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  1. ok the website is working now I can download....YES fist pump!!!!
  2. Uo razor is not an approved program right? But what I am suppose to do..
  3. Hopefully don't down for long.
  4. Is anyone having problems with UOA. I just come back from a short break and I am trying to download UOA again but I keep getting this screen.
  5. If you are on Atlantic I can help with some stuff. The economy in UO is crazy. I am not sure if it is BC of the making changes to selling duped items or what but when I played 2 years ago you could get an orni for like 13 million. Now it is 40 million. To me that is crazy.
  6. You can really go with 100 bushido. Yeah you might get to perfection faster but there is really no difference in damage with bushido after 100. I run 70 chiv on my archery. From what I understand, if you are using a slayer weapon you do not need to cast EoO. I would also take anat to 120 for more damage. Since you are not wanting to go the sampire way and wanting to stay traditional. Just make sure you keep you dex and stamina up to keep heals to 4 seconds. You might also want to run with protection, so that you can cast a close wounds, remove curse, or cleanse by fire to help with the aids.
  7. Thanks Kayhyann just found one
  8. Buying Shadow Dancer Leggings PM me please
  9. I just started back playing and I am look to place a house or buy one. Does anyone have any suggestions? ICQ 435-899-650
  10. I can't wait. I loved LOTR. I have the Hobbit on vcr and still watch it. I can't wait to see it.
  11. Well it took while to design...i guess you could say I had designers block. I always had smaller houses to design and I kept saying if I had a better house I could do this and that...But when I got the house I couldn't remember anything.
  12. Now just have to decro it. Can't wait!!!!! [ATTACH]13137[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13138[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13139[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13140[/ATTACH]
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