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  1. lol, haven't heard that one before
  2. lol... that would be so painful, but lol
  3. I think that happens to anyone who ate any of the Christmas things like gingerbread men or candy canes. I've seen quite a few people randomly saying things like that in game since Christmas
  4. The llama looks great! The earth elemental looks a lot more impressive than it used to before... I always thought they looked more like mud than anything else, but that new one is definately an improvement!
  5. I missed that feature... Thanks for fixing it again!
  6. I heard of a few things like that when ML first came out... things that were the colour of a wood type being labled as it. I thought they'd fixed it though- but I probably just imagined that
  7. If the backpack is going to be changed to a list like that, I think I prefer the backpacks we have now. I tend to hide all my junk under bigger items in my bag, which you couldn't do with a list... I might actually have to clean my backpack out sometimes if they change this :shocked:
  8. I can only play 10 games a day too... but I don't normally mave enough posts to do that lately, so I've only been in the arcade once in months anyway.
  9. I dunno, but the word association thread has to come close... I'm already having to scroll sideways to see where it lists all the pages at the top, lol
  10. Ah, just tried it out, and I did run out of plays. Didn't seem like twenty games, but I wasn't counting so it might have been... and yeah, five posts- I didn't realise I'd already done one before posting here...
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