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  1. Well that was nice of the IE team. ...and I hope they can make a better cake than they make a browser....
  2. The fact that 4 voted against it is frightening to me. Obviously four of the Justices don't understand the Constitution very well.
  3. I actually don't like these lists. If they aren't trustworthy they should stay in jail (I know, won't happen). I would actually be more concerned about murderers in my neighborhood, but I have not heard of a listing for that.
  4. Better late than never... I had a great Fathers Day. I went to the Honolulu Zoo and then visited one of my friends from church on Sunday. And my daughter sent me to get a massage for Fathers Day. It just don't get any better than that.
  5. Pub 16 brought some of the best things into the game (one of the more memorable pubs). Pre pub 16? Pre Tram? Not if it was free. (but I wish they would make one to kill this dead old horse)
  6. I just got back from a great Memorial Day weekend. We had 3 days of partying, a wonderful parade, and some good tear-jerking speeches (I say that in a good way). It was a bit too hot, all three first-aid carts were busy as well as a few ambulance calls. But it was the first Memorial Day we've had in 8 years with no rain! With all the liquor, war stories, and singing we had a great time. A few of the Vietnam vets always comment on how it's so great to finally get their parade, even if it is almost 40 years too late. A lot of their friends never got any thanks at all. I hope we never
  7. I still miss the old MyUO Boards. (but not Cynthe, I don't know she just always got on my nerves) Still love they the way they just shut them down with virtually no warning. I go on a one week vacation, come back and they are already gone! (no, I'm not bitter :kiss:)
  8. First thing I noticed when I signed today was the great new look. So I'd say that what we have now is pretty good.
  9. I'm really glad I didn't have to give to a random banksitter. I just got home from work and the account is inactive...good thing we did it last night.
  10. My last account goes inactive in 2 days. Anyone want a max lockdown, Great Lakes, Malas house? Here is a pic of the current house: Malas House I am posting this in the Staff area in case the Forum wants it for a prize, and the Great Lakes forum. I'd rather give it away than let it go IDOC. I gave one to the FCB already and no one there wanted the second. You can't give away a house these days? PM me if you want it. First come first served.
  11. Obviously they don't listen, or even ask questions for that matter. I just canceled a 10 year old account and had no kind of exit survey at all. I canceled an 8 month old City of Heroes account and got a huge exit survey asking tons of questions. But I've said for a long time that EA and EA/Mythic can learn a LOT from NCSoft about customer service!
  12. I guess the ratings are ok but the ID is not really needed. The government needs to stop trying tell us how to raise our children. I know what is appropriate for my kids. Informed parenting...it's just for breakfast anymore.
  13. I'm at 12. Just started fishing yesterday. So far so good. But no sea serpents like in UO
  14. So far I have a human champion, and a dwarf hunter. Both only about level 8. The hunter is pretty fun so far...just short. I have a week left on my free trial, now I have to decide if I want to stay.
  15. What would be a good character type to play? During the beat the only thing I played was a Hobbit. It was ok but I was wondering what everyone else liked. Also, what is best for solo play? I tend to be a bit anti-social, but still like MMORPG's over single player games.
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