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  1. plz icq me at 195359952 Slayer.. AOL Legends
  2. well im glad im not the only one who does the 6 months on 6 months off routine:variousa: And I agree that since '99 there is probably about 1000% more content=) 2d for life..baby
  3. Hail, This is Slayer of Legends, I am interested in switching guilds...im currently in LNR But im tired of PvP all day long, looking to get into some peerless. I tried the link in your post but its bad Pm me or ICQ @ 195359952 Thank you
  4. Tired of pvp all day long... Im ready to get into some peerless monsters. I will also bring my Crafter to the guild 120smith 120Talior 100Tinker 100Fletching 100Carp Im just a laid back oldschool UO player who is just getting back into the game. Pm me or icq 195359952
  5. I agree this is the fastest way to train (it wont offer any help with resist spells) and can become very boring after about 1000 bandaids an acouple of hours, but for a green pet this is the best way to get started.. Now all you need is a miner with a gargoyle's pickaxe.........
  6. Ok you can have it.....o... and take this crappy valorite hammer off my hands too......LOL.....jk I guess ill just horde it for a while ...... Thanks for all the info guys.......uoforums.com is the best by far!!!!
  7. I missed the Trader event........:'( i have about 30 pieces of blackrock Is there gonna be another trader event? or is all this blackrock worthless?? ---Slayer of AOL legends
  8. Frostwood,Heartwood,Bloodwood =40gp per board:O Iron ignots =15gp per ignot Regular boards =4gp per board White Pearls/Brillant Amber = 75k a piece Any other gem = 10k a piece Any color armor set (leather or plate) 5k Any color armor set (woodland) 10k Library Primers on damage removal (talisman) 1mil a piece plz icq 195359952 ICQ me for cheapest prices / availability on Marties
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