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  1. I can't see me ever using them but I have a couple of questions about Hiding and Stealth. When your hiding increases are you able to use hiding while closer to a monster thats aggroing you? Any time I've used it I have to be about 2 screens away before I'm able to hide. In a dungeon, windy, twisting and closed, thats about as much use a a chocolate teapot. And with stealth, I know you can only take so many steps according to your level but if you have 120 stealth and can take 24 steps are you able to re-new your stealth every, lets say, 20 steps and remain hidden? That is, as long as the ren
  2. What the hell are anti virtue shrines? I want some arties:) Even if I have to work all weekend just to get enough insurance money to die 100 times. How dangerous are the monsters there? Are these permanent or for a limited time only? I missed out on years of UO because of EA's lack of advertising, I want some finery dammit! So ummmmmm yeah, they sound good:)
  3. My archer has a quiver of elements and thats 100% chaos damage, don't know what it does but it sounds nice:)
  4. Thanks:) Wish I'd known, I'd have 100 LP by now
  5. Yeah I getcha, thanks:)I thought it was similar to that but the way it's worded on UO.com is wierd imo. Does it work on any skill your using? Like could I, if I was in the position you were in vepl, and had say 119 provoke and 119 magery, would ggs work on both? Like after 40 hours if I logged on and used provoke I'd gain, would the same go for if I used magery straight after? Thats just me being inquisitive again:) The original question was perfectly explained, thanks:hat48:
  6. Two things have been piquing my curiosity with UO today. The first is to do with champion spawns. I read about how you need to go through the spawns one by one but how do you activate the spawning? Just by double clicking the statue? The second is GGS, how the hell does it work? I'm not thick, I just don't get how it effects gains. I've read the page on UO.com dozens of times now and don't see how it effects normal gains or when it kicks in or anything. Can somebody who understand it explain it?
  7. Oh man, that would be awesome to see:) Except it would mean a trek 'down south' and I'm not ready for that yet:P I love chinese culture:) I've seen the 'repeating crossbow' in multiple MMORPGs and though it was an agreed upon 'fact'. Then I checked Wikipedia and found this link http://www.rubbertreeplant.co.uk/catapult/chinxbow.php Way ahead of their time:)
  8. Does that Cafe press site take paypal? I don't have a credit card because I ain't a mug willing to pay 40 quid for a 10 quid shirt y'know? Couldn't find out how to pay without registering and I'm bored with remembering countless passwords I only intend to use once:) But I want that baseball shirt and the womans long sleeve (I'm a guy but stand 6'1 and weigh 10 stone, womans shirt would probably look damn fine, especially at the weekends when I'm ulfhedinna ^^ J/K btw) So would I be able to get them with a paypal account?
  9. Hmmm, you don't want it but here's my advice. Keep builds for PvP and RP separate. Otherwise you look like a trammie who doesn't feel like forking out the cash for Fel PKing. I don't know much about UO but thats something I do feel. RP is about building a character, your character might be a vampire who was a paladin in his past life, hates what he's become and now fights for 'good' and does it well. But at the end of the day if I was playing a character who had mixed abilities that only a RPer could play and enjoy the hassle and saw you in battle, I'd be peeved. Nothing I can say after 2
  10. I've read quite a lot of threads about taming so that I wouldn't just be repeating the same questions but theres a few I just need some clarification on. 1) I've only been attempting to tame non-aggro creatures so far, brown bears and cougars are great for my level, when attempting to tame an aggressive creature will attempting to tame them stop any aggression? I'm pretty sure it doesn't but I thought I'd ask. 2) Because I traded in a bard so I could start with 50 taming/lore and because I'm trying to make most of my toons to be hybrids so I can get a taste of everything I'm building a bar
  11. Another great fight and article:) I love these:) Shame DEI and HOT didn't share your desire to see some short chomping action. Is this a weekly occurance?
  12. I don't understand why you have wrestling/archery/parry, neither wrestling nor archery can be used with the parry ability unless you have a shield when wrestling. There's also no way to heal on it either, unless you switched to a shield and used confidence but the amount of bushido put in would make it harder to parry with one. There's no tactics or anatomy either so the damage would be minimal. No med/focus either. Seems like a hard to work template to me. Even ogre lords would take about 20 minutes to put down, especially with no med/focus to back up your specials. Different templates fo
  13. I'm against the concept of cannons in UO. The only thing that could be good about them would be that the balls and cannon would need to be smithed, gunpowder could be made by an alchemist, the base could be partially carpentered, tools to clean could be tinkered and a high level in archery (because of the ability to judge distance) could make it more accurate, making it a genuine guild affair. If something did have to be added to ships like that though I'd rather just see ballistas. Cannons are too close to muskets and the like, not really something I play UO for.
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