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  1. Re my last message; Sorted it- thanks anyway.
  2. Agree with Corvak- install Firefox instead.. IE died along time ago.
  3. These cats were rescued from a skip, abandoned by some low-life, brought up by loving step-parents. Their names are Whiskers and Brandi
  4. 5. Paypal - a little tool that automatically fills in all the required information for an online purchase, as well as generate Securecards on the fly and fill in their information. Is that a paypal or third party addon? If its third party then is it trust worthy?
  5. Happy belated Birthday Mr A Here is an Ad from 1980 just for you- hope you like Bro
  6. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year! :wav:
  7. Solidchrome


    Check this out ruins.jpg
  8. This thread is heading for the guinness book of records
  9. Maybe Im being cynical but lets talk about support. Who asks for support about a game these days? If you do..do you expect your prob to be fixed over the phone or by online support? Anyone get their probs sorted immediately after paying $40+ ?
  10. There seems to be alot of free online games out there that are just as good as some subscription based games. You can buy extra content with most of the free games and I personally think most subscription games will die off- particually the ones where you need to buy the DVD to begin with. What does everyone here think?
  11. Hi Snuggs Im still on XP atm but this article should help here Let me know if it works
  12. I couldnt get past the awkward contols and camera views
  13. Good news. You'd think it would be an intergrated part of an operating system anyway- especially Windows OS's
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