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  1. Hello and thanks for looking. I am returning to UO after a break since '07. I am looking for a guild who is active and does things together, as well as may be able to answer questions I may have about the game since I have been gone. My character is a Swordsman Paladin, with 110 Swords/Parry/Tactics, 100 Anatomy/Healing Resist and 90 Chivalry. Pretty well set for PVM(PVP Was sooo long ago for me, Pub 16 Era hehe) with good equipment, all 70's resists, defense and damage increase. I just started back today, spent most of the day farming gold, and built myself a tower. Now it's time to fill
  2. Hi all, I came back to UO about a year ago, my old guild LIFE (great guild *waves to Bones*) were unfortunately lacking slightly in numbers so after much thought I resigned and I've been playing solo since then I'm a very active player being on most days and nights I have the following templates: Tamer / Disco / Provo (with trained CU, GDrag etc) Bush Swords / Macer Bush Archer / Fisher Thief Mage / Spellweaver / THunter Mule / cook etc I'm fairly experienced in PvM (Tram), a little experience in stealing (and dieing) at Champ Spawns and I have a house in Fel (nr deceit) I would lik
  3. Hi - So I am looking for a guild on Atlantic. Most my old guildies are not playing anymore so that has left my wife and I as the only members in our guild, Lol. I am looking for a guild that does champ spawns, peerless, etc. My accounts are almost 9 years and I have most skills on characters or stones - so can help contribute in most ways. I don't really PvP but would like to start. Also, I would prefer a 'mature' and friendly group. Any recommendations?
  4. Hello again! As Stated before in an earlier thread i've just returned to the game. I intend on staying for a while and would love to join a guild that likes to do group hunts or is very interactive with each-other.. I have many characters that could be useful--- blacksmith/tailor/carp ---A warrior-- A Tamer-- A T-Hunter in the making (even tho im not very good with it) I use to pvp but im afraid im out of practice and my pvp character is gone ... Also im afraid i still need help with the new things in the game.. i left when AoS came out so ya.. Thank y
  5. Hey all - I'd love to find a guild on Atlantic to hang out with. My primary characters are tamer/peacers and crafters (my favorite thing to do is run vendors, when I'm not taming stuff). I've got an elder mage and an elder archer/chiv as well (wow, forgot about her - I'll have to go play her one of these days!) I left Atlantic in 07 to play with the now-defunct UOForums guild on Lake Austin, and moved back to Atlantic when most of UO:F moved to WOW. I'm a veteran player mostly looking for people to hunt with when the mood strikes, or to run a vendor mall with! hehe Any ideas??
  6. hey all i just xfred form atlantic, to spawn and get away from the crowed places on atlantic, any one know of any good guilds that spawn that i could join, the char i brought over is my necro mage. its just a bit hard to solo champs.
  7. It's probably just me, but I can't find the guild forums on the home page to save my life. Are they on the home page somewhere? Under what category? Thanks! (ie. the guild forums that are hosted on UOForums)
  8. I was talking with someone else, and one way or another, the conversation got on to blue characters. From there, it went to making them not blue, and fairly logically progressed to the CoR guild. A wee peek on MyUO doesn't show them, which I think means that there hasn't been any activity in the last 30 days. Not really a matter of supreme importance, but is the guild still nominally alive?
  9. Well I've glanced around here, over at stratics..and ya know, I just haven't found any answers. I've been playing UO since early 98. Off and on since then, I mainly quit the game when the people I play with quit. Well, the guild and group I played with have all but retired for the majority. I play my tamer the most, so I do enjoy my solo hunting time but I can only take it so long before I go stir crazy. I used to be big into PvP, more so pre-AoS. I stick to PvM now. So, that all said. I am looking for an active PvM guild. I just like friendly people who like to do doom/champs/peerless
  10. Anyone out there lookin to try out rp, with a long established and very active guild? Icq me 99323328
  11. Ok so maybe the title is a little dramatic but there is so much in this game I want to do but can't because either the spawn is to strong or there is too many of them. I am looking for an active guild, with people who can help me get a better experience from this game.
