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  1. My orc (Grukthar) had his alignment changed because of magic, which changed his soul. He's looking for a home, and is good at fightin'!
  2. This is a Tier 2 Keep Inside the Keep This is the gate, the walls are not up yet. The Gate actually opens by using the lever. Thus making it possible for the gate to be opened from within allowing the enemy into the town. * This not the Iron Wolves Guild Town, but one of the guilds I am in. Just giving you an idea what a town looks like.
  3. Is it active? If so, how do you go about joining?
  4. Is the guild invite feature bugged? I'm supposed to be able to invite people to the guild, but when I try to add Merth, its gray to me. He's not in a guild & he's accepting guild invites. What could possibly be wrong?
  5. Here are the results of the guild tournament in June: Seamus - Vilhjalm Seamus Seamus - Isolda Isolda Seamus - Sol Seamus Seamus - Edmund Seamus Sol - Isolda Isolda Sol - Seamus Seamus Sol - Vilhjalm Sol Sol - Edmund Edmund Edmund - Seamus Seamus Edmund - Isolda Isolda Edmund - Sol Edmund Edmund - Vilhjalm Edmund Vilhjalm - Seamus Seamus Vilhjalm - Sol Sol Vilhjalm - Edmund Edmund Vilhjalm - Isolda Isolda Isolda - Vilhjalm Isolda Isolda - Edmund Isolda Isolda - Seamus Isolda Isolda - Sol Isolda ... making Isolda the new Champion of the Guard! Congratulations!
  6. Guest

    Faction Guild

    I am recruiting members for a Faction/ War guild. Please contact me by icq at 1902887 for a interview. Faction experience not neccessary.
  7. What one GM says is only good for the moment, and can be over ridden by another fat GM (only joking about body proportion of GM). "Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap" is not an apropriate name for a guild. The name lead to imediate disbanding and a one day suspension for the guild leader. The suspension was increased to 2 days after the Guild Leader sent the above pic with "Have a Nice Day Scrubs" to Funcom.
  8. Hail all! I'm not sure if this is a good tech question or not. I am wanting to make a website for my guild. I've never created a website before and if I remember right there was a microsoft program you can buy that walks you through everything. Only part I know about websites is that is would cost to get a domain. I'm wanting to create a website where you enter and it plays a song of choice and then has the tabs and everything etc is there for easy navigation. I dunno...this is more of a fun project than anything hehe. I've always wanted to design my own website. Thanks and sorry for t
  9. Ultimate Online Forums - Guild application form I've added a link to the main page, but will probably add it to the navigation bar at the top later.
  10. Hi Im looking for an active guild One where people log on and talk n do things ;p. Mainly I have been PvE/PvM I would be interested in learning some PvP. Enjoy light role play \thx for taking time to read my post Peace Mal
  11. The mighty Escaflowne/Drew of Vesper [-V-] was kind enough to let us interview him Our users submitted their questions and he sent the interview back earlier today Here's the interview.. 1.) Can I PLEASE buy your (Blessed) Longpants? My double blessed long pants aren’t for sale I’m afraid 2.) How long ago was the Vesper [-V-] guild established? -V- has been around for approximately 7 years 3.) Approximately how many chars/players does the guild average? Well the guild roster now consists of only 38 players, some of them being alternate characters of others, its a big drop
  12. Hi, I am brand new to UO and picked Atlantic as my shard. So new in fact I find myself lost sometimes with what o do. There have been a couple of players who have been friendly enough to give me advice. I am looking for a newb friendly guild. I am not looking for a house sopt or gold or items. Just a gorup of people I can learn from an enjoy playing with. Thank you. -Ravenmane
  13. Does anyone know of a crafter guilds on the Atlantic? I want to complete my crafter and would like some help along the way.
  14. Our account was hacked into yesterday buy some 20 yr old loser from Wisconsin. I would really like to know what he did that upset you. Please give me any information that you can to help us prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. It is illegal to hack into and steal accounts. AoF guild members and DGS guild members were also affected from what I hear.
