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  1. Return to RL and might find another land somewhere to visit. Nothing will replace UO in my heart, nor the friends I have made through it over the years. Don't know about the forums though. I do visit to keep updated a bit or go off topic, when I take a break from actually playing. Now what do you know that we don't Adam?
  2. Well, I don't count states I've been to when I just drive through them, even if I go through a drive-thru or stop for gas. So, I agree, if you stay in the airport, then it doesn't count. Only time I've been out of the USA has been a trip to Canada though. Guess I'm not too well travelled. *sighs*
  3. The cable has to be purchased separately and hasn't been. I do have a SD card, which I think is for the bluetooth which I plan to get, but don't have either. Right now all I have is what came in the box, which is the phone, manuals, charger (home only), SD card and a bag to recycle the previous phone. However, I have found a site for freeringers.net I signed up for which will send me midi files. That's basic and easy enough for me. I can make from MP3's there once I get the techincal abilities.
  4. Thanks for the warning! *starts washing her walls to make sure they sparkle white as possible*
  5. What was replied so far is way too technical for what I'm trying to do. Because of the plan my cell phone is under, it's not in my name, it's on a business account where my phone was added. Therefore, I cannot download directly from Sprint. Any other sites where I might pay a small price, be able to hear the ringtone before I select it as one I want and have it sent to my phone?
  6. I would only be concerned about it if it affected his golf game! Aside from his ability to focus, I don't see where it does or should.
  7. Ok folks, today I got a new toy; a new cell phone! It's the Samsung Reclaim and service is Sprint/Nextel. I have no clue where to find ringtones for this phone though. I did go the the Sprint site on the phone, it has internet, but just came up with a search page and....I drew a complete blank. Plus I think you have to download and pay for the ringtones before you even get to listen to them! I don't like that. Any suggestions and recommendations sure would be appreciated! Just think, now I can post to UO Forums while I'm away from home and missing UO! Muhahaha!
  8. Hello again folks! This trip looks to be a GO unless there are hazardous weather conditions no one can predict at this time. I have the schedule and will be in the ring I'm guesstimating 12:30 - 1 pm but don't have my exact place in the line up until I'm there and know which other dogs have picked up their numbers. (If they don't pick up they don't go in and that moves me forward timewise.) I'm going on Feb 27th and staying overnight, then returning after showing on the 28th. I have a stop over planned to meet one person who may or may not post here. It's their discretion. I should b
  9. I also applaud that Jessica has been captured. Nidaros being a small town now, and many citizens away on other ventures makes it difficult for a schedule. However, should a schedule become available, we will do our best to fill a juror seat. I am sorry that I cannot be present myself, but I feel I am too biased against her to be fair or impartial.
  10. I am not as talented as some, so please see my report here: http://www.uoforums.com/nidaros-events-news/73485-first-call-arms.html#post510495
  11. As Miss Koryanda, owner of The Workshop was finishing her inventory, she felt a chill. She looked out the window and saw her house in Nidaros surrounded by all sorts of evil creatures and mages. She screamed and forutunely her calls was heard by another sending a Call to Arms through the skies. Response was quickly made by members throughout the lands, including but not limited to Dragon's Watch , MIST, KaV, Gyldenfeld, Guardian's Gate and The Keys. The spawn seems to have consisted of dark wisps, evil mages, nightmares, orcs, and ettins. There are also a few revenants still about, sin
  12. Sorry, those chests will require your lockpicker to be GM, and then will break a lot of picks. Good luck!
  13. It is very curious I would agree. I am not one to guess at such things though.
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