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  1. haha i had one of those in my last house XD it was in a bad area of fel trisnic id have to go up there just bout every 30 mins or so.
  2. Goodness greif! thats crazy, i dont think anyone has it out for me and i dont think theres any places to build a house around mine, so im safe i think. XD ive lived in fel awhile and ive had more open designs then this though, i think this one is safe too.
  3. yea im hoping that wont happen hehe XD i thought it was only a bug where you couldnt have windows on first floor. i can always run outta my house to the pen next door if needed, its a guard zone.
  4. yea i set the bottem floor so that would be like a safe place, and added the back fence cause you cant cast through that i dont think. ive have a 2 or 3 packs of people run by so far and nothing seemed to have gone wrong yet hehe. and im currently working on the deco XD so it should be done within the next day or so hopefully.
  5. I found a design im in love with! i was sitting at the computer last night and i was about to log off since it was about 2am, then it hit me like a ton of bricks! i was so happy and excited that i get to deco finally! although its pretty bare right now i only just started moving my stuff from bank back into house so ive got awhile to go. but i will post update pictures when im finished. I hope the pics show up because ive never posted pics before haha XD I just also want to say thank you to everyone that gave me ideas and help'd me i really appreciate it and happy to be a part of the fourms
  6. the short side is entrance side, Yes i saw ashyn's houses and i loved them, their so pretty. ive never had a 13x18 house and the width of it is killing me since im use to wider houses. hopefully if keep playing around with stuff i find somthing cause id really like to keep this house im tried of moving hehe XD i really do appreciate everyone helping me with ideas
  7. I live south of the yew gate atleast 7 screens and so far i havent seen to many fights But, i think i may want some cover. my poor crafters wouldnt survive even a arrow or flamestrike Lol XD
  8. So i just aquired a 13x18 fel house, and it is driving me nuts because its long and i just cannot find a good style that i like with it, its in fel yew and i wanted some kind of nice homey place almost like a cottage or somthing. I was wondering if anyone could do a 13x18 Design for me, i would like to have a blacksmithy room, tailoring room, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom and bathroom, it can be how many floors as needed would like some bit of roof and maby a romantic place to sit.
  9. 1. When you leave your parrot or bird on a perch out of its cage and go out for a couple hours, then come back to find it missing and wonder if its outside your house under your house sign, *lol happend to me and my birdie was asleep on a shelf* 2. when you go into a crowded place trying to play the harp forgetting your in rl and not 100 music, then trying to stealth away. 3. you see a dirt pile and wonder if its fertile dirt so your plants grow quicker. 4. when you go to a bank wearing either a green hooded robe or black hooded robe and bank sit all day. 5. Trying to eat a wax bowl of fruit h
  10. i just found a fel 16x14 spot 2 days ago around trisnic, i love my new house spot its so cute
  11. Okay so after 3 redesigns i finaly found one iam quite fond of at the min so im gonna keep it, it kinda goes along with the surroundings of course..none of the houses around me do lol for goodness sake theres a tiki hut infront of me hehe anyway i havent started decoing yet because its gonna take a couple hours i know but i took a picture of the outside for everyone to see what it turned out like. Thank you everyone who helped me.
  12. Well im usually a pretty good at laying out a house design but its mostly with medium to small houses, bigger houses usually make me Flop, i have a 18x16 right now=) and im just kinda blank for ideas at the minute, I live close to umbra around the dead forests. i was just wondering if anyone would like to play around with a design for me since im kinda stuck, anyhelp would be awesome Oh im from Atlantic server also if anyone els is.
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