  15. Hey guys and gals..we have new guild on GL looking for quailty players. Guild is mostly PVM and peerless looking ppl that have no drama. looking to have fun without the problems of some of the current guilds..Leave ICQ number here ill contact ya.
  16. how do i go about getting a sub forum for my guild on uoforums? I'd be willing to help out with a donation, ICQ me @ 20727042
  17. I just started playing again. I seem to be well under the power curve. I have decent combat abilities. 98 tact, 96 sword, 68 heal, 73 parry, 63 mage, 49 resists. But I seem to be stuck in that I can't seem to figure out how everone seems to easily be able to handle things I can't come close to. Is it just that I don't have any of the expansion packs and thus am missing out on alot of the better abilities? Or do I just royally suck. Either way, I would like to find some people that I could regularly group with to do some of the content that keeps kicking my ass. If anyone needs an ex
  18. Our account was hacked into yesterday buy some 20 yr old loser from Wisconsin. I would really like to know what he did that upset you. Please give me any information that you can to help us prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. It is illegal to hack into and steal accounts. AoF guild members and DGS guild members were also affected from what I hear. Thank you!
  19. I have been thinking about starting a new guild on the atlantic shard. I have been playing UO for 21 months. I already have 2 rlf that are going to start it with me. Before I actualy start the guild I would like to get some information about starting guilds. How should I set up a recruitment process, what should I look for, and how to grow a postive guild that reflects my believes in UO. I don't like starting something that fails. Just looking for help and some information.
  20. Hello fellow europa citizens, Our guild is willing to improve it's efforts toward new adventurers so we decided to start buying Lower Reagent Cost armor parts. We will pay 2500gp for any armor part that has 12 LRC or more and has less than 30 strength requirement (resists or look don't matter), also, we prefer human armor rather than elven armor as there aren't many new elves nowadays. Note that we won't buy the parts if the durability is too low (under 20 for armor and 15 for hats). We will pay 1500gp for any jewelry that has 14 LRC or more. I know it's not much, but I hope it'll entice
  21. We need gold and alot of it, this month must be better than last month and it was good. It is already the 5th so we need to gather our income for this month rightaway. Our challenge to reach 1.5 is in our own hands.. This tuesday, 6th of May, Meet at 9pm, GMT at the bridge. Hunt for gold somewhere in Ilshenar. Be there or be chicken. Felix.
  22. All guild members should turn up to guild events in uniform unless otherwise specified. All guild members should have their ranks and guild tags shown at all times. All guild members should salute each-other upon meeting. Higher ranking members, and officers, should be addressed as Sir, Ma'am, or whatever is appropriate, not as there names. Respect your fellow role-player, whatever rank. Don't talk over people who are talking to you. When someone is briefing you and you're lined up don't emote or talk at all, it's really irritating, even if you think you're being a clever role-player. Don
  23. Well, it seems like a stupid question when I type it, but seeing as I have never successfully found a guild that is active in any way, I might as well. How does one go about finding a guild that is active? I think my main problem is I am not outwardly sociable unless I know the person before. If I am not hunting I am at home crafting. I play on chesapeake and I have never really been in a guild (in UO) before. I randomly get invites to guild if I hang out in Luna for a while but that does not seem like the best way to choose mates. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  24. This coming Tuesday we shall be organising another company hunting expedition somewhere, which Hunting master Kendall has yet to decide. We will gather at Stirling House on Tuesday 8:30pm You may wear magic items. Thankyou
  25. Received from the Syndicate. Many many years ago, in the early days of UO, The Syndicate started an event called Craftsman Day. The idea was to provide free services to players who might not have their own top tier craftsman char or who were in the middle of hunting and needed a quick repair. Since then, the event has been replicated on many servers by many groups and crafting itself has changed. There are new items to create... there are enchantments.. and much more. Craftsman Day for The Syndicate continues on much as it has for many years. Free item repairs. Free enh
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