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  1. Happy birthday sorry a day late! i got sent these forums, and i am glad i was, they are full of so much usefull information along with dedicated members providing more and more tutorials on how to gain skills. * waiting patiently for baldguys guide on provok*
  2. KAES KAES players tends to enjoy the PVP aspect most of all, but also likes to pit themself against all the challenges of the PVE environment as well--although the latter is often a means to an end. This type of player will often enjoy PVP that focuses on their skill as an individual contributor (duels, and so forth) more than team-based PVP. Breakdown: Achiever 66.67%, Explorer 33.33%, Killer 93.33%, Socializer 13.33%
  3. ahhh i see, i just got worried (due to not thinking logically (Doh!)) that i wouldn't parry with fence, well thanx guys that cleared it all up : oD
  4. I had 98.2 parry, 96.5 bush, and 98.2 fence i would go to jhelom arena shield and fence weap no gains. then i got told about the fact that bush kills parry chance with shield. so i went back with a swords weap and a fence weap. with the fencing weapon i didn't gain at all but with the swords weap well i gained. so.... with the fact that i didn't gain with a fence weap, does that mean that bush + parry are useless for a fencer? or was i doing somthing wrong? (tried lance, that double blade thing, kryss, for swords ornate axe, and a nodachi or whatever)
  5. Whats Your RL Full Name? Adam John White How Old are you? 21 Where do you Live? England, hereford Who is your Hero? My wife (she gave birth to my daughter) What is your Proffession? Webdesigner What is the single best band in your opinion? Queen Whats your Favorite Dish? Pasta ^^ Exercise much? Weights everyday, shadowboxing everyday, Kicking boxing once a week Whats your favorite Film? Eurotrip If I say "Sexy".. who do you picture? my wife Whats your poison? Absolute vodka Would you rather lose a leg or an arm? leg Rapping.. Music or Just Fast Talking? noose..... and gallows Family Guy or Sim
  6. Aye sounds like an excellent place to be, your stark cousin shall join yer
  7. Wow that was fast, thanx : oD
  8. this is going to sound very stupid, but how do i remove/move a forge once its been placed in my house? sorry to have been dumb
  9. Why do i need focus? i've readhttp://uo.stratics.com/content/skills/battlefocus.shtml and it states that focus is for stamina and mana, now i don't know much about pvp, but i didn't notice my stam drop the other day, and its not droping in dispise now (raising fence). so seeing as its for those 2 stats and i won't be having chiv, does it really matter if i have it?
  10. Hmmmm, how about: 120 fence 120 tactics 120 parry 110 healing 110 poison 120 anat not sure if i need 110 heal/psn or 120 anat hehe, i know i want to be able to use 'Lethal' poison, as a guildie used it in training the other day, and boy it hurt ^^. i ain't worried about having or not having chiv or whatever. recall scrolls are your friends. hehe : oD
  11. Thank you for the response, and yeah maybe it was best that it was seated in the pvp section. thanks again, you always seem to answer my posts : oD
  12. I have searched and searched the forums and stratics and a few other sites. but i just can't see to find out how much poisoning skill is needed to apply lethal poison to a weapon + use it in battle. a guildie used it the other day, but i haven't seen him since to ask (
  13. I want to change my character, but i know i will mess it up, right now i have: Antomy - 98.1 Chiv - 70 Focus - 93.0 Healing - 65.4 parry - 95.9 swords - 70.4 tactics - 70.1 but i want to change this character alot, now removing skills i don't care about, i have all the time in the world. i want to make my character a powerful warrior WITH poison. so i was hoping that somone could help me design my warrior that way. now he is an rp character. and although i am not too clued up on the rules i do know i cannot use items to boost me. (not sure about scrolls though *note to self check rules*)
  14. its fixed now, but the only thing that touches java in firefox is noscript, and this site isn't blocked. and i had the same problem in I.E. whatever the problem was i just refreshed and its fixed now. so thank you to anyone who fixed it.
  15. I use firefox. hell i even tested on the latest IE. i have javascript 6.2 installed. firefox has noscript set to allow uoforums.com. but all i get is "Sorry, you must have javascript enabled to view this site." i can't access my guild forums because of it wierdly. i only managed to login by fluke of reading an thread of mine and attempting to reply. before it wouldn't even show the login menu. i can no longer see "show update topics" or whats it caled. generally i can't do alot :'(
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