  12. I belong to a guild in the oceania shard. Our guild leader and other members have been harrassed by another guild so bad lately that it interferred with a shard event, they have loaded our guild house with water barrels , and now have made a fake charector with our guild leader and another member of our guild running around blurting out mean and cruel things. we have called gm over gm and they are taking this really litely. there are 27 people in their guild if im not badly mistaken and 11 of them have been harrassing us. if there is anything anyone knows that we can do to put a stop to this m
  13. Hey, just looking for a guild on Oceania shard . I am quite new to uo origin. But i have played uo before so i know what im doing, it is very different and much better. My name in game is Maldorin rpg char, skills: 84.3 anat, focus 94, healing 69, parring 86, resisting spells 28, sordmanship 63, tactics 67. my skills are quite low but going up fast.
  14. I'm looking for an RP guild on Atlantic Server. I understand most of the guilds use Vent. I'm not interested in Vent, so ever if there is a small RP guild, that doesn't use it... I'll like set up a meeting thanks... Hopefully there is one.... It's my belief that a true RP guild, does not use VENT.... hopefully there is one out there... Thanks
  15. how do you join i keep getting the you are too young comment. my stealing skill is only 40 real the rest is from items. i heard you need 60 stealing skill does it have to be real skill?
  16. Our guild name is "All That Glitters" [AU]. Join only if you are completely obsessed with treasure. Right now we are looking for folks to go exploring with, fish up untold riches with, dig up buried wooden chests with, and slay untold amounts of scary creatures in the hopes of receiving some sort of worthy loot to feed our lust for treasure with. Our mission is to plunder. We don't want to take over the world, we just want to acquire riches from every corner of the globe. So if you think that this is a guild for you, you should send me a PM and meet up with me in the game. I'll give
  17. I have been hunting around and am having a hard time finding a PVM guild. If I have to RP I will. Any sugestions?
  18. A round of applause to Shadows of Silvervale and 13th Legion for establishing their community presence here on UO Forums in the "Guild and Player Run Towns of Ultima Online -- Chesapeake" area! New guilds/towns in the Chesapeake Guilds & Player Run Towns area: Shadows of Silvervale (SoSV) 15th Legion (13th)Darth Oni is the Mayor of Silvervale. So "subscribe" these to your "profile" here and instantly see all the discussions! (I personally use forum subscriptions a lot and view them in My Profile; I can quickly see all my areas of interest at a glance -- fantastic fe
  19. Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts studio, today announced that the Guild Beta for Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ (WAR) has begun. Over 10,000 guilds applied and those selected will have the chance to experience the game's most expansive beta phase yet. See you lucky few on the battlefield.:laugh:
  20. I searched a bit for this and could not find anything, so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed... I was wondering if there is a cap for the number of guilds that can be in any ONE alliance. Does anyone know anything about this? I recently started playing the game again after around ten years or so, and I found a great group of people on Lake Superior that were very helpful and kind to me coming back after so long. I had to re-learn the entire game, pretty much, as things are so VERY different now. These people offered me a place in a guild that is in an alliance and I accep
  21. I have a GM tactics, anat, swords, and almost parry paladin as well as a Master mage and up and coming tamer on this account who are all looking for a good guild. I would prefer one that is PvP-oriented, but I am mainly interested in one with friendly members who can help me with the ins and outs of the game, as I have come back after a five year hiatus.
  22. Well our guild has completed our Tier 1 city and we have two sets of NPC guards that roam around. Note!! do not attack them...they will one hit kill you as a cheeky member found out. Also, if you stop by to visit another guilds' city that has guards and you wander too close to the marching guards, they will also attack! Just thought I would pass that along...personally, I thought our guild member getting whacked by our own guards was hilarious!
  23. Char name is Snooze... usually in Fel Yew or Haven feel free to PM me
  24. I played along time ago right when AoS came out i quit . i recently came back about a month ago to an entirely new game , of all my friends only one plays and its rare when he does . Anyone know of any active guilds that do champs or doom or anything for that matter , I'm tired of hunting alone
  25. I saw a thread on GL asking if anyone remembered a particular guild, which made me reminisce on my early UO days. Does anyone remember a guild called The Pluggers (led by Plug)? They were on Atlantic, but I believe they also took up on other shards and eventually moved to other games too (Everquest, I recall)... this is back in the late 90's or so. I was dating one of the Pluggers in real life back then - Propagandhi, I think his name was. He hung out with a guy named Quickbeam. Ahhh, the days when Pluggers lined the wall of Vesper bank, dressed in dark green robes. They claimed to be anti-PK'
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