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  1. ring 1/3 swords 13 hci 14 lrc 10
  2. i cant connect either im in north Alabama
  3. i recomend swordsmanship so u can get the full benifit of poisoning skill use butcherknife for disarm
  4. draken

    Lumberjack ?

    jus for record think the artie bo talking about is the talon bite
  5. i noticed on all the ? about changes etc the dev kept saying KR this mean uo 2d going to end if so i like to know so i dont waste my time playing this game anymore and can focus on diff game 1 that dont involve EA
  6. since uo likes to nerf they should look into necros last 4 duels i got in went like this strangle painspike my char being mage wasnt anything i could do heard others talking about this problem as well what yalls thoughts?
  7. thought bout that but i rely more on my bandages for healing and curing than anything afraid wont heal as much or apply fast enough
  8. what yall think of these modifactions? parry 120 120 fencing 120 120 healing 115 drop 100 anatomy 115 drop 100 poison 100 drop 80 tactics 100 drop 90 chivalry 50 raise 60 before anyone asks reason i didnt go 50/50 on chivalry med cause at 50 i fizzle lot on devine and sacred journey ADD meditation 50
  9. nox dexxers and mages to me have become worthless to many pot chuggers that use bots i can poison someone before i see there healthbar green they already drank cure i suggest hard hitting warriors lumberjack mace etc
  10. noticed lot peep saying things about insurance yes insure is a must now but at that time best armor could be looted easly off orc brutes or made with a gm smith far as char being nerfed ya it sux uo fixes there mistake by screwing up somethig else far as hating the game i do unfortuantly its an addiction but 1 can only take so much
  11. me i think ea is trying to hard there trying to fix something that wasnt broken to me that started with aos know for fact they lost lot of members after that even me i returned though only cause this was first good rpg game i ever played actually got game 2 days after i had my first comp but i dont have the time or the gold or even $ to compete in it anymore it went from a str8 fun game to a $ profit and i dont just mean by ea players as well im sure make a good living playing this game hate to say it but im bout ready to give up on it seems ever since aos the xpantions are getting worse whats
  12. i aggree 100% warrior didnt have ninjitsu bushido or chivalry pre aos why should they have to totally change there temp cause uo got hair up there ass and wanted to add more items/skills
  13. i started durring the rennisance when there was a trammale but u had to use gate or moonstone to get there even though i died like 1000000 when i was str8 trammy going to my fel house i still loved it
  14. friend mine use to have a simular bug with magery everytime he rez someone they come back with full hp far as your warrior can do all these things can u kill say a blood ele para w/o it taking forever and lot of running?
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