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  1. It ended a few days ago - were there any entries? Can we see them?
  2. Maybe a bit late to join the discussion, but I always went to the blighted grove for farming honor. Thrasher, the Alligator, yields nice honor gains and also has a chance for an minor Mondains Legacy Artifact. If you bring a blue beetle it also nets quite a few hides (spined i think) - double so in Felucca of course. He can be isolated easily the south-east corner and a paladin with decent armor and a reptile slayer using Enemy of One, Consecrate Weapon in combination with bandages and heal spells should be able to handle him without major problems. Another option I used, especially for fa
  3. I don't think you need any illegal tricks - just create a macro in the EC to toggle that a few times. Include delays, so your mana can replenish (mith a lot of LMC and MR). Then set the macro to repeat 10 times. Now you should have a macro that runs for minutes or even longer. Nice to watch tv on the side and just hit a button every once in a while. Pro Tipp: go and edit your user file for that char and copy the lines in question several times (way faster than doing it ingame). I created training macros this way that ran for 45 min - one half of a football game ;-)
  4. Found a beautiful map of Jhelom while browsing deviantart and thought I'd share it. It's to big to include in the post (at least I'm getting an error), so here's the link: http://ashlerb.deviantart.com/art/City-of-Jhelom-513135843?q=gallery%3AAshlerb%2F52999777&qo=1
  5. Hi there, I want to dust off my ninja stealth archer and need to build a suit for him. Now I remember that the bestial suit was all the rage when it came out. Is it still a good choice? Thnx
  6. I added everything that is positive and nothing of the negative properties. Maybe I have to rethink and add a negative one.
  7. I'm still struggling with the finer details of reforging. When I read the list of possible properties and intensities on uoguide, it seems like I should be able to reforge a shield with HCI and DCI each up to 20%. Which of course would be great for my paladin. Now I have already burned several gold and agapite hammer (can't choose vicious on verite and valorite hammers for some reason) and I did get DCI 20% on some, but HCI never went higher than 5%. So my question is: am I doing anything wrong? And if so, what? Or is that combination simply not possible by reforging?
  8. I haven't, but I'd be interested in how that would work out too.
  9. You are absolutely right! Pinco is a blessing for UO and should be supported! I'm donating immediately now.
  10. No one has the slightest idea? Seems like I just have to put it up to an ingame auction and see what I'll get.
  11. So, how was it? I would have loved to attend, but 1 a.m. starting time during the week for a European with a job is not the best of times.
  12. I still got 4 of those green Mugs of Ale from the 1999 St. Patricks Day. My decoration has never needed more than 3 of them, so I think of parting with one. Anyone got idea how much these are worth nowadays?
  13. *Update* I've been told that changing the foundation style of the house solves the problem and it did! So everything back to normal right now. Learning never stops...
  14. I just came back from a few weeks break and of the teleportation tiles I use to access the different stories and rooms in my house, three out of four have stopped working. In more detail: I cannot walk onto the tiles, just as if I was walking into an invisible wall or something was blocking the tile. Of course I checked and no items are located on the tiles. Strangely enough, the fourth teleporter still works fine and takes me where it's supposed to. I also tried to go into house customization mode to re-place or remove the tiles, but I can't enter customization mode. I just get booted und
  15. Well, you can always log out of the general chat and ignore it. You won't even miss much on most shards ;-)
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