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  1. Trade Caravan, from Yew to Skara (Badlands) ... leave valubles at home.
  2. This week hosted by the Skara Breans. Starting at 8:30pm (uk time); meet at Skara Brae Bank. -Esmeralda
  3. Joint Cove & Trinsic Market, 8pm GMT Wednesday 02/07/08 - Forums4Games
  4. Gather in the garrison for a cartography mission to Altmere. 9pm UK time (10pm CET) Expect trouble. -Esmeralda
  5. Well the Baron managed to get himself captured the other evening by the Vesperians. It was the night of the convoy, and the Vesperians stormed the Garrison. I dare say standing in front of a contingent of them and attempting to negotiate was a bad Idea, well nevermind! Once he had been taken away I hung around waiting for the inevitable ransom note, which came a few hours later ... 1 million crowns, otherwise the Baron would lose a limb for each zero missing. Oh well, could be worse I suppose. Arrangements were made with the Guardsmen Militia to attempt a rescue a few days later, the reaso
  6. Wednesday 11th heralds the fourth Royalist training session. Hosted by the Britannia Guard. Where : Britannia Guard Garrison. When : 8.30pm (UK time) -Esmeralda
  7. Gather for a potter around Felucca for the fifth trade caravan, departing from Vesper at 7:40pm enroute to Cove. leave valubles behind.
  8. Right, the Baron got himself captured tonight by the Vesperians *Grumbles* They want a million gold pieces and have threatened to cut off a limb for each zero missing off the price. *mutters* We'll have to go in there and attempt to extract him on tuesday evening. We'll be meeting up with our allies the Guardsmen Militia. Guardsmen, attendance is compulsary !! For King & Country !! -Esmeralda, Commander
  9. The fourth Trade Caravan is tomorrow (thursday) at 7:40PM UK TIME (20:40 for the rest of europe) Starting from Britain bridge! Fourth Trade Caravan
  10. Thursday 15th May - Joint Cove-Trinsic Market - Forums4Games -Esmeralda
  11. It was a boring night, and I happened upon a merchant who was selling some fishing nets. I purchased seven from the merchant and then sent some pigeons out to the guards to see if anyone wanted to go fishing. Bingo Brighton, Lolindir Calmil and Seamus arrived to assist. We gathered in a small boat South East of the Garrison and proceeded to cast the nets, pulling a variety of sea creatures. Once we had expended the nets Veteran Guard Lolindir Calmil suggested we use a fabled net or summat. We set out for Jhelom and cast the net in the sea. A mighty Leviathan was summoned and the three Brit
  12. This week hosted by Skara Brae. -Esmeralda
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