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  1. Well i just discovered new accoutns CANNOT be made since you need to already have an acocunt to make an account, i bought the game code put it in chose payment method, put my credit card number in and bam it ask me to log in to my UO account to continue, not my ea accoutn btw, i mean WTF is going on ?
  2. what happens if i like over crowded fallign over everywhere;)?
  3. Im in north america and am looking for the most populated shard to play on, which one would that be? Est,wst, central coast, time zone doesnt matter
  4. oh well doesnt matter im able to use interac, and i am buying it now so i can use credit card for monthly fee
  5. Nah i didnt by anything yet, and the paybycash is kinda complicated and im a bit hazy about security, i really dont see why there isnt a way to use your credit card to buy it right away
  6. it sucks i cant use a credit card to buy it since i need to have an existing UO account :S
  7. but that link for the free 15 days only gives up to aos content im just gonna use paybycash to buy ML
  8. well i mean SE or ML expansions... looks like i need to buy those too >.< man this will be expansive:P
  9. well.. i want to get back into UO, i played years ago for about a year, then a year again. Anywho, i have AOS already but i cant use the CD key since i already used it and forgot my account name. Is there anyway to buy it online and download it ? I tried the code UO site but you need to have an account to make a new account which makes no sense to me whatsoever. But if i use paybycash i am able to get a new account code, should i just use paybycash ? Haha, can anyone write me a little guide on what i should do? And what is the most populated eastcost server?
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