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  1. You don't have to be limited to the roof tiles and plants on those corner posts either. I placed gozas on mine, raised them up to look like a shelf and placed lanterns on them. It adds a nice effect when it gets dark.
  2. Can you gain off the same animal or do you need multiples?
  3. Happy Birthday Anne!!
  4. I hath given up on my pets. It seems that they are growing hungry and dying within a week if left alone. Maybe this fall when I'm back on the computer more I can get another pet, but until then, I just don't have the time to post and keep up with their maintenance.
  5. I'm very proud of how the shard has worked together to fight off the ophidian invasion in Trammel. Everyone has worked well together and seem to be enjoying the fight. I would like to ask, is it possible for us all to get along with one another long enough to clear the Felucca towns? I know there are groups that have sworn to KOS(kill on sight) one another in Fel and I know there are some PvPers that have sworn to KOS any blue name they see, but can we call a temporary truce and work together to rid Felucca of the ophidian threat? It wouldn't take us long, working together to get rid of all t
  6. *is confused* Who is holding that box? How did Snop there get the mystic llama herder title?
  7. fishing or mining fishing or mining fishing or mining zzzzzzzzzzz *snores*
  8. We're just lurking in the shadows. The evil Catskills forum seems to be pretty dead too.
  9. I've noticed that after my mage had died a few times, she becomes extremely hungry and tends to fizzle alot more spells until I eat. Also remember that if you are low in stamina, eating will increase that too.
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