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  1. A love slap? I'll have to remember that for when you feel the full force of my top rope diving clothesline.
  2. It's clear to see the divide between the people over Thatcher's death. Sure, she made some changes that helped the people of Britain a lot. But as someone born and raised in Liverpool, I can't see past the cruel and heartless decisions she made as the leader of our country. Brushing the truth behind the biggest controversy to hit football and Liverpool for many years just under the carpet without any real justification is something that still disgusts me and my family. I won't be partying in the street to celebrate her death, nor do I wish her to rot in Hell. I'm not as spiteful as she might o
  3. Yer can 'av it yer prick. 'Ah gots me own supply buried somewhere ter th'north.
  4. The glow of a single candle fought off the shadows of the darkness as it tried to devour the light sat upon the table, to consume it. Van had sat himself down in front of it with a sigh - his ageing bones now found even resting to become somewhat wearing on his joints - it seemed his 'crazy' lifestyle had surely caught up with him. The skin on his face was loose, his charming good looks faded, but he still had that deviant twist in his smirk and his customary dreadlocks despite their greying. He reached out for his esteemed branded bottle of rum but the shaking of his hand caused him to pause
  5. Pretty sure 'share' is just the poor man's version of 'all mine'.
  6. Although I didn't know her too well, like most people I had heard lots about her both IG and not, and how she had made a huge impact on a lot of people within the community. This is shocking, and going by people's reaction it's totally out from the blue. I give my sincere condolences. I'll cherish my Sally Button's tailored attire that little bit more so now.
  7. Or we could call it "Bum". Seems quite fitting considering the conversation that's been ongoing in this thread.
  8. I'm more of a "If there's a way, then I will" sort of guy.
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