be a gathering discussing the guild: Whether that is its current state, future or final end will be up to you. In any case, I feel it is important we pull together to a guild meeting. I suspect most of the meeting will happen OOC. At this meeting, I plan to unfold a few of my recent ideas. I hop
  21. [OOC] I've established the ( Pax_ ) PaxLair guild on Europa in preparation for our journey there during October 15-21, 2007. The guild is simply called PaxLair and all PaxLair Statehood citizens and friends my join it. We plan to embark on this journey to meet people of Europa during the 9th Anniversary of Europa's Guardsmen Militia ( Grd ), who has 88 veteran members and 154 total members. Grd Web Site Grd Forums The Europa Forums link for various guilds and news is here. We also wish to meet with the Baronship of Cove. Their web site has a great deal of information about RPing, armi
  22. Wednesday 24 October at 8:00 pm GMT / 21:00 CET there will be a Guild Gathering. Please see this thread on the private boards for more information: http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?p=291607 If you're missing access there, ICQ me to sort it out. -- Edmund Fairholm
  23. Kimi, I have been advised to contact you. The Shadow Court wish to hire the 'Tinkers Guild' building as soon as possible. This building will be used as an 'Embassy Point' for the Shadow Court and the lands of Rhovanion, in order to build our presence, as well as increase the trade that is possible between the two areas. Duke Irvyn has already been approached by my representatives, so I look forward to hearing your response, and arranging a time to receive the keys for the building, and a schedule of costs. Yours, Muldran Skully
  24. 2.3 is looking good, and to think to get this type of enhancements out of a patch, unlike other games that would require we buy an expansion.
  25. Eowyna & I started a fund to help guild members get their "rides." Its a loan without interest and as its paid back we can help more and more members. Hopefully in the near future, I can get some of you to help us run more raids and instances to help that fund grow larger.
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