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  1. Wow, people are still arguing about EC vs CC? Who cares. Play what you want.
  2. I'm thinking back on some attire I used to wear when I first started playing. I hassled someone in game to show me some clothes but I can't seem to remember combination. This pvp guy dressed me when I was a noob and he wore the same thing. I remember one piece being a skirt and he also gave me a crimmy. I just cant remember anything else. It actually looked pretty cool. I just can't remember the combination. Does anyone else remember? It was just 4-5 years ago.
  3. Gave rift a month and I'm done with it for now. The pvp is so stale, and Trion said they would not focus on balancing it right now. The game was very enjoyable though. I'll just wait until they make some fixes before I give it another shot. I just got tired of my hotbars being blanked out for literally 30 seconds at a time from stun locks. Even as a rift stalker with 3 ways to break stuns I still spent most battles as a sitting duck. haha
  4. Did you write down how much gold was in the account when you made it inactive? lol
  5. I hope you never play another morph since they all use this type of hotbar UI. I use 2d client for pvp and I use EC for crafting/resource gathering.
  6. I record in game videos. Lately there hasn't been much to record. I use Camtasia. You can record, post process, and then save in a youtube friendly format. Costs money though. There is always CamStudio, but I wasn't too much of a fan. However, I play TF2 and UO so I can probably get some videos up!
  7. Hey Matthew, I hear PVP is dead on Lake Austin. I was just letting you know I'll be transferring a character there soon. My conquest is to have a pvper on every shard in UO. So far: Atlantic Catskills Chessy Lake Superior Next will be Lake Austin followed by Legends.
  8. Don't forget Hit Point Increase on suits. 25 is the cap. I agree with Merion about using protection. Try to avoid it as much as possible. I know that you will fight people who just disarm/bleed spam non stop. Casting protection is unavoidable in this instant. Plus, I wouldn't stock up on fire resist. The reason being that most mages out there are mystic mages now. Plus, you will most likely get cursed anyways. At 70 fire, you will drop to 59 fire resist if you are corpsed, and you will drop to 60 if you are cursed. Instead, I would stock up on extra physical resist. Especially if you are
  9. Please don't start another "If they close 2d I'll :'( ".
  10. I only play faction mages. I will help you with some things. I'm at work so I can't actually look up pieces to give you solid advice. I'll tell you what I wear though...which gives you 70 DCI, 40 LMC, 100 LRC, good MR, +25 HP (Max), 40 EP, and all 70 resists (with an option to be protection proof). Lets start first with jewelry: Bracelet: Ornament of the Magician (Faction) Ring: +15 Magery, +15 DCI, +25 Enhance Potions, 3 FCR, and you can actually imbue on a small amount of something else. Up to you! Faction Pieces: Crimson Cincture for +10 HP Folded Steel Reading Glasses +25 DCI T
  11. Why do people hate Cal? Sorry, I'm just out of the loop I guess. Wasn't he lead of UO or something?
  12. I hate to tell you this but changing the alternator and the battery are about the easiest things to do on a vehicle. I've done them on three different vehicles and each one took me about 15 minutes to do. Batteries run about 100 bucks for a good one around here. Alternators I'm not sure on the cost.
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