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  1. Hey all,im transfering shards from oceania was wondering on your thoughts on shard selection,im currently tossing up between atlantic and LA,i heard they have the best population and personalitlies any thoughts??:-/
  2. Thanks for the great replies ! ;D
  3. Thanks to Katherine and Baldguy for the great replies ,i cant wait to get stuck into the new content! Meet new friends and explore all there is to offer now!! Oh do you need a house to use soulstones because my warrior has higher resist and i want my mage to have it. Thanks again =)
  4. Hey all got my account up and running again (pre AoS)and i was shocked at how much content and how different the game is played....What the heck is sdi,lrc insurance,4/6 - 2/6??omg im scared lol Is my old mage template still viable for pvm?? 100 Magery 80 Resist 100 Inscription 100 eval 100 med im thinking maybe gm wrestle aswell.. Help pls hehe
  5. Thanks to evryone for the replies,i have decided to come back within the week Ill keep posted on how i go..oh just one question is it possible to transfer characters to other shards,dont really want to start from scratch just incase i dont like oceania,thx again.
  6. Hi all, Just wanting to know whats oceania like,ive been away from UO for 5 years wandering if its worth coming back? Is the still alot of ppl still playing??
  7. Hail all! An old UO player here wandering if its worth coming back after a long absence from UO,is there still people playing on oceania or is the popultaion dwindled bigtime.. any replies would be great!
  8. Hail all! Just
  9. Can't believe UO is still going,can someone tell me if it's worth coming back? Ive been playing WoW for awhile and want a break from the intense raiding and crap...have fond memories from UO so worth coming back or is population to low?
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