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  1. Except you should aim for 70% due to HLD, which lowers DCI by 25. Unless you only PvM. For an official answer on many caps, check out this FoF from the UOHerald. Also, when doing a search, try a Google.com search such as: http://www.uoherald.com/fof/ "enter your search term here"Or do an advanced search looking in that directory.
  2. The Tomb of Kings also has some interesting AI from its undead denizens, not quite evolution, but an ability to seek players in the hallway out
  3. Well my point is a one-and-done item might be wasted -- it's green I believe
  4. In short, save it as deco -- it only works once to burn the web, which is a waste. Else, maybe the acid from the slugs would be better for Nav's web. Now, should those work for Mephitis as well? Hm...
  5. Really? It isn't as simple as 5 minutes wait? Hm.
  6. There is something wrong with the spawn rate. Eventually, you kill them all and they don't come back. Anyway, you don't need quest to get scales. The only quest I've found where you have to have the quest are kill-specific quests, and the quest to get Navrey's eye. On the plus side, Wolf Spiders sometimes give lucky coins on their corpses.
  7. Where are mysticism scrolls? Skrees have low-level scrolls and spawn North of Ter Mur bank, but can't fnd high end?
  8. Good Q ... I mean, if you dbl click, you get mount, only way would be to use context menu ... might be a script out there though, you never know...
  9. I dont want to be annoying but just wanted to say be careful, cause a lot of rare stuff in this game is deleted by GMs and who knows what their policy is on this white dragon you know ... I mean, take some pics and keep some records just in case... Sounds real cool I dont know a PC sorry though :/
  10. Well that's pretty much why mage pvp is where it's at and dexxers are noobs ;P jk
  11. Not sure what you mean without you being more specific, but Spell Channeling, for example, always gives the item SC and Faster Cast -1, so you will see it as SC -1 in shorthand. When an item has SC as a mod, and Faster Cast as a mod, the max FC can be being +1, the -1 FC from SC and the +1 from the FC mod will balance out, creating a SC -0 in shorthand. I'm not sure if you are allowed to imbue SC -0 onto weapons, though, but I assume you will able to.
  12. HLD (plus a period because you can't write three letter responses).
  13. It's possible the loyalty decay while mounted is not fast enough, because creatures like a beetle, every time you say all follow me, it boosts their loyalty back up to 100. So in fact, with these things, if you issue a successful command, you never need to feed them. If you lose conn when the server drops, or if the shard goes down unexpectedly and your char doesn't log out normally, and if you happened to be off your pet when the shard went down, the pet won't stay with you and will stay in the game and begin to decay. Otherwise, unless your char was flagged and the beetle happened to bec
  14. Very cool too bad I missed meeting but I was at the Fel event last night =) Thanks from [sHE] to Vlad
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