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  1. Delete all the gold in people's banks. Tell people when the delete will happen. If they have so much gold in checks they cannot store in house it gets deleted. EA did this one before to get rid of the over a billion in one check bug. A lot of it is still around.
  2. They need to update there fishing page because this is what I looked at. http://www.uoguide.com/Fishing -Cade
  3. Stratics and UOGuide both list the sos treasure chests as being in the range of 65 fishing. Well I'm at the coordinates (exactly) and I'm not pulling anything up. No fish, no footwear and no chest... Do I need more fishing? Do these sites need to update there info because more fishing is needed? -Cade
  4. I had a full set but I turned them in during the spring cleaning -Cade
  5. No problem for me. I usually steal everything in the box so it is empty and ready for the next spawn. Serpent's Hold smithy has been lacking as of late but moonglow herbalist is full of the dried herbs and I usually find bacon piles of dates in the Brit Provisioner. -Cade
  6. My miner has 150 str and can hold a lot but I like to mine for a long time without trips back to my house. I use gargoyle pick axes a lot and have actually pulled about 8 ore elementals out of the rocks and was still able to somewhat mine until they started to get too in the way. -Cade
  7. Well instead of multi story boats how about larger ones? Also I think to give crafters bonus items to create new ingrediants should be available through harvesting sea animals. One idea I had was a new underwater dungeon. They could easily just create this dungeon with a watery look and add different monsters like water elems, and pools full of krakkans and new stuff. To get to this new dungeon you should have to have a certain item. Like entering the guantlet in Doom using a gold skull maybe to get into the water dungeon you need an item that is craftable from ingrediants harvested fro
  8. Yea but left there for years? I left the game for a bit and my house fell. I am sure many people who left houses have been gone long enoug for the house to decay. -Cade
  9. True, but now is the time to formulate ideas and submit to the devs so they know what the player base wants. -Cade
  10. This could also expand PvPing in fel oceans. Ther could be water Champ Spawn somewhere in the middle of the ocean where players could only get there and fight via a bought. Reds could then move in with their own boats to harass and possibly kill the blues workign the spawn. Also there could be blue NPC fisher and merchant boats that sail around the seas evil character that play pirates could attack. That way both trammel and fel could have it's Pirate and water expansion and the rewards would be pretty good. -Cade
  11. I know this has been brought up before. I even brought this up awhile ago. UO is in need of an expansion of it's water fontier. Fishing and pulling up sunken treasure is all the sea really offers anymore and this profession is slowly dying. I think an expansion small enough to fit into a new publish will re-spark the fishing profession and also add more adventuring onto the high seas. First: More boats. Not just more but larger ones. Say one that is two stories with the first being below deck. (if graphically possible) Also if possible allow the below deck to accept addons like
  12. I came across a small tower not long ago that I was sure has been there a long time. There were stacks of Orcish bows, bola balls, orcish kin masks, evil orc masks, tribal berries, tribal spears and tribal masks. I'm thinking it has been there since the orc/tribal war or longer. -Cade
  13. So like Corvak said I should get a pack horse to hold ingots in while I mine with my fire beetle. I was hoping I could have a golem handy to protect me from ore elementals. Alas I will just hafta do without dear Mr. Bob. (my golem) -Cade
  14. I couldn't get a fire beetle and a golem to follow me... -Cade
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