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  1. I don't know what the winners were feeding their horses but my characters old fire steed came in about a minute behind the winners I took a wrong turn in the cave by the orcs, and ran into a wall, not the best thing to do in a race
  2. Hi Adam we lost are EM Ealia Tiefwasser on the first of the year and not had one since then and i have to say she did a good job
  3. This sounds good, it's been too long since we had one and i wish him luck but he will have a hard job to be as good as the last one Merion can you post this on other forums as well, for the other players on Drachs who don't come here
  4. Vesper is the only Town to fall so far on Drachs Undertaker if you want to join with others to fight this menace, one of the players in the dracenfels alliance(47 guilds) is starting a guild for fun and events like this, the guild (hopefully) will be part of the alliance and you can then find out whats going on and join in. If you are interested either go to the Drachinfels forum on stratics or give a shout for "Frarc" on general chat in game If that fails leave a message here and we will sort things out
  5. May I wish all the people on Drachs a very Happy new Year. especially all those in the allance Thanks for a good 2010 and may 2011 be better
  6. Aye it was a good night, with EMs and loads of players I was there for a while and there were a few things missing... There was no one spamming spells all the time There was no fighting between players in the same guild There was no naked guy running around There was a lot of players having fun and being nice to each other and not all from the alliance Thankyou Drachenfels, and thank you Drachental towns people, and the EMs for the event and a speciel thanks to Frarc for all he did, and the lovely gifts
  7. I have 1000 lockpicks that I am happy to give you, we just need to meet up Do you have ICQ or MSN, if not what time do you normally play
  8. Is the date on this wrong, August 01 is sunday, August 10th is Tuesday, if it's Thursday that's either the 5th or the 12th I have just noticed that the day has been changed on the EM website to Sunday, so it must be Today, And as normal i've missed it:(
  9. Congrats to out new Brit Bank Designer Can't wait to see it in place Maybe just maybe, the Stratics Drachs reporter will do a story on it=) Well done Thenon;) can I book a bank sitting place now ?
  10. quiet please, I am trying to sleep and all this posting is keeping me awake But while i'm awake Anyone know where the slime is ? Legacyee's lock picking house has gone ? but will reopen if needed:) and you will never guess what I saw whilst I was mining in malas so I will tell you...I saw another miner, but he recalled in mined twice and recall out again...did I scare him off ?
  11. some of the traps have poisoned cheese in them!!! They don't just want to catch poor Sherry, they want to kill her! This must stop
  12. We have the mouse traps on drachs and I've taken on myself to use a little magic spell (magic lock)on as many of them as i can find, hopefully they won't catch Sherry
  13. You think you have problems with not being able to get on Drachs I'm stuck inside and can't get off, been fighting in a dungeon for 24 hours now, (can someone bring me a roast mongbat I'm starving) but it's okay the lizardman is down to half strenght now so I should win and be out by Saturday j/k I have had no problem getting on there but I only play for a couple of hours at a time so probably wouldn't notice it, I do have really bad lag at the moment, a lot more than normal
  14. i've not found any slime yet, But some-one found one near Brit crossroads on a different shard, so hopefully they are not hidden away from the smaller number of people on our shard:)
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